too soon?

I've fallen in love with candice marie from maggie sottero's new collection. Only thing is as I have over a year to the wedding, and I am now a fully signed up member of the local fat club, should I wait until xmas, and maybe miss the chance to buy my dream dress and have the hassel of worrying about it, or order it now, at my current size, although if i get married at this size i think i will slit my wrists, what do you all think?


  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    Hello! I get married next June, and I've chosen my dress and ordered it at the shop, but they don't actually fit me for it and order it until December, so I've got a few months before they need details of my size to lose a few pounds(or stone!). Not sure if alot of dress shops work this way, but it makes sense!


  • Hiya,

    I get married next June and have everything organised and booked and have even bought my bridemaid dresses. I have not yet bought my dress as I'm more worried that I'll change my mind even though the dress makes me cry & actually gives me a waist. I'm hoping to lose a stone too but I'll not put down my deposit until xmas. I just know I'd have to show lots of people if I made my mind up now & then there's no surprise on the big day.

    Lou xx
  • If you did order it now you could always get it taken in nearer the time!
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    I have ordered my dress already and i'm not getting married til Aug 07. My bridal shop say they get told when a dress gets discontinued and they have so many weeks until they cant order anymore so they may be able to let you know if it does happen then you can get your order in quickly.

    I personally didnt want to risk it so ordered mine and just thought i'd get it taken in.
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    My dress shop told me it was a lot easier to take a dress in than let it out, so recommended I get it anyway, and just have it altered. I would talk to the shop you were planning to order with and see what they say.
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    I agree. I'm getting married July 07 and plan to get my dress this weekend. Remember - although we all want to lose a few pounds you don't want too much pressure to lose loads of weight. If you don't manage it AND lose your dress you'll be devastated! (sorry to be so negative but I still need to lose a stone but appreciate that the pounds may creep on again!)
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    I am getting married next May and have already ordered my dress as there was a chance it was being discontinued and I was in love with it. Based on my measurements I had to irder a lrger size than I wanted too but the dress can be taken in if I do lose the weight I want to lose, but am under no pressure to slim to a smaller size dress in case I dont. Fx
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