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Good morning ladies,

Sorry its late this morning, I have been playing with plans this morning!

Anyway, welcome to all our new ladies and well done to all our current members who are continuing to loose weight. Here are the ladies currently signed up:

Zara_Lou (11/07/2009)

MrsLHardy (04/07/2009)

Boz82 (04/12/2009)




moogirl (18/12/2010)



RedRuffles (24/10/2009)

Chill2366 (28/08/2009)

vicki2323 (15/05/2009)

mich2bmissus (04/09/2009)

Mrsskip2b (01/10/2009)

Helen In Spain (05/09/2009)

rosieg (06/06/2009)


melaniedizzy (29/08/2009)

beckyboo8 (08/05/2009)

Any ladies that have not posted a weight since week 18 have been removed from this list but they are still on my spreadsheet and are more than welcome to post their new weight and I will do the comparison at the end of week 25!

Remember ladies, next week is measurement week, so get those tape measures ready.

Zara image


  • _mummy2grace__mummy2grace_ Posts: 2,815
    Yay I'm 10 stone 4 1/2 so that's another stubborn two lbs off !!

  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Hi Zara

    I am a newbie. Wedding date is 07/11/09.

    Weigh in is a shamless 11stone 12lbs.

    Measurements (going for inches if that is ok, not sure how you do this bit so guessing):

    Bust: 40 1/2"

    Under bust: 33 1/2 "

    Waist: 34 1/2"

    Hips: 42"

    Thighs: 44"

    Arms: 12 1/4"

    Top of leg: 26 1/2"

    Hope this is ok but if I have missed anything please let me know. I know I will need to send measurements again next week. Will start posting my food diaries too.

    Many thanks, here is to getting Nicki back x x x
  • MrsLHardyMrsLHardy Posts: 483
    Morning All!

    Well done Michelle!!

    I have stayed the same (yet again!) at 10stone 7lbs. Think I seriously need to up the exercise to shift the last 1/2 stone, but struggling to fit it in at the minute! Also, I know my diet could be better. At least I am not gaining anything!!

    Food for Monday:

    B - Toasted wheat free roll with olivio + Pom Juice

    L - 4 oatcakes with low fat pate

    D - 2 egg omlette with bacon, mushroom & cheese

    Snacks - Sml bag of wheat free pretzels, 1 banana, 1 blueberry muffin (& I wonder why I'm not losing any weight!!)

    Drinks - 1 hot water with honey & lemon, 1 green tea, 3 lrg water, 1 camomile tea

    Good Luck for this week everyone!

    Lucy xxx
  • _mummy2grace__mummy2grace_ Posts: 2,815
    Thanks Lucy its that last bit that is so stubborn!! Nicki (replying from other thread) my wedding is 4/9/9- if you tell Zara your wedding date she will put it on the list after your name : )

    You can do it- I've mostly done it with at home excercise DVD and treadmill (no gym as counting the pennies lol) how are your plans going where are you getting married church/hotel/hot air balloon lol xx
  • MrsLHardyMrsLHardy Posts: 483
    Welcome Nicki! Hope this thread helps you. Its definitely good to talk to other girls all aiming for the same thing!! xxx
  • _mummy2grace__mummy2grace_ Posts: 2,815
    oh forgot my Diary


    B wholemeal toast with marmite and flora light

    L wafer thin chicken sandwhich on wholemeal wiht extra light mayo & Mustard

    D Chicken Balti (Pataks- really good for a jar sauce) with 1 1/2 chicken breasts and 3/4 pack of express basmati rice


    half a pack of cherry tomatoes

    half a mini bagg of mini eggs


    none really too busy (unless cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and oooking counts lol)

  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Getting married 7.11.09 at Tylney Hall, its a gorgeous manor house hotel in Rotherwick which is near Basingstoke, Hampshire. Its the 3rd date, we have changed the date due to finances but this is the last time, 3rd time lucky and all that. The entire day will be held there. Marrying a toyboy, I am so blessed, its' my second marriage but feels like my first. I am so excited this time as is he, its so nice to be marrying someone who is equally looking forward to it. I have a son too, he will be 3 in May and its nice he gets to see his mummy and daddy get married, been talking to him a lot about it, as has his nursery.

    Gym can be expensive but I am quite lucky with mine plus its the main way I can motivate myself to exercise, other than at home which is difficult as I don't tend to get home till 6.30, my son needs bath and bed for about 7, then cook dinner and I am a light weight, can't stay awake at the moment past 9, so don't have much time at home, but making the time a couple of times a week.

    Sorry babbled a bit. x
  • boz82boz82 Posts: 56
    Morning everyone.

    I have lost a pound I think! My scales are cheapo rubbish things so its really hard to tell but I'm buying some digital ones on my lunch today so will check again tomorrow.

    Food diary for yesterday:-

    B - 2 weetabix with ss milk

    L - Winter veg soup, bag of weight watchers cheese puffs

    T - Vegetable crisp bake, jacket spud and salad

    Snacks - Weight watchers chocolate muffin (1.5 points!)

    Drinks - 2 x pepsi max, glass apple juice, 1 tea.

    No exercise I'm afraid but will be doing some tonight image
  • chill2366chill2366 Posts: 730
    Hi Girls,

    So weighed myself this morning and looked as though put on 1ib, I was very bloated this morning though so thinking it may be water (hoping. So weight is now 9-stone 3ibs. My scales are doggy as well, really need so digital ones, pay day is not far away so may have to treat myself lol.

    Well done michelle on your loss again - be careful you dont lose to much though or there will be nothing left of you at your wedding lol.

    Welcome to all the newcomers as well, I am sure you will find this thread really helpful.

    Ok food diary for yesterday:

    B - Corn-flakes made with ss milk

    L - Vegetable soup with melba toast

    D - Home made pizza with hame and pineapple, low fat cheese (put very little cheese on mine as well) did ships up as well, but didn't have any!!!!

    Snacks - 1 BGY cereal bar, popcorn (watching a film with H2B) and 2 hard boiled sweets oh and 1 rice cake - not a good day for snacks yesterday!!!!

    Drinks - 400-ml water, 2x coffee and 2x tea, large glass juice

    Exercise - 20 minutes on the cross trainer and 60 sit ups

    My food diary was bad yesterday - must try harder this week to be good.

    Have a good day

    Carly x
  • zara_louzara_lou Posts: 599
    Well done everyone on your weight loss and welcome Nicki.

    I weighed in the same at 10st 4lb but and really giving it what for at the gym now and really working hard on the weigh watchers points! Doing really well at the moment and had 6.5 points left yesterday.

  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Hi girls,

    Michelle well done on a 2lb loss - remember what Carly said though and don't lose too muchimage You must be feeling really good about yourself right now and all your hardwork paying off - well done.

    Carly you will be right about the water retention so don't worry about it - you are probably at your "ideal" body weight now and will no doubt fluctuate around that figure from now on. You're comment to Mich about not losing too much applies to yourself as well :\) Oh and your food diary didn't look that bad at all - pizza with just a bit of cheese is cool and you did resist the chips. Nothing to feel bad about there at all.

    Box82 well done on your loss. Lucy you'll get there with the last 7lbs just keep positive.

    Welcome Nicki image Your wedding plans sound lovely - is your son going to be a page boy. Bet he'll look so cute. Oh and we like the babbling! That's what this thread is all about (as well as the weight loss support of course!) I'm a massive babbler as you'll find out ;\)

    Well I've lost 0.5b taking me to 11st 8.5lbs. I am getting there but so slowwwwlyyyyy. Must get the diet sorted a bit better. Also exercise as think that is key. Been doing lots of yoga as had classes to make up but not been doing so well on the old cardio which is what i really need to concentrate on at this stage to get the lbs shifted. Must do my dvd or bike tonight!!

    My diary for Monday...

    B - none

    L - 1xwholewheat roll with wafer turkey, half a wholewheat roll with ham

    D - haggis, mash and baked beans

    S - 10 cal jelly, 100cal no-fat vanilla jello thing, half a small piece of rum cake, muller light peach yoghurt, 2 grapes (hmm seem to have had lots of snacks - mostly after dinner too which is bad. The 2 grapes are alright though lol)

    D - 1x mangosteen green tea, 1x diluting orange, 1x water

    E - 1.5 hour yoga class


  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Zara you've post crossed with mine....well done on your gym work. Are you still doing that gymxxxx thing (can't quite remember the end part...want to say phobic but not sure if that is right!)? Do you get to save your unused 6.5 points on WW to use at the weekend then?
  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Thanks for all your kind welcomes you lovely ladies!

    I will be having JJ (Jenson Jack) as my page boy, he will look so scrummy. Dressed just like daddy, I can't wait.

    Just wanted to say moogirl one and half hours of yoga sounds really good! Surprised you aren't losing more than that with that kind of exercise. I have been told that the best fat burning exercise is low intensity but for longer so yoga would be perfect for that, although they where refering to cardio, so for example half an hour on lower setting of bike, treadmill, crosstrainer would be better than 15 minutes on a higher setting, hope that makes sense and helps if you decide to do more cardio. Its definitely diet where I need to make the changes, I have got exercise down ok its just being strict and I think writing it down really does help and weight watchers helps by counting points for me, I know if i go over those points I shouldn't be surprised if don't lose or even gain, but if I stick to what is supposed to be done then I should lose, but its my first this time round so see if my talk stands up to anything.

    Please call me NJ (short for Nicki Jade)

    x x
  • Hi ladies

    Well done to all those who have lost and done well this week. Welcome newbies!

    Just looked at last week's weight and have actually stayed the same so 11st 9lbs. Wooo!!! Was expecting to put on so happy with that.

    Today's food diary:

    B - Shredded wheat and ss milk

    L - tuna salad sandwich, oj and sugar free jelly

    D - not got that far yet, only just got in

    S - crispbread and cheese triangle (extra light), carrot sticks and banana, quorn bacon style rashers (those were weird)

    Drinks - water, 2 cups of coffee, hot water, nettle tea.

    Went to gym last night and did more than I was planning to do so happy with that too.

    Really hope I can stick to it this week andactually lose. Off to tesco for weekly shop shortly so will stock up on healthy snacks

  • vickster2ukvickster2uk Posts: 174
    Hi everyone, can I join in please? Am getting married 21st November 09 and am weighing in today at 9st10. I had managed to get myself down to 8st13 last summer but the lbs have gradually crept back on again. Have been very bad today as I went to collect some wedding cake samples from the cake shop and ended up eating the lot - they were very big samples! Am back in work tomorrow though after a week off so can get back on track and am planning to go to the gym tomorrow evening too.

    Is weigh-in every Tuesday?

    Vicky x
  • Hi Vickster - welcome! I have to be honest I'm not entirely sure if weigh day is Mon or Tue as I only joined last week.

    Just wondered what everyone thought: I have been on ww for a while and started buying ww food. I never ate a lot of crisps and things before I dieted just probably too much and never paid attention to how much high fat/calorie food I ate so now I feel like I eat more low cal/fat junk than I did before. I always buy ww crisps and tesco light choices things but do you think it's better to eat "normally" and the sort of things I would eat when not on a diet but just cut down on things. My thinking is that then when I eventually stop ww I will already being eating "normally" and not diet food. Sorry bit rambly. Any thoughts/opinions?



    Ooh, by the way Zara-Lou i get married 04.09.10 if wanted to add it against my name.xx
  • Oh my god - just put wrong wedding date! Should I worry about that!!!! I get married 3rd not 4th. Oh dear...
  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Hi I only joined this week but yes weigh in is on Tuesdays but you can also post daily food diaries which will help motivate.

    Measurements have also been taken and updated monthly and week 25, next week is that time for measurement updates.


    Breakfast - Cornflakes, skimmed milk, cup of coffee

    Snack - Grapes, handful of nuts, Wu Yi Source tea, cup of coffee

    Lunch - Cornflakes again (been ill didn't fancy anything else) skimmed milk, babybel light, Wu Yi source tea, Shape fat free yoghurt

    Snack - Cucumber sticks

    Dinner - Turkey rashers, avocado and Egg salad 2 slices of garlic bread

    Milky coffee before bed oopss (skimmed milk)

    Post todays food diary tomorrow x x

  • _mummy2grace__mummy2grace_ Posts: 2,815
    hi new girls x


    B wholemeal toast

    L waferthin chicken sandwhich

    D Cauliflower cheese- homemade with semi skimmed milk and flora and half fat cheese- with fryed bacon and onion in the sauce yum!! wiht a few slices of crusty bread


    half a tiny snack size bag of mini eggs (shared with h2b)
  • afternoon all!

    welcome to all the newbies! i've been using this thread the last 3 weeks and it's definitely a big motivation and the girls are great for the moral support!

    I'm quite sad, i've stayed the same weight this week 11st 6lbs. It's really starting to get me down that no matter how much excercise im doing (which is 5 days a week at the moment) and no matter how healthily i'm eating i just can't seem to drop any weight. I've upped all the the weights i'm doing, i'm doing more cardio, i'm dropping the amount of carbs i'm eating and it all just doesn't seem to be working. I just feel so disheartend and really starting to stress i'm never going to get to my target weight of 10st 4lbs in time for the wedding on 22nd august. it's even more stressful as i've got a boudoir photo shoot in July and i want to be tip-top for then. imageimageimage

    anyways, here's what i ate on tuesday:

    B - slice of burgen toast with low fat spread

    snack - banana

    L - small bowl vegetable soup, wholemeal pitta with slice of ham and low fat guacamole

    D - spinach and ricotta tortelloni with 2 small pieces garlic bread

    drinks - 2 detox tea, 1 litre water

    E - 30 minutes cardio programme on my lunch break

    I'm so sorry for the big depressing rant girls, i'm just having a down day! I'm so happy for everybody else doing so well though - well done!!


  • bluwgirlbluwgirl Posts: 8
    Hi All

    I lost 3 lbs!! finally! So I'm now 11 stone 2 lb. I'm so relieved to finally shed some weight, I had gone 5 weeks without any progress and was starting to feel fed up with the whole thing, so to drop 3 lbs is great image

    Laura - don't feel disheartened, keep at it. I felt really down after the last weigh in but I'm glad I stuck at it now.

    Welcome to all the newbies, I'm sure this thread will help you all.

    SJ x

  • MrsLHardyMrsLHardy Posts: 483
    Hello All!

    Welcome to the new girls & well done on your losses everyone!

    Laura - don't get too down about staying the same. If you're exercising a lot this will affect your weight coz muscle weighs more than fat! Bet you notice a difference in your measurements. Your diet seems really good & you are very good exercising on your lunch break!!

    I've stayed the same for a few weeks now, but I know my exercising a slipped a little & I really let myself down at the weekends with my diet! Just want to concentrate on my studying for the next few weeks & hopefully try not to gain anything!!

    Food for Tues:

    B - Oatiflakes with ss milk + Pom Juice

    L - 4 oatcakes & low fat pate

    D - Homemade beef stew with crusty bread

    Snacks - 2 satsumas, 2 oatie hob knobs!

    Drinks - 1 hot water with lemon, 2 green tea, 3 lrg water, 1 glass rose (!!)

    Exercise - 1 hour swimming

    Good Luck for this week everyone!!

    Lucy x
  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Hi girls,

    Laura please don't get down (though obviously moan on here as much as you want to that is why we are all hear - to listen). I think you are doing amazingly well (esp all that exercise) and you will see the results eventually. I think some people just don't lose weekly (look at SJ's post - 5 weeks of nothing then 3lbs lost - well done btw SJ!!!) I am also stuck (though to be fair I am not doing nearly as much exercise as you and my diet is not as good)..had little moan to h2b (who is also trying to lose) and he said maybe I've gotten to the weight I was before I started gaining (when moved in with him lol) and therefore will take longer to get past that stage. I thought about what he said and it made sense. I've lost 10.5lbs now but I am still 11st 9lbs and I do remember always being around the 11.5st mark when I was in the UK so maybe I have just lost the "extra" weight and now I have to get beyond that. Not sure if that will apply to you or even help you out but thought I'd share just in case. Just keep up your good work and you will get there image

    Becky I don't really know anything about ww so might not be best person to be replying to your query..but if it was me and i rarely ate crisps etc before ww then i think it's best to keep to that and not eat crisps now just because allowed to on ww. I'd stick to the same food as you use to eat (provided they are allowed on ww) and have the occassional bag of crisps like you use to except choose the one's allowed on ww. That would seem to be the best way (imo) to keep the "lifestyle" change up. I hope that was what you were asking!!

    Vicki welcome!! And awwww wedding cake samples...yummy. Did you pick a cake then?

    NJ (love your son's JJ nickname - cuutteee) - yoga is fab. During the 1.5 hours we spend about 10 mins at start and end "relaxing" rest is variet but I love it and I do often work up a sweat. Not helped me much so far but i really have gotten into it so fingers crossed in the long run it will help me be "stonger, taller and leaner.." (as the instructor promised me!!) Cheers for the advice on cardio at lower intensity but for longer periods - does make sense and I suppose things like my walk last night will fall into that category. Thanks!

    Ohh I have went on..sorry just wanted to reply to everyone's posts!

    My diary for Tue...

    B - special k with ss milk

    L - chicken soup with 2 slices of wholegrain bread (unbuttered of course)

    D - chicken tika with some rice and half a nann

    S - none

    D - 1x mangosteen green tea, 1x water, 1x raseberry smoothie

    E - 2 hour beach walk with legs ache today (esp knees) which i think is combination of monday's evil yoga and the beach walk as we were walking through the shoreline with some bigish waves/sinking sand to content with then on way back on the soft sand which was hard going. Of course it could just be that I am getting old and my knees are going to pack in soon image
  • Skip2beSkip2be Posts: 306
    . double post! image

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  • Skip2beSkip2be Posts: 306
    Hi girls and hello you new one's!

    Sounds like everyone is doing great....!

    Sorry I haven't been on here for nearly 2 weeks but things have been rather hectic. Was the victim of an attempt robbery, me h2b has been out of the country for nearly a week for work, been run ragged at work and my monthly cycles are causing me horrendous problems, think I've put weight on too as have ate like a horse and to top it off that knee injury I had at Christmas (when I fell off the spinning bike lol) my knee has swollen up! - but hey ho I'm alive!

    I've decided to start a fresh on Monday as h2b home the weekend, as I'm being miserable and comfort eating! Will try and pop on here though but things are very hectic at work and haven't got me laptop as h2b has it for work!

    Anyway hope you are well and speak to you soon!

  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Oh Laura, sweetie pie keep your chin up you are doing so well being fit and healthy isn't such a bad thing, might just need a little extra something, maybe you aren't eating enough, especially all that exercise. Do you have access to weight watchers books you could borrow or something. I can't recommend it enough, it does help you track what you are eating against what you should be eating etc but I don't want to shove WW down your throat, its your choice, just a suggestion.

    I have been trying to lose weight for 3 months and nothing has shifted, I have my Spa hen weekend in a month and want to look good in a cosy for round the pool, started weight watchers yesterday when I joined here so lets see what happens next week.

    I am so enthusiastic here is my diary for today:


    Breakfast - cornflakes, skimmed milk, sugar light, 1 kiwi

    Snack - grapes, babybel light

    Lunch - small pasta salad with salad, WW yog and 1 kiwi

    Snack - small apple, alpen light bar

    Dinner - salmon fillet, mushroom cous cous, brocoli and carrots

    Moogirl you crack me up, loving the company and chat on here so thank you, only two days but feeling very motivated!!! Come on weight, just drop off me.

    No exercise yet due to my snotty snizz boohoo, might attempt a DVD tonight or gym tomorrow lunch time. x x
  • MrsRedRufflesMrsRedRuffles Posts: 2,409
    Hi girls and welcome newbies!

    Ive not lost anything so still 13stone and 7lbs :\( I know its not as bad as putting on but still annoying!
  • vickster2ukvickster2uk Posts: 174
    Hey everyone, thanks for the lovely welcomes!

    Moogirl, I have chosen my cake and tasted some samples at a wedding fair but the woman insisted on making us a fruit and sponge cake. Think we chose the most expensive cake in her shop without realising at the time so that's why she is loving us. I don't even like fruit cake but still managed to stuff my face. Have done much better today though, will post my diary tomorrow but just realised how much I graze while I am cooking my dinner when I get home on a night.

    Vicky x

  • morning ladies!

    Thank you all so so much for all your support, you've all given me the extra drive to put this week's weigh in behind me and thikn ahead to next week - i'm hoping that the measurements next week will be down and that'll make up for a lack of weigh loss!

    anyone getting freaky wedding dreams??!! I had some random one last night i was late for the wedding and had forgotten to get a tiara or jewellery or underwear and i was running around a shopping centre in my dress yelling at passers-by to go into shops to find me the things i needed!! strange.......

    anyways, here's food for yesterday:

    B - banana, slice of burgen toast with low fat spread

    L - small bowl vegetable soup, wholemeal pitta with slice of ham, low fat guacamole and salad

    snack - apple

    D - 2 homemade bbq chicken wings with large salad

    drinks - 1 detox tea, 1 litre water

    E - 1 hour bodypump class

    weather is miserable yet again and off to work now - cannot be bothered!!! But have a great day everyone!


  • MrsLHardyMrsLHardy Posts: 483
    Morning All!

    Laura - OMG! I am glad I am not the only one having freaky wedding dreams! I've had a few! Latest involving me getting to the hotel & realising I had forgotten loads of essentials!!

    Gemma - Hope you're okay, sounds like you've not had a great couple of weeks! Bet you can't wait for your fella to come home!

    RedRuffles - don't get too down, at least you haven't gained!! Keep at it!

    NJ - Your diet looks really good, so I'll bet you'll start losing this week! Very healthy eating, I must so better myself! I have no willpower & give in too easy to temptation! As you will see from my food diary for yesterday!


    B - 1 toasted wheat free muffin + Pom Juice

    L - 1 toasted wheat free bagel with low fat cheese spread

    D - Leftover Beef Stew with homemade wedges

    Snacks - 2 (yes 2!!!) doughnuts!! 1 banana, 1 apple. Excuse for the doughnuts is I was studying last night after work & h2b bought me a treat! Not sure why I felt the need to eat 2!!!

    Drinks - 1 hot water with honey & lemon, 1 tea, 2 lrg water, 1 camomile

    Exercise - 10 minute brisk walk on lunch break

    Have a good Thursday everyone!!

    Lucy xxx
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