Bridesmaids Speech

Just wondering if anyone is having their bridesmaids make a speech? I have been to couple of weddings where this was done and it was really nice - not sure whether it would steal the best man's thunder though - what do you think?


  • shoeladyukshoeladyuk Posts: 233
    I have asked my bridesmaid to do one - I think weddings can be a bit sexist - we put in all the work and then the groom has his best mate speak and not the bride????? She is not sure what to say but I am sure it will be fine.
  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    One of my bridesmaids said it was a shame they couldn't do a speech, so I said she should do one!

    So what if it does steal the best man's thunder? I don't see why he's the only one who's allowed to get a laugh...!
  • Hi just been to a wedding and the Bridesmaid did a speech and iv got to say she walked all over the Father of the bride and the Bestman`s speeches. Why should all the men get to do the talking.:\)
  • I've been to weddings where they have and I've been to weddings where the only speeches were quick toasts. It's completely personal preference and we decided we'd rather focus on mingleing, dancing and drinking. So I didn't give one, hubbie only said a few words (mainly to thank people we knew my dad and bestman would forget) and then my dad and bestman gave the usual and luckily my instruction of 10 minutes meant they only took 30 minutes each!

    Speeches were okay but in my opinion it's about everyone wanting their moment in the spotlight. I think personal thanks are far better one on one rather than in front of a crowd.

    It also meant that the ceilidh and DJ were very rushed - usually play 10 tracks or so before band comes on and he only had time for our first dance and one other!

    Whatever you decide make sure it's right for you and whoever is giving the speech and I'm sure it'll go great! Don't be pushed into something just cos it's "tradition".
  • chillicrabchillicrab Posts: 20
    Thanks everyone - that really helps! I am going to go and ask my chief bridesmaid if she would like to make a speech - you are right - weddings are sexist!
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