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Answers needed please to test my theory

Hi ladies

This will apply to mums only but anyone welcome!

Ok here goes...

I have a boy and was sick the whole 9months and gained alot of weight instantly, I am 8 weeks pregnant now and still dont have a single sign (except the positive test!) and have lost a little weight. Ok so everyone so far I have spoken to has had different pregnancies carrying their boys and girls (meaning parents with one of each) other people who have had the same sex kids had similar pregnancies both times. My friend has boy girl boy girl and was sick with the girls but not the boys and my mums friend had 3 boys then a girl and was sick with all the boys and completely fine carrying her daughter. So I was just wondering if anyone as been the same with the differences or totally the same carrying each sex.

I would like a daughter but i'm not asking because I desperately want a girl I would also love another boy, it's just I keep getting "it must be a girl" so it has got me thinking and i've run out of people to ask to test my theory!!

Ta ladies


  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Hi hun,

    Ive got 2 girls and a biy, and every single pregnancy has been different!

    With my 1st daughter, i was only sick a little bit for the first couple of weeks, and carried her quite "wide" - my hips got wider and my tummy was quite big!

    With my second daughter I only put on a stone during the whole pregnancy, had a tiny little neat bump, but was sick nearly every day for 32 weeks!

    Then with my son, I was a bit sick for the first few weeks, but was showing fairly early, around 14 weeks, and put on masses of weight (my fault more than the pregnancy I suspect!!). My tummy was huge!

    This time round, I'm 25 weeks preg, only started to show properly around 18 weeks, and have a nice round bump now. I havent really been too sick, although felt sick quite a bit. I dont know what I am having.

    So it just goes to show I think that every pregnancy is different, as I didnt have similar pregnancies with my girls at all, they have all been really different! xxxxx
  • Cool thanks for that hun I will add it to my list, just curious too really been doing my midifery training so done sperm fertility pregnancy etc so just something I wanted to look into. Keep me posted and let me know what you have x
  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    hi, i have 2 boys, and was sick, i had tooth ache, head ache, lost weight , had cravings, fainted the lot, with my second i didnt even feel pg except for the bump staring at me, i gained weight tho, but had no cravings, so i was convinced i was having a girl, i had 1 brown haired boy and then a red haired boy, ttc now i would love a girl, but as long as its healthy i dont really mind, good luck to you and a happy healthy 9 months.
  • hi, i have a little boy and my pregnancy was textbook with him, i had no morning sickness. I gained weight straight away- 2 1/2 stone in total.

    Im now 30weeks pregnant with a girl and i had sickness for about 18weeks, and i lost weight to start off, i think ive currently gained about 1/2 stone. My bump isnt as big this time. So my pregnancies are completley different.

    kirsty x
  • hi, iv had 2 girls and i dont remember the pregnancies being much different, im 17+6 now and i have definatly put on more weight, i wasn't even showing by 5 months with my first, but i was under a lot of stree then and younger which might account for the difference. This baby definatly moves about more though. I find out the sex on 14 april so will let you know the result x
  • hel10683hel10683 Posts: 183
    My Nanna had 7 children 1 girl then 5 boys then 1 girl. She wasn't sick with her first girl but then was really sick with all of the boys and then not with the last girl. Also when she was pregnant with the girls my grandad got really sick but not with the boys.
  • jojoberriesjojoberries Posts: 1,037
    I am pregnant with my second child and i was sick for 4 months and have just felt awfull the whole way threw! I'm only 3 weeks away fromdue date tho now!!!!!!! Yay!

    With my daughter who is 7 i didnt even know i was pregnant, had no sickness or anything and even the birth was Pleasent ish!!!! So if there is a theory i should be carryuing a boy??? But then i am 8 years older now, i was only 17 when i carried my daughter so maybe its my age and how i am dealing with pregnancy as an adult!?

    I cant answer your question but i have spent the past 9 months asking myself the same as you!!!!!!! I hope you get what you want and i'll let you all know what i have... and if its a boy, then i think certain ladies carry one sex better than the other!!!

    Oh but i am convinced i'm having a little girl!!!!!!
  • I had no morning sickness with ds till 9 weeks, when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was sick as a dog for weeks, months even. It finally stopped some time in my second trimester but man it was nasty.

    Interestingly, all the old wives tales (what you crave, how you carry etc) pointed to "girl" hahahahaha hahahahaha.

    I'll let you know if I manage to have another baby.
  • Thanks ladies, lots of different theories, I desperately wanted a girl last time, even ran out of the scan crying when she said a boy! I had a bad relationship with my dad so never wanted boys!! I didn't talk to anyone for a week after I found out so I must of been bad, I was sooo petrified I wouldn't bond with him!! Now I wouldn't change him for anything and I really love the idea of having another boy but a girl would be nice too! People talking about it must be this or must be that just got me thinking. We were convinced my sil neighbour was having a girl and EVERYONE she knew said it was a girl, 3 weeks ago she had a little boy who had no name for three days as they'd only picked girls names! I think I am more likely to have a girl though as we had sex 2 days before I ovulated so I can also test the scientific version that the girlies hang around longer! I can't find out till June the suspense is killing me, I would like a girl this time purley so I have one of each and should be able to wait till the birth to find out the 3rd time! JOJO I bet ur well excited, I had an easy birth with Khobe but still think what have I done! I hate labour!!!
  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    i lost weight in the first 3 months of my pregnancy with both of mine (boys). i didnt have morning sickness with my first but did with my second. but both times had tidy bumps! i put on more weight with my first and with my second managed to stay in my normal jeans til the day he popped out.

    Labour is easier second time around!! i cant really compare because ive only have 2 boys, but b othe pregnancies have been so different, ah its all a suprise! xx
  • hc2bhc2b Posts: 138
    ok then, how about this theory? this might give u some ideas. The old wives tale of carrying bump high for a boy and low for a girl. Ive tested this theory on quite a few ppl over the last year and its been true EVERY time. Has anyone had it the other way round to dispute this theory? xxx
  • xCandyxukxCandyxuk Posts: 147
    Hey hc2b and all you other ladies, now i have a theory!!

    I was told when i was pregnant with my daughter that if its a girl you put on weight all over and if a boy you only really put weight on your bump! Now i had a large bump but thats it, not much anywhere else, and everyone from my mum and dad to my h2b and best friend said i was having a boy and i had a girl!!

    I have also been told if you eat certain things when ttc then you can help decide what sex you are going to have! But thats also untrue because the mens testicles decide the sex. They have an XX chromosone testicle and an XY chromosone testicle and they only use sperm from one testicle at a time, so whichever one it comes from determines the sex. (apparently - this was told to me by a biology teacher!)

    As for the theory that you have a same/samilar pregnancy with same sexes - my friend has three boys and has had three different pregnancies! lol

    And lastly - hc2b, i carried the bump low to begin with when i was small, then as i got bigger it raised up to my ribs and then when i got near my due date it dropped! That's normal.

    You dont carry it high or low for all of your pregnancy because when you are in early pregnancy your baby is only small and fits neatly in your womb. As the baby grows, you expand and it moves higher up. Then when you get close to your baby being born the baby slowly drops down untill it's head becomes engaged.

    So my theory is.....they are all pants! lol And for every 10 people that have proof the theory works, there are 1,2,3 maybe 10 people that say well hang on mine was different! My pregnancy fitted into no theory and no old wives tale.

  • Hi xCandyx you are right what you eat does not determine the sex but I can assure you the testicle thing is so not true they must of been winding you up! The sexing takes place way away from the testicles and they dont slide down into their correct positioning, it is such a in depth process seperating the gametes (sex cells) so they have half the chromosomes (genes) to meet with ours that have been halved that their is no way they could be filed into left and right catergories! Loving the theories though, I carried everywhere for my son and my sil carried everywhere for her girl, another bull shit theory I heard was the pace of the baby heart can tell you the sex of the baby!
  • JennzBJennzB Posts: 20
    I have a boy and had little to no MS x
  • xCandyxukxCandyxuk Posts: 147
    Hi My-angel-jiyah ,

    Thanks for the info, like i said 'apparently', i dont have a clue when it comes to insides and baby making anymore than a sperm and an egg make a baby! hehe. Thats probably why im no biology teacher! lol image

    I dont think people should listen to all the theories because they will be forever guessing.

    Ill be happy whatever the sex of my next baby, but i'd prefer a boy as i have a little girl and would like one of each image


  • I found it all so interesting but couldn't get my head around the meiosis of cell division it was mind blowing! I will just have to wait another 12 weeks and twiddle my thumbs...just hope they can tell me at the scan!
  • CurlylydCurlylyd Posts: 1,465
    I think having theories and trying to work these things out just adds a little more fun to the pregnancy.

    I have two boys, and had two very simelar pregnancies. I carried high until right at the last minute with both of them, and seemed to put all the weight on at the front.

    I also had a friend that really wanted a girl, and she and her hub followed a book that claimed to help you get the sex of baby you want. I wish I could remember the details and which way round it all was, but there was stuff to do with how much dairy and red meat they both ate, and even what underwear he wore and the temperature he showered at. It was all quite bizzare, but they got the girl they wanted. Obviously they might have had a girl anyway, we will never know!
  • I have a 8 yr old. I never even knew i was pregnant til 19 weeks!!! as i had no hcg, why i'll never know. I put on some weight but still fitted in normal jeans with just top button open up until about 23 weeks. In total i put on 2 and half stone. I was 21 a the time, so not sure what to expect when i become pg this time, but i'll let you know if it happens soon image
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