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    Hi girls,

    Gemma- have a "holiday week eat and drink what you like- we all need a break from time to time!!!

    Zoe- I think walking through the sand is great for your legs and bum!

    I've had loads of freaky wedding dreams- mostly where I havent got my dress/hair or make up sorted and its too late and i'm about to go down the aisle lol

    I'm officially addicted to ebay!! I've bought a beautiful dress from Coast and a couple from Jane Norman for absolute peanuts!! I bought one from Monsoon which I'm going to have to sell on though- its a size 10 and TOO BIG!!!!!! I never thought this would ever happen- I still can't quite get my head around this whole being slim thing!!!

    Girls a bit of an incentive for you: the more weight I've lost the faster my metabolism has become- I can now eat loads ,more without gaining it amazing!!


    B marmite on wholemeal toast

    L wafer thin chicken sandwhich

    D meditarranean pasta bake with half fat cheese and 2 slices Garlic bread with one grilled chicken breast


    half a cucumber and 10 cherry tomatoes with Tomato Salsa

    Medium sized Mars Bar

    slice toast


    1 hour and 600 kcals on the treadmill

    Rosemary Connoly : 3 sections from DVD focusing on waist and upperbody!
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    Michelle another size 10 dress that is too big!! You must be feeling so chuffed. Good to get some feed back from someone that's done it esp if you find your metabolism has increased - mind you you do a lot of exercise so that will be the key I suppose (most impressed at an hour on treadmill and then you still did 3 sections of rosemary!). Like your comment about beach walking being good for the bum and legs cos I really need that - I'll keep it up I think image

    Vicki at least you know the cake woman will be giving you lots of attention!! I'm against fruit cake also but my MIL2b is making out cake and said must have fruit image Though she did agree to put a sponge layer in too thankfully.

    Gemma it sounds like you've had quite a time of it lately. At least your h2b will be back this weekend and you can get back to normal - always odd when they aren't around but more so when you are going through what you've been going though with all you incidence.

    Well my diary for Wed...

    B - special k with ss milk (got back into eating breakie again after not really eating it last week so hoping that helps for next tue!)

    L - cheese sandwhich made with wholegrain bread (3 slices as hungry!), 10 cal jello

    D - chicken with spicy flavoured rice, cali and broc

    S - handful of dry cereal, some grapes

    D - water but not enough by far1

    E - rosemary conelly aeorbics dvd (whole thing so about an hour including the toning stuff)


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    I am so glad I know your name now Zoe, will stop referring to you as moogirl from now on.

    Ok Diary for Thursday:


    Cornflakes, skimmed milk, sugar light, glass of water, 1 kiwi


    Cup of coffee with skimmed milk, grapes, Wu Yi Source tea


    Rice salad small, salad, Yoghurt


    Alpen light bar, Wu Yi Source tea, cup of tea with skimmed milk


    Mackrel fillets x 2 small, mash potato (small portion but very naughty, I love it!) brocoli

    2 ltrs water

    I am really apprehensive about this weekend, want to be good, really do and still feeling very motivated but first week and its my h2b birthday on Sunday. Got a birthday party tonight, and then going to farmers market on Sunday for treats and then staying at the venue we have booked for our wedding as we got a free night when we booked. Also organised cream teas Sunday afternoon at Tylney, oh no!!!!! I won't be able to eat anything else for then next two days at least. x x
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    Hey everyone!

    NJ I have found the best way to stick to a diet "healthy lifestyle" has been to let myself have at least one naughty day a week- and today is the day lol!! Friday nights we have something really yummy- Take away Pizza/Fish & Chips...... Tonight we're having chicken enchiladas covered in cheese (half fat but you get used to it) with potato wedges, I also generally buy a bar of chocolate and we share some pop corn watching a film I also have a few glasses of wine- I think really enjoying yourself once a week really takes the edge off and gives you something to look forward to!!


    B wholemeal toast

    L wafer thin chicken sandwhich

    D Chicken Cassarol with crusty bread


    10 cherry tomatoes

    Cucmber and tomato Salsa


    1 Glass of wine


    600 Kcals on my treadmill in front of Desperate Housewives (I'd taped it) lol my friend came round and sat on my excercise bike at the same time!!
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    Michelle - I too am an ebay shopper!! I've got loads of stuff off there.Love a bargain!

    NJ - I know what you mean about the weekend, I have a family weekend with Nanna's 80th & a couple of meals planned! Need to try & fit in some exercise to make up for the bad food!

    Didn't help that H2B persuaded me in2 getting a take away last night! But, I only had mixed starters, no main course (don't think thats actually that good tho!!!)

    Picked our wedding rings up yesterday - I was so excited! Was great to see it next to my engagement ring - I want to wear it now!

    Got all the bits from my invites too, jsut need to bloody make them all now! Really need to get some sent out next week!!

    Right, food for Thursday:

    B - 1 toasted wheat free muffin with olivio + Pom Juice

    L - Sml Jacket Pot with cheese & beans + salad

    D - Mixed Starters from Chinese Takeaway (Very naughty on a week night aswell!!)

    Snacks - 1 banana, 1 ww lemon cheesecake (!!)

    Drinks - 1 hot water with lemon, 2 green teas, 2 lrg water. 1 bottle becks (went nice with the chinese food!!)

    Seriously, then I wonder why I am not losing that 1/2 stone I want to shift!

    Have a fab weekend everyone!

    Lucy xxx

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    Mornng ladies,

    Sorry haven't posted for a while but things have been going a lttle manic. Weighed myself last night - first chance to pop up to dads and i am down to 10 stone 2, yippee. Got my engagement ring back from beng coated so don't feel bare anymore. Got a busy weekend ahead, on sat got our first dancng lesson, then meet up with bm and friends for lunch and then working all night, then working all day sunday so will defo be gettng plenty of excercise. And OMG can't believe its my hen do next weekend, sooo looking forward to it.

    Michelle i'm addcted to ebay at the mo too, though more for sellng, trying to raise some funds for honeymoon spends.


    B: bowl special k and ss milk

    L: bowl soup

    D: rost chick, 2 boled spuds, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, brocolli and gravy.

    Sn: 1 humbug

    Dr: 3 black coffees, 2 black tea and pnt dlutng.

    EX: 1 hour walk.

    Wanted to do more, was gong to get the dance mat out agan but ended up sittng in the FPC for an hour and a half to get my njection (my butt huts today) and won't have the time now tll next week.

    Lucy, my tip wth the nvites is get somebody else nvolved so that they spur you on to finsh them when you can't be bothered. Me and mum dd mine and got them sorted in no tme with her help (and a few glasses of vno for creatve inspiration).

    Sorry about the spellng but my i button doesn't work very well unless you pound at it ncesently.
  • morning all!

    well it's nearly the weekend again, thank god!!

    NJ, don't worry about the weekend, its definitely true that its good to have a naughty day/weekend with the food now and again and it's a special occassion so go for it!!!

    Weekends are so hard though as all routine goes out the window and that applies to food too - i've got a leaving do for someone at work tonight but it's the weather and not the food/alcohol that's actually stopping me from going! It's blowing a gail and combined with torrential rain its going to be a hair and makeup disaster lol!!! lipgloss + hair + wind = bad!!!

    so here's food for thursday:

    B - ???? grapefruit, slice of burgen toast with low fat spread

    snack - apple

    L - small bowl soup, wholemeal pitta with low fat guacamole and slice of ham

    D - small portion of homemade chilli con carne with a large salad

    drinks - 2 detox tea, 1 litre water

    E - 30 mins cardio at the gym on my lunchbreak.

    so, i hope everyone has a fabby weekend!


  • MrsLHardyMrsLHardy Posts: 483
    Vicki - Where you going for your hen do?? Bet you can't wait!

    Yeah think I'm gonna get Mam & Sister to help with invites & make a night of it! Bottle of vino always helps! xxx
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    Lucy we're heading to Glasgow and can't wait. Don't know what happening as BM organised it all. All i know is we fly out on friday and have been told to pack a very dressy dress for night time. Then told to pack joggies, shorts or leggings for sat - no jeans and not told anything for sat night. think it may be pole dancing on the sat day as you couldn't wear shorts outside and prob be dressed up on sat night, Also fab cause we booked with the hilton while they had the sale on so got to stay there cheaper than at the travelinn.

    We slpt the invites nto a couple of nghts and spent say 3 hours each time so we wouldn't get tired of them. Amazing how quickly you get through them.
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    Hello lovely ladies and thank you so much, I do feel a bit better. It was just because I knew tonight isn't going to be good and Sunday but will try and squeeze in some exercise tomorrow to ease the pain. Plus it is my first week, ah well, its not like I am going to cancel either so will just get on with it best I can and see what the scales tell me on Tuesday.

    Mich, I did used to have non-diet days when I did weight watchers properly, when I went to the meetings, weigh in was Saturday mornings so would have that and then diet would go out the window for a day, loved Saturdays. Plus you ARE doing so very well so keep up the good work and enjoy your non-diet day!

    Lucy - picked up your wedding rings! That is so exciting, I presume you are tieing the knot fairly soon then. I am struggling choosing mine, mainly down to budget, plain platinum 3mm band is probably what I should have but I want a half eternity style wedding band with baguette diamonds looking at 10% as much than the plain band image( I am not getting married till November so you never know I might win the lottery.

    Laura - I SOOOO get the lipgloss wind and hair thing, it is so annoying, you check the mirror before you leave and are fairly impressed then find a mirror when you get where you are going and to go home again. I love my lipgloss too, juicy tubes, won't wear anything else.

    Vicki - have a brilliant hen do, when's your big day? Been collecting the money in for my hen do that's happening next month but its well in advance of my wedding, it is very exciting. Hope you really enjoy yourself.

    Nj x
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    Morning girls...

    Friday at last...ahhh. Though no doubt I'll wind up in work on Sunday as I've been doing for the past few weeks but I still have that Friday night happy feeling (or I will in another 8 hours when 5pm rolls around here!)

    NJ I've no objections to being called moogirl either...put that as my login name back when first joined (and when planned not to ever actually post!) because my h2b always say's "moo" (odd i know!). Now I am thinking it makes me sound like I am calling myself a cow...oppps. Your food diary is so good - really put me to shame. I think I eat okay then read what you eat and I'm like err I need to buck up! Are mash potatoes really that bad...I never thought about that before until read your post and we eat them at least 2-3 times a week. We make them just with small amount of ss milk not butter...hmmm.

    Vicki well done on getting down to 10st 2lb - congrats! Your weekend sound very packed but lots of fun!!! When I was reading about your clothing requirements for you Sat day of the hen weekend I though "pole dancing" too (before read your pole dancing comment)....sound like it will be a real laugh. And what a bargain on the hilton image

    My diary for yesterday...

    B - special k with ss milk

    L - roast chicken salad wrap

    D - stew with mash, carrots, brocili

    S - 10cal jello, v small piece of sponge cake (h2b bought and there is some more left for weekend...oh no!)

    D - 2x mangosteen green tea, 2x large glass of water

    E - 1.5 hour yoga class, 20min on the exercise bike

    Hope you all have great weekends!



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    Hi Girls,

    Sorry haven't posed for a few days been busy. So glad it's Friday today though - counting the hours until home time.

    First off welcome to NJ and Vicki - hope you find this thread helpful.

    Laura - I agree with what Lucy said, the reason you may not have noticed any weight loss yet is because your exercising so much could be muscle your putting on, which does weigh more than fat. I found a way to help (as well as measurements) was to take a pic of myself in my underwear every month, to see if I could see any difference, and I can. Because you see yourself everyday hard to notice any difference - might be worth a try, maybe do the photo at the same time we post our measurements then might not forget to do it. I am sure you will get there though, keep at it, you have done brill so far.

    Sj - Well done on you weight loss for this week - you must be so pleased.

    Zoe - Well done with your walking - walking on the sand is hard as well, it will def help tone up your legs and bum. And the yoga will pay off in the long run as well, do you do it once a week. I have a DVD at home that I enjoy, must try and do it once a week though instead of once every 2 week - a month lol.

    Gemma - Sounds like you had a hetic few weeks hun, don't blame you for waiting until Monday to start afresh - hope that your ok though.

    Laura - I have also had freaky wedding dreams, not had any for a few weeks now thoug, all the same as your though getting to the wedding day and forgetting to have booked a DJ and trying to organize one on the actual morning - must be a bride to be thing that we all go through!

    Michelle - Check you out a size 10 dress too big, you must be so chuffed. You have done really well and all your hard worked has paid off, your look fab on your wedding day!

    Sorry for the ramble wanted to reply to all of you!

    My food diary for yesterday:

    B - Cornflakes made with ss milk

    L - Tuna in light mayo brown bread baguette

    D - Bowl cornflakes made with ss milk

    S - Banana and 2 low fat biscuits

    Drinks - 700ml water, 2x coffee, 2x tea

    Exercise - 35min fast paced walking (to and from work)

    OMG have to tell you all actually my H2B saw a ghost of my dead cat the other day. We had 2 cats that were twin brothers, but had to have one put down last March as he had kidney failure - poor little thing. Anyway H2B was coming down the stairs from getting changed after work and as was walking down he the -cat' sat by our shoes with his head down, he didn't think anything of it and though it was our cat (the one that is still alive) but walked straight into the kitchen and there was our cat eating his dinner, so H2B turned around and nothing was there anymore - weird. He said that when he thought back to cat he saw at the bottom of the stairs, it did look like the (dead) cat, and he always sat with his head down as well. Weird especially as just over the year he was put to sleep!!!! So now we are both going around the house and look at that spot every time we walk past lol. Has any of you seen a dead pet at all as a ghost?

    Sorry for the log post and ramble there. Hope you all have good weekends.

    Carly x

  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Well Zoe, I wouldn't say mash is terrible and if you don't use butter, it just depends on how much. My H2B insists on adding stuff to food that doesn't help with dieting, like cream, so the mash was particularly yummy but particularly bad, so only had a very small portion. The portion size you should have of carbs which is obviously potato, pasta, rice should be no bigger than your own fist. I know, shock horrow, we all eat way more than that, but if you can start to train yourself to eat that kind of portion then eventually you will start to feel satisfied by it. Both protein and carbs should be a fist size each and then veg/fruit you can pretty much have as much as you want, so I fill up the rest of the plate with things like brocoli, I love brocoli. If you have a salad then have loads of the salad stuff. You may have heard of this before but chose smaller plates too so it looks like you have more rather than putting smaller portions on those big dinner plates we all like to use. Chewing gum while cooking is good to stop grazing, obviously drinking on water between meals as much as poss helps hunger feelings.

    Hope this helps all x x
  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Thanks NJ that is all very helpful. I suppose we do eat a bit more than a fist size portion - esp if having pasta - though I tend to push some onto h2b plate before I finish (not good for h2b who will eat until plate empty even if full and he is trying to lose weigh too!). We will have to cut down the amount we cook then we can't overeat. I never have salad mcuh cos h2b doesn't eat "rabbit food" as he calls it. Though he eats pleanty of veggies. I feel the salad just goes to waste as I never eat it all up before i goes rotton. Good tips though - thanks!!

    Carly I do yoga twice a week (use to be on Thur evenings and Sat mornings but now I will be doing Monday after work and Sat first thing)...I enjoy it so it doesn't feel like exercise so that is why I can keep it up. I have a dvd too but never use it at home. Plus I pay for the classes so that is my incentive to keep at them (pitty that logic didn't work for the gym membership!) Your h2b seeing your poor cat is very spooky - wonder if you'll see it again at some point.
  • morning all!

    carly - the ghost cat is so spooky!!! my mum often says she sees our rottweiler in her house and she was put to sleep when i was 12!!! But then there's a ghost of a man in her house too who touched my shoulder one night a couple of years ago, very very strange!! I was sitting on the computer listening to music and only othe rperson in house was mums partner and he was through in the kitchen. felt this hand firmly on my shoulder and i turned round thinking it would be jimmy asking what i wanted for dinner....nobody there! Jimmy was two rooms away and no way he could have done it and run away in time! It still freaks me out when i think about it!!!

    food for friday:

    B - ???? grapefruit, slice of burgen toast with low fat spread

    L - scrambled egg with ham and tomato, toasted wholemeal pitta bread

    D - oven baked trout with roasted peppers, chilli and red onion and noodles with bean sprouts (recipe off bbc website, very tasty!)

    drinks - 1 detox tea, 1 litre water

    E - 1???? hours gym session with 40 mins cardio and 50 mins weights

    well, off for a shower now and taking Rowan to soft play to tire her out! Then i need to find things to do with myself tonight as h2b will be abandoning me to go to the pub to watch the scotland game! maybe some pampering is in order!

    have a great day everyone!


  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Hello girls, ok well last night wasn't too bad, being an Italian night, there was plenty of salady bits, so not going to feel too bad about tomorrow now and cream teas.

    Friday diary:

    Breakfast - 1 and half slices of toast (seeded bread) with marg and marmalade, glass of water

    Snack - Peppermint tea, Wu Yi source tea, kiwi x 2, cup of coffee with skimmed milk

    Lunch - Salad with pasta salad, WW yoghurt

    Snack - Alpen Light bar

    Dinner - Chicken, 1 x bruschetta, salad and small morzerella bits x 2. 2 x Peroni beers

    Saturday diary:

    Breakfast - 2x toast (seeded breaded), marg and marmalade, cup of coffee with skimmed milks

    Snack - Wu Yi source tea

    Lunch - Salad with 2 sardines and 1 and half large eggs

    Dinner - cod in breadcrumbs, mash potato and brocoli

    Wu Yi Source tea, WW yoghurt

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend everyone and probably be back on Monday to report my wonderful night away and cream teas oh er!

    NJ x

  • kelzmcmkelzmcm Posts: 8
    Hi, just wondering how I get started on here?

    Not getting married until August 2010 but bridesmaid in January so need to get in shape for that first!!!

    Want to save pennies on a weekly weigh in class, every little helps towards the big day!!

    Cant wait to start losing!

  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Hi kelzmcm!

    It's pretty simple, basically we have a weekly weigh in which the organiser, Zara will start a new thread for each week. The weekly weigh in is on a Tuesday so each new week starts on a Tuesday and this is when we weigh ourselves, come online and find the forum Zara (the organiser of this) will have started a new thread for each week, post our weight loss/status. We then daily (or when you can) post daily food diaries including any exercise you may have done. We also talk about anything else, here for support with both dieting, wedding and anything else.

    Lovely, funny, supportive ladies on here and I am only in my first week on here, I also decided to start weight watchers from home, using books I had from doing the meetings previously. I find it really helps me monitor what I am eating as it is so easy for me to get off the trail, with portion sizes too big, eating too much in general. But any advise, assistance or support you want we are here, so welcome.

    Oh Zara will need your name, date of wedding starting weight and we also have a monthly measurement check which oddly enough is actually happening week 25 so take measurements of everywhere you can think of and post them too, this is because sometimes the weight might now change much but your body shape might, so that can track inches lost.

    Hope this helps.

    Nicki (NJ) x x x
  • morning all!

    hope everyone is enjoying their weekends? I currently have one VERY hungover H2B lying in bed as he decided to drown his sorrows a bit too much after scotland lost the football (like he didn't realise that was going to happen lol!!!) So, my dreams of a nice family sunday taking Rowan out for a walk and maybe a cup of coffee in a nice coffee shop are ruined! sorry, i sound like such a bitter housewife there ha ha! He hasn't been out for a long time so i suppose i can let it slip this once!

    food for saturday:

    B - ???? grapefruit, slice burgen toast with low ft spread

    L - scrambled egg with ham and tomato, toasted wholemeal pitta bread

    D - grilled chicken salad with ???? avocado

    drinks - 2 detox tea, water (but not nearly enough!)

    E - no excercise, weekends are my time off from the gym!!


  • morning everone,

    just a quick post before i head out for the day!

    food for sunday:

    B - ???? grapefruit, slice of burgen toast with low fat spread

    L - small bowl of soup, wholemeal pitta with low fat houmous, slice of ham and salad

    D - 2 thin slices of roast beef, roast butternut squash, big pile of broccoli and cauliflower and gravy.

    drinks - 1 detox tea, water

    hope you all have a nice day!


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    Good Morning girlies!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments!

    I am starting a fresh today; got all my meals planned out for the week and did a 6 km run this morning so feeling pretty good! only 185 days to go and still 10 pounds to lose!

    welcome all newbies, my your all very busy. i will catch up with you all tomorrow when Zara posts the new thread!

    Take Care xx
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    Morning Girls,

    Hope you all had good weekends, went quick as it always does.

    Welcome to Kelzmcm I am sure that you will find this thread helpful, as NJ said Zara will be starting week 26 thread tomorrow and this is our time for measurements again (we do this first Tue of each month) we measure our bust, waist, hips and thighs. Good luck with your weight loss, and we are all here for support if you need us.

    Here is my food diary for yesterday:

    B - Corn-flakes made with ss milk

    L - Home made soup and 2 slices of home made brown bread (left over from night before dinner)

    D - Chicken Kiev, small serving savory rice and lots salad then had strawberries and small scoop of ice-cream for afterwards - yum.

    Snacks - dont think I had any apart from half a carrot while chopping the salad for dinner.

    Exercise - 15 mins on the cross trainer.

    Hope you all have a good day.

    Carly x
  • MrsLHardyMrsLHardy Posts: 483
    Morning All!

    Hope you've all had a good weekend! Mine was, but spent most of it either drunk or hungover so my diet has gone well out of the window!

    Only exercise I have done was a walk on the shore yesterday to try & cure the hangover!!

    Oh well, will have to start a fresh today!!

    Have a good Monday everyone xxx
  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    Glad to hear you all had nice weekends (hungover h2b aside!! Can't say I blame him Laura - watching Scotland playing would drive anyone to the drink!! I'm Scottlish so can get away with saying that sort of thing lol). My weekend was lazy but good, food diary isn't great though image ...


    B - grapes

    L - one white roll and about 8 cocktail sausages (found em in supermarket as never normally get that sort of thing here!), muller corner yoghurt,

    D - nothing (too busy drinking!)

    S - cream egg, white roll with thin turkey slices (when got home from pub at night - h2b forgot completely we'd eaten that and i only remembered when saw the knife out in kitchen in morning duh!)

    D - 2x mangosteen green tea, lots of water, lots of soco & diet coke and rum & diet coke, oh and one malibu/pineapple just to mix things up!

    E - no real exercise. Walked to the pub (15 mins each way), danced for about 10 mins, oh and I suppose my "weight lifting" part was moving my exercise bike in front of our front door at 1am when we got home because I'd see "odd" looking people on the way home and was sure they were going to break in. Hmm I think I may have been slightly drunk though! Still that exercise bike is heavy!)


    B - weetabix (surprisingly not too hungover in the morning - no idea why not!! even made it to 9am yoga.)

    L - low fat sausage on white roll (shouldn't have bought white rolls on friday - oppps!), muller corner yoghurt

    D - yew nam soup, thai veggie curry with brown rice

    S - cream egg (also shouldn't have bought these on friday!!! Shouldn't shop at lunch time when starving I suppose!)

    D - lots water obviously, berry fruit juice, small 7up, shared a large root beer with h2b at cinema at night (no snacks though)

    E - 1.5 hour yoga class....was dead impressed with myself as did lots of shoulder stands and even a handstand (one foot one wall though)...I couldn't even do that stuff when I was in primary school! Guess I am braver now and less worried about looking stupid!


    B - boiled egg on white roll, muller corner

    L - garden salad (no dressing) and 2 small pieces of garlic toast

    D - turkey, mash, lots of veggies and some bread sauce

    S - cream egg (last one!) and piece of sponge cake

    E - an hour and 20 min walk up beach with work friend

    Ahh I REALLY wish I hadn't went shopping on Friday now!! Diary was very naughty with white rolls, cream eggs and muller corners...darn.


  • MrsMoogirlMrsMoogirl Posts: 899
    double posted - sorry!!

    Though i just noticed that i forgot to say congrats to Gemma on her 6km run image

    [Modified by: moogirl on March 30, 2009 05:39 PM]

  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Hello ladies, I am so nervous about tomorrow's weigh in etc but excited at the same time. Glad you all had a good weekend, mine was AMAZING at our wedding venue. A freebie and they put us in a huge room with the biggest bed I have ever seen, gorgeous bathroom with a spa bath (bubbles galour!!!). Cream teas to die for, and the most amazing breakfast, it just confirmed we have so made the right choice.

    Anyway, food diary as follows:


    Breakfast - crunchy oat tropical cereal with skimmed milk

    Snack - babybel light

    No Lunch

    Afternoon cream tea (5x finger sandwiches, half of 3 small cream cakes, 1 x scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam 4 x cups of earl grey tea (god this sounds awful but it was an absolute dream)

    Later - half a bottle of wine with Walkers sensations (sneeked in), Loads and loads of Galaxy minstrels


    Breakfast - very naughty creamy scrambled egg, 1 x bacon, 1 x sausage, mushroom and tomato. 1 x small cinamon swirl, 2 x coffee

    Lunch - Strawberry and mango smoothy, homemade (the guilt has kicked in!)

    Dinner - Low fat korma sauce with chicken and rice, small portions!

    Drinks - 2 Wu Yi Source tea, 2 ltrs water

    Well wish everyone the best of luck tomorrow!!!

    NJ x
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