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Leah2ukLeah2uk Posts: 38
Hi there

I'm getting married in the Adams Beach Hotel, Nissi Bay, Cyrus. Aug 2007. I've already been looking around for a dress and despite the potential heat in Cyprus I can't waver from my dream dress, being - sweet heart, corseted bodice and big tulle skirt. Cant seem to find a dress like this, having a priblem where I like the top of one dress and the bottom of another.

My perfect dress wouldbe the one Jordan wore for her wedding (however not quite so big) unfortunatley i have neither her body or money

Any suggestions please


  • rinnieukrinnieuk Posts: 158

    Have you tried Justin Alexander. I know he does a lot of the corseted, big skirt dresses. Try the website

    Happy hunting
  • louisevickilouisevicki Posts: 391
    Try Elizabeth Todd

    She seems to specialise in corset type dresses i came across a picture on she's one of their featured designers at the mo.

    The dress i saw looks eaxactly to me how you decribed your dream dress is a bit pricey mind but if nothing else you could show it to some bridal shops they might be able to find you a cheaper alternative or you could always get it made
  • kamc2kamc2 Posts: 85

    Where do you live? I live in Brighton and the shop here where I got my dress from had a rail of dresses from English designers who are apparently happy for you to swap and change tops and bottoms and even materials.

  • Leah2ukLeah2uk Posts: 38
    Thanks for all your suggestions, gonna check them out over the nect few days and get back to you

    I live in South Wales, but if need be will travel to Brighton, any excuse for a night out with the girls

    Hey Hey
  • rocksatyarocksatya Posts: 95

    Check out Mori Lee - I think I'm going to go for 3738 which is like the style you want but unfortunately not sweetheart neckline. There is one with a sweetheart neckline and fairytale tulle skirt on this link. I hope I've copied and pasted it properly!
  • suzanwizzsuzanwizz Posts: 91
    there seems to be alot of big dresses like that style on ebay which are from hong kong but i have just got my bridesmaid dresses from ebay brand new and made to fit for 43 quid each and were beautiful and cheap....Just be careful check out their feedback scores and messages of feedback before buying...Mine is princess style like jordans just not as big unfortunately not got a pic on the pc if i get one would show you...mine is a two piece dress skirt was from a bridal shop in st austell cornwall and bodice is from wedding days in cheltenham and the top is corset style ack boned and holds your bust up and skirt has 25 petticoats and netting and has diamontes spread across skirt, to me is huge to jordan prob be luck dress hunting...
  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    Go for what ever you like image, you only get one chance. You may be hot but your'll be stunning and wearing the dress of your dreams :\)

  • alexiaukalexiauk Posts: 255
    coming from malta I would think about the heat as a very important factor for august 07, before you get your dress this coming august start checking out weather conditions everyday and gage what it will be like,k chances of rain are zip but the heat and humidty can effect badly on a heavy dress especially with sleeves .. go for light, white and super airy .. you don't want sweat marks on your wedding day! image
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