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Marrying in South Of France - June 07!

Hi All,

I am new to the site, and have just been looking around the forums...This place is great, had no idea there were soooo many of us!

Anyway getting to the point; We are getting married in the Souh Of France, in a little town just outside Cannes, at the end of June. It's not long to go now, and just wondering if there are any of you out there with the same plan?

Would love to see what stage you are at, and swap tips and ideas.

We have just come back from our food tasting weekend. Ate so much! But was definitely worth it!

Our colours are ivory and brown, and the only thing i am really stuck on is flowers! :\?

But anyway, if you have a wedding abroad in June let me know!

It's so exciting isn't it!!image


  • ambereukambereuk Posts: 5
    Hi Juliejoo!

    I'm getting married 30th June in Capestang (near Narbonne) - and yes, it is reeeally exciting!!;\)

    I'm at the following stage: Booked church, reception venue, sorted food and drink and guest accommodation, sent invites (definitely happening then!) sorted my dress and veil, but no shoes - can't find any i like.... Sorted some of the documentation and religious stuff - i'm not a catholic so we had to go to a few sessions with a priest in london at the french church. Had my blood test and done solicitor form. Chosen vows but not readings. Need to sort transport, flowers, order of service...and probably a load more things not listed! It's a big ole job eh?!! Are either of you French? why did you choose near Cannes?

    Happy to share any knowledge/ideas I can! These wedding chats can be great for stealing ideas! image

    We're going to France this weekend, so I'm going to check out Bezier flower market - apparently you can get bunches made up there and all very cheap (especially compared to UK) Don't know about you - but we're doing things for about half the price of people I know getting married here - it's great - cos it's not cheap is it - this wedding businessimage Chat soon! Amber xx

  • Hi Amber,

    Sorry to only have seen your reply now!

    Thanks for the tip on the flower market, i will certainly try to check it out one weekend!! That's another good thing about getting married abroad, you get to go to the destinations every so soften for a weekend!

    Yes, i am half French and have family who live in a small town just outside of Cannes, i have been going there since i was born, and just love it there! What about you, are either one of you French?

    Sounds like you are quite well organised! I guess the blood tests are mandatory are they? I don't think we have to do them as we are having a 'legal' ceremony here first. Hmmm, i will look into it though, nothing worse than getting to the last minute and realising that you needed rto do something!

    So how was your weekend? Did you see any flowers in Beziers?

    Are you having your make up done by someone or just doing it yourself?

    Talk soon!

    Jules x

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