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Anyone decorated their veils themselves?

Desperatly need a veil or a tiny cost and wondered if it would be cheaper to decorate my own, need a floor length ivory one, with diamontes, crystals ect.

Any ideas on how to do this or has anyone done it.

Thankyou x


  • no, but i am going to. i want it with a thin black edge... and the ones to buy are insain prices, so going to do that on my own. As long as you feel confident to do it, then do it I say!
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    I've bought my cathedral length (plain) veil with a fine stitched edge from for £75 but am planning on embellishing it myself with swarovski crystal beads. I'm only having a scattering towards the tail end of the veil, but and going to spread it out on my dining tables, lay the crystals where I want them and just sew them on... If you feel up to the challenge then I think its entirely possible!

    Hollyandmatt - this lady will do pretty much any colour, so if you didn't want to try and edge the veil yourself I'm sure she could do it in black...
  • pheobeukpheobeuk Posts: 46
    I was thinking of getting one from ebay and putting the decoration on myself, but i havnt a clue where to get the decorations from or anything, i dont want it looking cheap but have to pay cheap prices!!

    The one i wanted was £240 in the shop then the woman said she can make one for £150 but thats still way too expensive, im thinking more in the lines of £30 and under lol

    Or is that unreasonable:\?
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    You can buy swarovski crystal beads from most bead shops - I can recommend both Bijoux Beads and the London Bead Shop and both do internet sales. I think for the length of the veil, even the plainest of veils will be £50+ due to the work that goes into edging it (unless you had just a plain cut edge?). You could easily decorate it cheaply though...
  • MillindraMillindra Posts: 38
    DO be carefully when sticking diamantes on or sewing crystals on. I have been practicing on my sister's old veil and I pulled the thread to tight where I sewed on a crystal and tore a hole in the veil oops! You can get a long Richard Designs veil with an edging for £50
  • MillindraMillindra Posts: 38
    Sorry didn't say where! You can get a Richard Design plain veil 108 length for £38 and a scalloped edge one (great for decorating) for £42
  • amunkushamunkush Posts: 109
    hi there i have a brand new veil with white satin edge if your interested... xx

    its floor lenghth and 2t... selling it on ebay name is carrie.james123

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