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Possibly a silly question but...decided to use the digital ovulation sticks this month as cycle is short and thought would be helpful to be more accurate. Anyway started testing day 8 and was negative (advises day 7 on pack but only bought them that evening), then managed to forget yesterday (oops - not very dedicated I know), but tested today (day 10) and was still negative. My question is could I have been positive yesterday and negative today, or does the hormone level stay up for a few days? Does that make sense? As only day 10 today guess I'm unlikely to have ovulated already (last cycle was 24 days) but your advice would be appreciated! Thanks x


  • LulubellukLulubelluk Posts: 324
    Whenever I have tested it stays positive for 2-3 days. Good luck
  • stuanddawnstuanddawn Posts: 332
    Thanks Lulubell! Nice to know I haven't completely missed it!
  • gemrobgemrob Posts: 52
    On standard strip tests most months I often miss my positve (where the test line is as dark or darker than the control line) so it can vary from person to person.

    I do get faint lines that get stronger during the build up which are offically negative results but useful as they warn you that the surge has started. You wouldn't see these with the digital tests as they just give a positive or negative result.

    As your cycle is only 24 days there is a chance you could have already ovulated so maybe only test for a couple more days and if you don't get a postive save the rest of the tests for next month. I OVd on cycle day 10 this month and my cycle is usually 26 days.

    One of my friends made a good suggestion to use the cheap strip tests so you can see the faint lines then use the digital test when the test line is looking like a postive.
  • stuanddawnstuanddawn Posts: 332
    Thanks still no positive although now day 12 - maybe cycle will be longer this month, was always a bit irregular. The idea of using the cheaper test strips is a good idea, digital kits are not cheap!
  • can I ask a question? Is cycle day 8 - 8 days after your last period started? Is that not really early to test if you don't ovulate till 14 days before next period due?
  • stuanddawnstuanddawn Posts: 332
    Hi Yes day 1 is first day of period. I was working on a 24 day cycle with ovulation therefore on day 10. The kit I used suggested starting to test day 7 on a 24 day cycle.
  • I suppose that's right. That would mean you were testing more or less immediatly after period finishes. h2b and me don't use contraception so I'm trying to avoid sex during fertile period.
  • Phoenix_05Phoenix_05 Posts: 174
    Which tests do you use? I know that you can get the pee sticks where there are 5 in the pack, and another make where there are 7 in the pack... Are there any where there are more in a pack and they are cheaper than the £20 for 5 that I've seen?
  • stuanddawnstuanddawn Posts: 332
    I used Clearblue digital - was 20 pounds for 7 sticks. And can't buy extra sticks, have to buy completely new kit. Did eventually get my smiley face though, on day 14! Don't know what my cycle is doing!
  • MangalitzaMangalitza Posts: 5,871
    i'm using the same sticks and i've found that they missed my first LH surge day. first response picked it up, though. i much prefer the first response sticks, as they give you a couple of lines to interpret. a first response positive, where the test line is as dark as the reference line, is not considered a positive result by clearblue. some women never get a very strong LH surge, even if they are ovulating. if i'd been relying on clearblue i would have missed most of the best time to BD.

    it does sound like you missed your surge, if your cycle is normally 24 days.

    best of luck ttc!

  • stuanddawnstuanddawn Posts: 332
    My cycle has been irregular since stopping the pill so hoping the sticks are right and I just had a longer cycle this month! But will try first response next month (if no good news this month!) as sounds like they may be more accurate. Thanks for the tip x
  • Ebay is great for that sort of stuff, you may not get all the fancy brand names and flash packaging but the contents are the same. Look for private listings - means they post in regular envelope and it doesnt show on your history/feedback etc Useful for people like me who gets everything delivered to work.
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