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Luggage Allowance. 2 weeks 2go. Anyone else worried?

Hi i fly to cyprus in 2 weeks with thomsons/first choice. There luggage allowance is normaly 23k and we have been given an extra 2k!!! There is 3 of us so all and all 75k in total.

I am talking Favours, table decor, presents, suits, shoes and holiday clothes. My dress IS coming on the plane with me in a dress bag. Can i do that as handluggage??? So worried i am going to be over or my cases going missing. Anyone else worried?


  • NatNatuk1NatNatuk1 Posts: 438

    Yes, I'm sure your dress would count as hand luggage. Why don't you call the airline to put your mind at rest?

    As I was reading your post, something came into my mind that I now need to check - I'm flying to Rome with BA business class for the outbound flight but after our honeymoon, we're flying economy. That's going to mess up our luggage allowance isn't it?!!

    Hope everything works out for you, RomaBride x
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