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I've just started taking Dianette to try and clear up my skin before my wedding on August 5th, just wondering has anyone else used Diannete and is between now and august enough time to notice any improvement?



  • lhenners28lhenners28 Posts: 191
    Hi ControlFreak,

    I started taking it about a year ago for my wedding in June. I hate to say it but it didn't make much difference to my skin at all. Have now switched back to my old pill (Ovranette) and my skin is the same.

    Sorry, that's not that helpful!
  • zoe1mzoe1m Posts: 216
    I was given Dianette about 8 years ago and used it for years. It takes about 2 months to see the full effect but it totally cleared up my skin which was bad. I get spots from stress and when I drink alchohol. If you know what causes your spots then avoid that and drink LOTS of water, I think you should see some difference wth Dianette, there is no better pill for skin problems and you have time.
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    I have taken Dianette, it works for most people but it wasn't strong enough for me. I took it alongside Minocin and the combination was much much more effective. I also took Roaccutane, which worked a treat but still have lapses even now. Give it 2 months and if it isn't almost clear by then, go back and ask the doc to add in some antibiotics - 6 weeks of Dianette and Minocin together and you will be sorted. If it managed to clear my skin up, I can guarantee it would clear yours!!!
  • yfynnyfynn Posts: 47
    Thanks for the replies ladies, I feel much better

    fingers crossed I get my skin sorted in time for the weddingimage
  • I was on Dianette for a year and it made my skin worse image But then again everyone is different.. my twin sister went on it the same time as me and we both suffered from bad skin and it cleared hers up after 3 months.. I think.

    I went on Roaccutane and it was the best thing that happened to me! My skin is clear most of the time 'touch wood' and I am Yasmin pill which has been keeping my skin clear for 2 years! I have suffered with awful skin for about 7 years and to keep my skin clear I only use organic skincare from BEST WEBSITE :\) I recommend the Kimberly Sayer Lemon moisturizer! 10/10! x

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  • emmavukemmavuk Posts: 81
    I've been on it for 2 years (unfortunately doctor is making me come off it next month as it is only recommended for 2 years due to risk of liver damage). It has worked really well for me and I'm a bit worried about coming off it. It took about 2 months to work but since the my skin has been the best it's ever been and my hair much less greasy. Hope it works for you too!
  • Mrs DMrs D Posts: 1,755
    I have to second what piggybride says you are only meant to take dianette for a short time as it can cause severe liver damage and other serious side affects.

    I had been on it 6 years and i had a new doctor that was disgusted that my previous physician hadnt taken me of it.

    It does clear up your skin it takes around 6 months to see a complete difference but do keep an eye out for other side affects i suffered awful depression with dianette and i put on over 2 stone but that couuld have been because i was on it so long.

    Piggybride when you do come off it try yasmin its a milder version of dianette and it seems to work for my skin and ive had no other side affects at all and ive been on it nearly 2 years now x x x
  • Henny_GeddesHenny_Geddes Posts: 3,559
    I think it varies from person to person. The first pill I used was Microgynon and I hated it but my friend had no problems on it. I took Dianette for about 6 or 7 years and I noticed an improvement quite quickly and I know another friend of mine at school did as well. I got taken off it though when I was about 22 as its not a pill you should take in the long term, my doctor told me it has been linked to liver damage or something like that. I'm now on Cilest and its fine, my skin is generally good with the occasional breakout on my back but I keep those at bay with regular scrubbing! I would give it a month and make sure you keep up a good cleansing routine as well as lots of water.
  • BrummieWifeBrummieWife Posts: 385
    I've been on dianette for a few years, I came off for a few months a while back- because I'd heard off others that it can lead to liver damage and because I don't want to rely on it forever. For a couple of months my skin stayed clear and I thought I'd eventually grown out of acne but it crept back. I went to my GP and he said that its either that or antibiotics- which give me awful stomach cramps- I was so fed up with my skin I went back on it. I'll stay on it- with a couple of breaks- until my wedding then I'll go to another GP because I need to find a long-term solution. You really forget how depressing and painful acne is when it's all clear

    : (
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I found it cleared the Acne but I came off it as i suffered severe depression, mood swings and weight gain.

  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    Im on dianette and have been for about 4 years now I think. I also took it for about 3 years when I was a teenager, but stopped taking it for a few years, unfortunately my acne came back and nothing else really worked

    My GP told me a while ago that if you dont have any problems with it you are ok to carry on taking it, Ive not been told I need to come off it and am happy to carry on taking it to be honest. Ive never had any side effects or problems with it and I have a pill check up with my nurse every 6 months
  • i cannot praise this tablet highly enough! it is the best thing in the entire world lol my skin was just shockin and by a few months not a single spot.i was a completely different person because it boosted my confidence so much.but then thats just me lol everyones different x
  • angel77ukangel77uk Posts: 96
    I've been on dianette for quite some time!! Doctor never been concerned really about how long I've been on it.Planning on coming off it soon though. It helped clear up my acne quite quickly. Yes I still get the occasional spot but I also use dalcin solution (prescription). Dab it on at the start of a spot appearing and it speeds up the clearing of them x
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