Pre-raphelite wedding dress

Hi all

first time posting on this board but I've just found my dream dress and have to waffle about it somewhere!

I'm just beginning to plan the big day, we're thinking of May 2011. At the moment we're thinking a small registry office wedding followed by a humanist wedding the next day. Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to get married outside and have come to the conclusion that this is probably the best way to do it!


  • DustyMothDustyMoth Posts: 1,528
    Oooh! That's gorgeous! It looks like something straight out of a John William Waterhouse painting!

    The closer I get to my wedding hte more wobbly I get about the style of dress I've chosen - I should so stop looking at all these gorgeous frocks!
  • What a beautiful and unusual dress - I particularly love the colour of the fabrics.

    I can just imagine how lovely the dress will look in an outside setting - good choice!

  • SpefflesSpeffles Posts: 363
    That's lovely. Very romantic!
  • willowytreewillowytree Posts: 190
  • Thanks for the replies! Because I don't have the confidence to wear something without straps I think the dress would be better with a proper bodice and asked my sister in law to be to work some photoshop magic, mixing the skirt of the dress with the bodice of another by the same designer.

    This was the result. The colours aren't quite right as I'm thinking of going for a dark red skirt but it's close enough!

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  • MrsMoslin2BMrsMoslin2B Posts: 710
    Your dress looks wonderful. And just perfect for your style of wedding
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    That's very beautiful and will look stunning. I am somewhat bias because it's similar in era and style to mine. I love all those style dresses, so very romantic. I was in need of sleeves and figured I'd make them a feature.

    As for marrying outside, sounds perfect. Home and Away is my afternoon guilty pleasure, and I have always loved their beach/countryside weddings. Always outside and so pretty. We have found our perfect venue that has french doors out into the garden and is basically right on the riverbed. Can't wait for the outdoorsy photos. It's the outside more than in that is the important part for us.:\)
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