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Soooooooo Pleased!

Had a fantastic hair and makeup trial today!

My hairdresser i normaly have knows me really well so I hardly had to tell her what i'm looking for! Going to have a loose curly up style, seen alot of these in mags and love the relaxed but pretty look it gives. You spend ages doing it but it looks simple!

Need to find some pins and pretty bits to pop in my hair now... Hmmmm... Any ideas girlys?!?!?

After my hair I popped into Bluewater and had an appointment with an artist my friend had for her wedding last year. I've been chatting to her via text and she seemed really lovely but was still a bit nervus going in, HATE those beauty halls!

Was being silly though, when I got there she was really lovely and made me feel at ease right away. She asked me loads of questions and looked at all the pics i bought with me, my colour scheme is gold and cream and wanted to go for those colours on my eays. She did say they may not enhance my eays as much as some other colours (her nice way of saying they are going to make you look terrible LOL) but said she woul put the colours on one eye so I could see... She was very right! Was really confussed after that so didnt really know what to go for. She chose pale gold and a really lovely bronze for me and they looked lovely! So glad she knew what she was doing! Wasnt gunna go for lashes because I think they can look a bit drag queen sometimes but she said that natural ones will enhance my eyes even more and look fab in pictures... damn her she was right again! BRIDES WE ALL NEED THESE INDIVIDUAL LASHES! They are amazing!

She said I can go back as many times as I like and not have to pay booking fees, we could just play with colours. Thought that was really nice as I think she knows im a bit of a control freak and need everything perfect!

defo going to book her, not very cheap but I dont care!

Going to put some pics up, hair ones you cant see because my hair is dark brown you cant see anything!

imageBut I need some advise on the makeup... Any changes do you think girls?!?!?


  • Sarah-LallySarah-Lally Posts: 195
    Ahhhhh, how do you put pictures on?!?!?!?!?:\?
  • anng91anng91 Posts: 2,130
    Are they saved to photo bucket or something similar?
  • Sarah-LallySarah-Lally Posts: 195
    Oh god... whats a photo bucket?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • anng91anng91 Posts: 2,130
    If you save them to photobucket or likewise you then right click over the photo and copy the URL where it says 'properties'.

    Then come back to this site and click 'post reply' instead of 'quick reply' then click img then paste what you just copied and then img again.

  • Sarah-LallySarah-Lally Posts: 195
    I am so crap at this, cant do it!!! thanks for trying to help me Anng!

    Can you see that pic ok? What you think?

  • Sarah-LallySarah-Lally Posts: 195
    Ive got one of just my eye 2!
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