Acne/Spot scarring

Hi ladies,

I have a wee while until my wedding but I'm looking for general advice.

I have had troublesome skin since my late teens and it still flares up quite bad when it's my 'time of the month'. I'm not troubled by too many new spots these days, more the scarring that's been left behind after the past few years of various harsh treatments (I mean supermarket type stuff which left my skin very dry, tight and sore) and unfortunately (and I warn you because its gross!!) squeezing.

Can anyone suggest any products for helping to reduce the scarring and redness? I have quite big pores across my cheeks and this, along with my chin, is where most of the scarring is.

Thanks in advance, if I knew how to do it I'd upload some pics so you can see what I mean xx


  • mojobellmojobell Posts: 255
    Micro dermabrasion or a mild peel would help with your scaring x
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Either Futurtech Acne treatments of face peels. I'm in the middle of a course of face peels and so far so good x
  • I went to my doctor earler this year about spots and scarring, most of mine happens on my chin and has left scarring and red marks. Not too bad but without concealer over them you can def notice.

    He put me on a special antibiotic to combat any further spots and reduce the scarring, ive been on them about 6 weeks now, and have actually noticed a bit of an improvement. Only thing is, u can be on them upto a year or so depending on how they work for each individual, but aswell as the antibiotic, he changed my pill back to dianette, saying taking both together would have an extra strenth effect. I was to go back after 8 weeks to see how i was getting on and poss get a repeat perscription.

    I'd advise going to your GP and asking about this.
  • picklemonsterpicklemonster Posts: 160

    I have a few scars on my face, they almost look like large pores. I find if I put clinique instant perfector on them under makeup they virtually disappear. The cream lasts ages and costs about £12. I've also just tried the apri microdermabrasion cream from boots. About £7 but def got rid of the layer of dead skin (Yuk). xx
  • MarriedNow123MarriedNow123 Posts: 602
    Thanks girls, thats great advice, i'll definately look into some of those things. I've heard about the face peels etc before but i'f there are creams etc that may help to reduce the scarring without needing to go down that route i'd probably try that first x
  • KatharynKatharyn Posts: 17

    Do you still have a problem with scarring? If yes, you can try microdermabrasion, All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream, or just go to your dermatologist and ask them what's the best treatment for your problem. You can even use a special foundation if you run out of options.

  • Look into The Ordinary skincare products!! Their stuff is VERY well priced, and really works. 

    if you use the Deciem website, you can email them your skincare issues and they will tell you the best products. 

    As they all have their scientific names i know it can look overwhelming but i promise you its worth taking some time to sit and figure out!

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