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Kids Favours??

sahpgasahpga Posts: 213
Im having a kids table with about 9 kids ranging from 5 to 14 yrs. Do i give them favours and if so what do i give them, money is getting tight so i dont want to spend loads i thought of sweets but then with a crazy day and the choccie fountain at night and not to mention the free juice i think they will be sugared up enough.

I thought of wee coloring packs (not quite as nasty as the ones restaraunts give) but thought the older ones wouldnt really appreciate that.

Anyone else had this dilema.. or should i just not bother with the favours for them?


  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    id go with a few little sweets an a organza bag, 5 sweets wont make much difference unless you have a v hypo kid
  • sahpgasahpga Posts: 213
    thanks, x
  • mrstams2bmrstams2b Posts: 93
    I'm getting mine colouring packs - you can get uber cheap ones from The Works (which i did) they do disney princess/thomas/other branded items for really cheap prices. and im also going to get them some sweets and put them in the same things my favours are going into so they dont feel left out.

    The colouring books will hopefully keep them entertained.

  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    Hiya, I'm toying with the idea of a kid's table, I did read somewhere about putting a paper cloth on that table so they can draw on it with crayons etc, sweet idea but I thinki the finished look of it would drive me mad! I'm thinking little puzzles, lego set or something from pound land would work well and keep them entertained, maybe even a little magic set... I think we're also going to borrow some of the big garden games from the school I work at like giant jenga, connect 4 and snakes and ladders.... knowing my lot the adults will enjoy them too! hope that helps, get to pound land, you be amazed! x
  • linch2blinch2b Posts: 247
    Hey , we also have quite a few kids coming, they are a range of ages too - We have got them activity boxes filled with toys, books and colouring stuff they are great . we got them from and they are brilliant . got all the kids the "handy smile" boxes which were sweet and got each of our 4 bridesmaids larger "giggle" boxes, You can order them in the colour to suit your scheme and can have them personalised with their names on. They came really quickly and very pleased with them.

    Hope this helps!

    L x

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  • Page19ukPage19uk Posts: 199
    My brother had a kids table. Rather than individual goodie bags, the table had various colouring items on it, stcker books went down well. also Tesco had in their kids party bag section some trivia cards & joke cards (suitable for say 5 -10 year olds). i think you got 4 for a £1, they went down well. HTH

    Magic sets would be good. Maybe also put a list of quiet games they could play at the table eg I went to the shops etc, that way all ages can play.

    I would say don't put sweets on the table, they will be gone before the food comes out.
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