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Gift list help

abelukabeluk Posts: 7

We are looking for a gift list where guests can buy experiences for our honeymoon and contribute towards it too.

Does anyone know of a reliable and secure company that offers this online - I am a bit worried about people transferring money into something that is basically an account (that could go bust or collapse at any time)

Any help is appreciated



  • Hi, we went with bottom drawer. You can set up anything from household things from high street stores to cash donations towards things for your honeymoon-we've put things like sunset boat trips etc. And you can split up high prices items into groups of say £10 to make it more affordable. Its a one off fee, then if people spend over a certain amount on affiliated stores you get it refunded back. Its was the best one after days of research as you dont get huge charges from Paypal. You should check your insurance covers your gift list too-remember Wrap it, only one company covered that chaos!
  • abelukabeluk Posts: 7
    thanks so much, bottom drawer sounds good so I'll check it out. Appreciate your help! x
  • abudukabuduk Posts: 565
    we are using The cheapest I have found and they are really flexible
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