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Nails done in cyprus or at home

Hi not sure if i should have my nails done at home or whilst in cyprus we fly out on the19th aug but dont get married till the 28th what do you think xx


  • ejay180ejay180 Posts: 192
    Hi NAT1979 i have been in the smae situation for weeks, we fly out the 12th july and get married the 16th july.

    I have took the plunge after looking at the price of nails over there, and am having mine done the day before i fly at home. but i will book to have a pedicure on the day of my wedding when i arrive in cyprus

    EJay x
  • MrsHardingtobeMrsHardingtobe Posts: 2,111

    Personally I'm going to have mine done when I get there - there are hundreds of salons there - you'll find one very easily and they'll look all shiny and new for the big day

  • I had mine done when i was there at a nail spa and they were brilliant, all my bridesmaids had theirs done too. We all had a file and french manicure polish with little diamond bits down one finger and it only cost 15 euros. The nails lasted all holiday and even on my photos when you see the rings on the flowers, everyone says how nice they looked and they were my own nails!
  • tescacytescacy Posts: 18
    Hi, check out

    Beauty Nail by Shudi Lazarou. Is a Professional Mobile Nail Technicians in Paphos

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  • pink_rulezpink_rulez Posts: 41
    Im having this problem at the mo as i fly on the 9th sep and don't get married till the 18th i was planning on getting them done b4 i go but after reading the positive comments im re thinking my decision thanks for the advise x
  • MrsMoMrsMo Posts: 120
    Nails Inc now do a 3 week manicure/ Everlasting polish which really lasts 3 weeks or more. It is expensive but the reults are great. Not sure if any other company is offering it yet. I know it uses Biosculpture gel.
  • I'd highly recommend getting them done over there, especially when you are there quite a while before the wedding.

    Going in and out of the pool wrecks them and its not too pricey over there if you shop around.


  • trazzeruktrazzeruk Posts: 124
    Definitely definitely get them done out there, that's what I did, had a little pampering the day b4 the wedding and then there all nice and new, Ive also heard chlorine and sun cream can wreck them.

  • bushbaby1982bushbaby1982 Posts: 339
    I did mine beforehand and it was so hot over there the varnish sort of thickened so it went from pale shell coloured to looking like pink tippex! Would recommend having it done whilst over there, no earlier than the night before!
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