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Anyone want a ttc buddy


we have been trying for a baby for 4 years and ive just been diagnosed with PCOS.... feeling pretty defeated wondered if anyone fancied a buddy to talk to


  • beccasearlebeccasearle Posts: 808
    Hi MrsHolder_2B, we have been trying since we got married 4 months ago, and i have literally just been diagnosed with PCOS. I could really do with someone who is going through the same emotions as me right now.

    The only reason they checked so early for me is becuase of previous complications. I felt so low when i first found out, however i have heard so many stories from the lovel ladies on here about people with PCOS and on both ovaries who have plenty of babies. Keep your chin up, just means more BDing!

  • stephenswifestephenswife Posts: 340
    My Daughter was dianosed with PCOS too and she was devastated as she loves children. That was 6 years ago and now her 3 children that she wasnt meant to have are being my flowergirls and pageboy in Dec !! aed 5,3 and 2 !! follow your dream girl !! and ood luck x
  • beccasearlebeccasearle Posts: 808
    hi therapygirl, Thats fantastic news to hear about your daughter, just being nosey, how old is she?! I was so upset when i first found out but hearing all these stories has really helped. I do also think a big part of it is that you relax as a couple and dont worry yourselves about having kids because you think it will take you a long time. Im only 23 and husband is 24 so we know we are both still young as well!

  • angelmccannangelmccann Posts: 728
    Hi MrsHolder 2be..... i sympathise with you i really do.

    We've been tto for nearly 4 years too and i've got pcos,i'm sorry but i don't have any magic wordsto help you but if you want to chat over email feel free to email me through the email button.

    i was actually diagnosed with this before we started ttc,so i've already had quite a bit of treatment,i'm off to the docs today to ask about a wheat free diet as i've heard this can affect things!

    i'll post on here when i get back and let you know what i've been told x

  • kayla3570kayla3570 Posts: 865
    Hello Ladies, i have PCOS and was happy to go through anything they offered that might help. I started on Metformin and was fine for a while but i had to stop due to side effects. I have another appointment next week and after being diagnosed with Crest Syndrome, i have to use this appointment to start the hysterectomy? process. I'm seriously gutted about it but apparently the treatments i will need are not compatible with PCOS treatment image

    I'll be throughly discussing the pro's and con's but just wanted to wish you all good luck xx
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