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How old were you when you had your first baby?

If you dont mind me asking of course? I dont mean to be rude, its just me and my h2b are both 26, and we are getting married at christmas. The original plan was to start trying after my best friends wedding next summer, but h2b has decided he wants to train to become a teacher so we are going to have to give up our house and move in the with inlaws for 10 months whilst he trains. It means Im going to have to put off having my first baby, which to be honest, I am devestated about. I will be at least 28 when we start trying, any one got a story to share that might make me feel better?


  • MrsShrekhamMrsShrekham Posts: 518
    This will make you feel better.... image

    Hubby is 35 and I am 37, 38 on the 29th of Dec and I'm due on the 27th!!!!!

    So, if baby decides to have a lie in for a couple of days, guess what I'll be doing on my birthday lol answer to your question lol I'll be 37/38 xx
  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
    Congratulations Mrs P, and Princess71 you have made me feel much better, thank you! Your baby is due on my wedding day!! Congrats xx
  • elley20elley20 Posts: 246
    i was 18 when we had our first,

    but ,my mum was 39 when she had my youngest brother. xx
  • Fay27Fay27 Posts: 1,323
    I'm 28 and H2B will be 30 next month. We're planning on starting to try for a baby in two years' time (hopefully save some money and get a few holidays out of our system first before we get tied down!) so even if we get pregnant straight away (unlikely) I'll be 30 and he'll be 32

  • MrsShrekhamMrsShrekham Posts: 518
    Good luck with the wedding Glitter and enjoy married life xx
  • I was 21 with my first.

    24 with my 2nd.

    And 27 with my 3rd.

  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    I was 25, nearly 26 when I had my twins. However, they were a surprise - we had originally intended to have children about now (and would have married sooner than 3 weeks ago...). Probably would like another, but not for a couple of years.
  • aug2010brideaug2010bride Posts: 1,448
    i was 18 when i had my first, 23 when i had my second.we get married next aug i will be 28 and h2b will be 30 and im really thinking about having my third just after the wedding.....honeymoon baby
  • RhianJRhianJ Posts: 142
    I am pregnant with our first baby which is due in February. I will be 29 and my husband will be 30. We got married in April and decided to start trying straight away, it took us 2 months. Hope this helps x
  • mandybopsmandybops Posts: 41
    I am pregnant with my first I am 22 and my hubby is 24!!

    Was a little surprise as we had planned to wait another year or two but delighted!

    I dont think 28 is old for starting to try and at least your H2b will have fufilled his teaching dream.

  • Sammy148ukSammy148uk Posts: 91
    I was 35 when I had my son and hoping for another next year - I'm 38 now, so will be 39.
  • PopsyDiddlesPopsyDiddles Posts: 303

    I was 22 when I had my first.. 24 with second and now 30 and pregnant with third...

    My sister was 30 when she had her first.

    My mum was 30 when she had my sister and 36 when she had me.

  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
    Thank you for all of your replies, its nice to see there is a range of younger and older mummies to be out there! One of the ladies I work with had her babies at 30 and 34 and was treated disgracefully by the doctors and nurses who considered her to be too old - although that was 30 years ago, when I listened to her story it scared me.

    I think the hardest thing is that I have never been maternal or even thought I wanted kids until recently, its like ive come over all funny. Im the oldest of 27 grandchildren and I have babysat for practically all of my cousins from the age of 13 - It always put me off because I spent my teenage years looking after the puky, stinky little things and watching my mum and aunties get fat and then diet like mad women, as well as try and juggle careers and motherhood - I always thought they were mental - who would want to put themselves through that? Now all of a sudden I do, its so weird, its like my insides are tingling and I keep dreaming that Im pregnant and then get disapointed when I wake up and dont have a bump! Now I have to wait, and I know its the right thing to do for my h2b, but its hard.

    Anyway, I have rambled far more than nessacary!! Thanks to all who posted xx
  • i am 27 and expecting my first... hubby is 34 xx
  • I have a little girl who is just 2, had her when i was 21, we are getting married in August and i would love another one soon after.

    Some people dont believe shes mine...(See avatar pic, thats us last year on hols!)

    Have a nephew who is 5 months and my daughter absolutely loves the bones of him...

    Dont be worried about the age thing, im sure youll be a yummy mummy whatever age you are...

  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    i was 20 when i had my 1st and 22 when i had my 2nd, there now 15 and 13.
  • laurabelle86laurabelle86 Posts: 134
    Hia i was 19 when i had my first, and 21 when i had my 2nd. They are 3 and 1. I come from a large family and my baby brother is 5! Lol xxx
  • ST3PHukST3PHuk Posts: 284
    is was 20 with my first

    22 with second

    23 with third

    concidering another not too sure if id cope lol,h2b would like another boy but like i pointed out you can't choose what ou get haha,
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    I was 16 with my 1st,

    21 with my second,

    24 with my 3rd,

    and Ive just turned 26 and had my 4th last week! xxxx
  • I'm like u glitterbug would like to start trying soon afer we get married but the sensible thing to do for us is to wait and save and pay of a few debts! i'm 26 now and think i will be 28 wen we start trying. it will come round so quivk though especilly if u set urself a goal of saving or getting you and hubby ready so u can have more time off when the time comes. that what i am focusing on!
  • I was 19 when i first concieved with my Fiance but i miscarried at 14 weeks :\(, Had a Little boy at age 20 and now he's 16 month's old. I would love to have another 2 children when i'm older, But have to wait until we have saved up enough money to put down a deposit on our own house, bored of renting now! It's taking ages! but as soon as we have our own mortgage sorted and we are both settled we will try for baby No.2! I'd have another 2moro if i could just win the lotto!! image
  • I was 19 when I had my first and 23 when I had my second.

    My h2b wants us to stop now, and enjoy it when we're older, our childless friends will be tied down with newborns and ours will be old enough to look after temselves a bit.

    I don't see it like that, and would like another around age 30.

    Didn't plan to be a young mum first time, but had second as wanted them to be somewhat close in age!
  • I was 20 when I had my daught (2 weeks from 21) We had planned her as I was living with my H2B since I was 18, we both work, me from homw so it works perfectly, I dont think it matters how young or old you are it matters if its right, ps a word of advice , you will never have enought money on paper for a baby, if you plan to save you will never save enough, sometimes you just need to take the plunge and take everyday as it comes! xxx
  • bouncy35ukbouncy35uk Posts: 1,416
    i was 20 and h2b was 32 when our son was born.

    maybe going to try again after the wedding for our second. i would be 23 and h2b 35
  • catemullencatemullen Posts: 91
    I was 19 when I had my daughter, who is now nearly 18, I really wished I had a few more years life experience before I had her, My sister and friend were both 32 when they had their first and got treated brilliantly by all nurses and midwife, x
  • I'm 30 and just planning my 1st
  • jessieocjessieoc Posts: 13
    I was 22 when my first son was born. And 26 with my second son. And hoping to have my third when I'm 30. I quite like the 4 year age gap.
  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    I was 21 with my first 22 with my second.

    I am now 30 and trying for no 3.
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    H2b and I are planning to start trying when I am 28ish (I am 24 just now)

    I still need to establish myself in my career, we want to travel first and build our own house.

    I think we will probably end up waiting until I am 30 tbh as I don't think we will get it all done in 3 years lol.

    MIL2B is appalled at the idea of me being 30 when I have my first child but I don't want one before then.

  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    i was 19 with my first and 21 with my second. we're not planning on anymore for a while! my mum was 42 when she had me.
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