Hurting !!

I need a moan...I just rang my so called best friend and I just wanted to hear something nice and all she said was oh you are so f....... sensative !! but I am getting marries in Dec to the man of my dreams. I knew that he once met a Canadina woman and he was going to move there but changed his mind at the last minute - this was many years ago , long before I knew him.

However, last year on his birthday he told me that she had e mailed him an e card sending him loads of love on his He told her that he couldnt keep in touch with her anymore as we had met and he wanted to be with me.

Today I am deleting old stuff off the pc and what do I find? 205 e mails off her stating how much she loves him and not to get wed!! he was replying to these when we first got together but then he wasnt. But what hurt me was he said the same things to her as he says to me and I just feel second best...he says to me 'I love you buckets' and he said it to her.....and so much more he has said the same things. I am so hurt! I know its the past but just to see him writing stuff to her that he does to me. Alhtough he is not in touch with her now she is still e mailing him!! so when I rung my friend I just wanted a bit of T L C over the phone but I got a gobfull off her and Im just sat here staring into bloody space !! I feel like second best and sooooo hurt.

Anyone else ever had this dilema?:\(


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    Hi hun

    so sorry to hear this. Never been in this situation but just wanted to say tht you might be better posting this in the "Emotional Support" section.

    There are loads of girls on go on there that are really helpful. You might get advice or replies you need/want from there hun.

    Good Luck

  • Hey chick one thing to remember HE CHOSE YOU! Lol so smile and think how much he loves you and how perfect your wedding will be... forget about Canadian hussy (as she will now be known) and enjoy the happy life you have with H2B x
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