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Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone fancies sharing their name ideas?

We love William for a boy, but are struggling with a middle name - any ideas for a name that goes with William?

and we love Ella Jayne for a little girl

Carly xxxx



  • RhianJRhianJ Posts: 142
    Hi Carly,

    We have a William in our family and his middle name is Lewis.

    We like Daniel Ellis for a boy or Olivia Jayne for a girl.

    Rhian - 9+5
  • mrsg2b_2010mrsg2b_2010 Posts: 1,259
    Its so hard deciding on names, Our little girl is called Brooke Lee-Anna (my h2b is Lee and my name is Anna) and our little boy is Aidan Lee-Taylor! Dont kno why but e just liked the double barrled middle names!!

    William James is nice, Or William michael!

  • lauramc3105lauramc3105 Posts: 462
    i like aaron for a boy!
  • Stacey2017Stacey2017 Posts: 420
    We are having Jack Christopher for a boy (Christopher is H2Bs name) or Jack Sol (my H2B wants Sol after Sunderlands football ground Stadium of Light :\( )

    We like Niamh for a girl but cant think of a middle name to go with it yet :\?

  • lauramc3105lauramc3105 Posts: 462
    i love the name rose for a girl!
  • bride2b86bride2b86 Posts: 302
    Mrs Pinder my son is called Jack Christopher (his daddys name is christopher too!!) just had to share.

    For our little bean we like the name georgie for boy and sophie for girl
  • HowExcitedHowExcited Posts: 537
    We are having William James for a boy, and if LO is a girl either Hermione, Amelia or Eloise - can't decide!!
  • lushloobylushlooby Posts: 312
    We will be having Ethan James for a boy and Imogen Louise for a girl! Some lovely names ladies - long way to go yet though so we are bound to change our minds at some point!! x
  • jessieocjessieoc Posts: 13
    My first born is Jack Ray. And my 7 week old is Sonny Andrew (h2b is Andrew) But we call him Sonny Drew.
  • Stacey2017Stacey2017 Posts: 420
    bride2b86 NOW Married! We have good taste then image

    Sophie is on our extra list if Junior comes out a girl & doesnt look like a Niamh. Still really stuck on a middle name that would go with it :\?

  • LCbride2beLCbride2be Posts: 445
    riley or kenzi for a boy or Jaden for a girl
  • bellbeebellbee Posts: 413
    If we have a girl we are calling her Isla Grace. If we have a boy he will be Joseph Mason.

  • tanyadmtanyadm Posts: 53
    As yet undecided, but possible Daniel Aidan for a boy or Jessica Lily for a girl. Not very original, but good long-lasting names that they won't get bullied at school for! And we have auntie Jessies on both sides of the family. Our surname is Rhodes.

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  • We've chosen Henry James for a boy (james is hubbys name) and if its a girl Olivia Flora (Flora was my hubbys Nana's name) xx
  • marley-moomarley-moo Posts: 115
    Such loverly names!

    Me and h2b would love Daisy or Tiffany for a girl but we havent got any boy names just yet! xx
  • MrsShrekhamMrsShrekham Posts: 518
    Our little man is going to be Dylan James

    We both love the name Dylan and James is hubbys middle name

    Lisa 18+3 xx
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