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I'm worried!

Hi Ladies,

It has suddenly just dawned on me that i am not showing many symptoms of pregnancy....i have very sore breasts, have been having slight abdominal cramps, been teary and snappy, but i havent had any morning sickness which is worrying me.

Someone at work has just said that morning sickness indicates a healthy pregnancy, so now im panicking and thinking something is wrong...

Am i being silly?





  • Stez24Stez24 Posts: 332
    Hi Carly, I am the same as you (I'm 9+3) and have very few symptoms apart from sore (.) 's and tiredness and have only been sick once, I keep reading that symptoms can start to wear off at this stage so I'm hoping everything is ok as I dont have my scan until the 12th August which seems so long to wait. I also have a very flat stomach too - how about you? x

  • carlym1985carlym1985 Posts: 625
    Oh - my tummy is huge!! but its just bloated at the moment and im finding it hard to go to the toilet!! sorry if TMI!!

    My scan isnt until 17th Aug - it seems so long to wait!

    I know there is a baby in there because i had an emergency scan at 6 weeks and they saw a heartbeat, so things were great then.

    I had a friend that had a missed miscarriage and found out at her 12 week scan, so i am so scared of this happening to me.

  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    Symptoms vary from lady to lady and from week to week. I for example started off with cramps and sore boobs and then that developed into feeling sick and exhaustion. This week im sore boobed, exhausted and feeling sick.... oh and heart burn.

    None of the symptoms are more special or more indicative of a healthy baby. They, and among a whole list of other symptoms, are the way your body indvidually responds to the hormones surging round your body.

    Some women are utter bitches and dont get ANY symptoms at all...... but they still have a baby 9 months later.

    Worry not. Trust your body.
  • cath77ukcath77uk Posts: 260
    Morning sickness does not = healthy pregnancy (nor does it = unhealthy pregnancy!) My sister never had any morning sickness and has two gorgeous boys. I have not felt sick or been sick once and am now 12+6. I had my scan today and baby was kicking and wiggling around like mad!

    Every pregnancy is different. My only symptom is extreme tiredness!

  • nikkiloouknikkiloouk Posts: 198
    Hi carlyjayne

    Please don't worry babe I have found throughout my pregnancy people just couldn't hekp tell me horror stories.every pregnancy diff babe and just enjoy no morning sickness

    N x. X x
  • carlym1985carlym1985 Posts: 625
    Thanks ladies - you have put my mind at rest.....i will try not worry now!

    Good luck with your pregnancies xxx
  • I was told an old wives tale about morning sickness and it seems to be true as far as my 2 children are concerned! They say that if you dont have morning sickness and a pretty easy pregnancy your baby will be far more content which was true I had a really easy pregnancy with my 1st and he has been an absolute angel since birth and he is now 4! My 2nd made me sick as a dog and low and behold hes a little terror and has caused me stress since birth! Bless him. So hopefully this will be true for you too!
  • if you are worried you could contact your gp or the early pregnancy assessment unit at your hospital they will do a scan may have to be internal tho as less than 12 wks !x
  • Stez24Stez24 Posts: 332
    I rang my midwife this morning and she said I could have a scan next Tuesday if I wanted but then my 11 week one would be cancelled, which is the one DH is coming to with me, so I dont know what to do now! I wanted to check everything was ok before going to the scan with him..
  • gemoliviagemolivia Posts: 592
    2 very healthy children and no morning sickness ever.... i counted myself very lucky lol
  • tanyadmtanyadm Posts: 53
    Really don't worry - everyone is different and you'll be fine.

    I'm envying the no sickness though!

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