Implanan removal

Does anyone know how long it takes for your periods to return after getting implanan implant removed?


  • emmakiukemmakiuk Posts: 56
    I had mine taken out in May and have had 2 periods since. x
  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    I took 4 weeks for mine to return xx
  • sharlotteuksharlotteuk Posts: 175
    Thanks for your replies. I had mine out 2 weeks ago and for some reason I just assumed it would return straight away. I've read things on other sites about people not having their period for 6 months. So I glad it didn't take you long as we are wanting to wait for period to return before TTC. Thanks again.
  • betsygrubbetsygrub Posts: 145
    I had mine removed 1st Sept, and had first period on 28th, so 27 days and was regular on that until BFP on 19th Dec.

    Bets XxX

  • alexlazarusalexlazarus Posts: 116
    I had mine removed on the 6th of July and AF arrived yesterday - quite a relief to know that everything works normally! My doctor did say that it can take some time to arrive though - it mainly depends on where you had AF (or AF like stuff!) whilst Implanon was in
  • sharlotteuksharlotteuk Posts: 175
    sorry not really sure what all the initials mean AF, BFP?
  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    AF is Aunt Flo (period) and BFP is Big Fat Positive (positive pregnancy test) you will prob also see BFN which is Big Fat Negative, there are loads more but my mind has decided it's tired so I can't think of any! Lol xx
  • sharlotteuksharlotteuk Posts: 175
    Thank you so much, would never have figured AF out at all! Well I just need to wait for my AF before we can ttc hopefully it won't take long!
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