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What do you think about sorbet courses?

flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
Hello everyone

Just wondered if anyone one is having a sorbet course with their wedding breakfast? It is listed as an "optional extra" at our venue, and I am thinking about having it. Are they normal things to have??!! I've never seen them at any weddings I've been to, but then I've only been to about 2 in the last 10 years! Any comments much appreciated! :\)



  • TulipBrideTulipBride Posts: 3,966
    Um... I've never been to a wedding where they've been served either!

    Does it bump up the price much? Three courses with bread and drinks is quite alot already so I guess it would come down to budget.

    Another consideration is would having an extra course impact on any of your timings? Most 3 course wedding breakfasts with the speeches etc.. take between 2-3 hours so extra course/s will need longer.
  • ChannaukChannauk Posts: 1,117
    It s just to clear the pallete ready for the next course. It really is not necessary and most people only take a bit or two anyway. Does make it seem posher / upper class in some cases !

    Depends on what you want !
  • sdk107sdk107 Posts: 567
    It's quite an outdated tradition, to be honest I didn't even know people still offered them! It's designed to clense the pallet between two more savoury courses but I don't think anyone would worry if it wasn't included!
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    Budget and timing isn't an issue, and I do quite fancy having it - just don't want to come across as stuffy or "posher / upper class" as Channa suggested!!
  • Solo_BeckettSolo_Beckett Posts: 310
    Personally I would not bother...

    I am having 4 courses but want a soup in addition to the starter
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    I love sorbet, but it might push people over the edge in terms of being really full. If you want it, have it! If I was presented with it I would eat it and I wouldn't think it was stuffy at all! I
  • wend206wend206 Posts: 101
    We are having one , it was included in the menu we chose at our venue and i thought it would be nice in august to have something cold and refreshing , though on checing the weather may have to change it to a cup a soup xxx
  • kshearinkshearin Posts: 883
    I think it depends what you're serving...we had a fish course before the meat course so it was good to have a lemon sorbet in between to get rid of the fishy taste. I think it was appreciated by the guests.
  • YellowbugukYellowbuguk Posts: 155
    If you want in then Id go for it image

    Ask to try their champagne sorbet.....I have some from marshfield farm and it is yyyyuuuuummmmmmmyyyyyyyy, I would definetly recomend it as a flavour
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    Thanks for all the replies - I think I will properly discuss it with the venue when we go for our menu tastings in a couple of weeks. It's an extra £1.95 per person for the sorbet, so not really going to break the bank. I think one of my main reasons for wanting it is that I am getting married at the same venue as my cousin who got married there last year and it is likely, based on our choices so far, that we will be having a similar, but not quite identical, menu to choose from. She didn't have the sorbet course, so if I do it just makes the day seem a bit more individual to us and different to what hers was! Silly I know, but I do want it to feel a bit different as half the guests will have been to her wedding too!
  • BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048

    I'm deffo having it as a trio of apple, pear & champagne!

  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    These are our flavours to choose from:

    Green Apple with Apple Crisp

    Grapefruit & Orange with Candied Peel

    Champagne Sorbet with Cassis Syrup

    Raspberry & Strawberry Sorbet with Fresh Raspberries & Strawberries

    Lemon & Plymouth Gin

    I am definitely liking the sound of the champagne and cassis, would also like the lemon but h2b can't stand the gin that would be in with that one! Too many bad experiences at uni with the gin .... image

    Glad to hear that the sorbet course is not totally unheard of - you have convinced me that we'll have it!! Thanks! xx

  • ChannaukChannauk Posts: 1,117
    Sorry i mean or want you to think it i was a saying it as a bad thing. I dont think it comes over stuffy - i was more more trying to say if it fits into your overall day,. If money and time is not an issue and you want it go for it ! xxx
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    I didn't think you meant it as a bad thing Channa! What you said had been in the back of my mind anyway, which is why I posted on here! Just didn't want people to think I was "trying" to be posh! Not that I think people would really think that anyway! xxx
  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    i really like it and thnk if you can afford it and it wont affect your timings its a really nice thing to have

    id go for either the Champagne Sorbet with Cassis Syrup or the Green Apple with Apple Crisp

    think the champers would work best over all tho
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    My second choice is the Green Apple! Definitely want to see the Champagne one for first option! xx
  • feeona123feeona123 Posts: 570
    i want sorbet - i love sorbets! it all depends on how much the venue put the prices up next year to whether or not we can afford it!
  • mrscraig2010mrscraig2010 Posts: 500

    I think sorbet course is a great idea - its not the kind of thing you usually get with a meal ( I've certainly never had on ebefore!) and sorbet is so light, and the portion will be tiny, that I dont think it will make people any more full - will just add a nice clean fresh flavour between courses.

    From your list I personally would choose lemon and gin - but gin is an acquired taste so defo the champagne image

    We're having granny smith apple sorbet with calvados syrup between our salmon and lamb courses.

    Enjoy! image xxxx
  • aerofineaerofine Posts: 77
    We are having sorbet. Our menu includes after the starter a soup course but we are changing it for Pink Champagne sorbet at no extra cost.
  • leighh5leighh5 Posts: 1,439
    we are having image x
  • twt09twt09 Posts: 1,554
    we are having this, my mum loved sorbet and so do I!!
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