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Married a week and happier than ever!

I'm so excited. We got married last friday (the 13th!) and I must say whoever said that friday the 13th is an unlucky day was talking rubbish. It was an amazing day.

The wedding itself was it a church in a village called bunny in Nottingham where my hubby is from. I cried myself down the aisle like a little girl but was reassured when my then h2b pointed out that my sister was crying more than me! That just made me cry even more. The emotion of seeing all of your family and friends together is so overwhelming it's the best feeling ever. My grandma wrote and read a reading which made the service even more special knwoing she'd wrote it for us. The vicar has even asked her if he can use the reading at another wedding he's conducting.

After the wedding we went back to the reception venue in an aston martin convertable, it messed my hair up (see head and shoulders shot of me on the photographers pics, what is going on with my fringe?!) I was lovely and warm but Hubby in the back without the heated seats turned up with a very windswept look. The reception was at Scalford Hall in Melton mowbray and they were so hospitable and the food was amazing. I barely touched any though through a mixture of adrenaline and being rushed of my feet mingling!

The evening do was immense, wish I had drank less though as I did feel a little rough the next day but had a brilliant time dancing away with our family and friends. The highlight of the evening do had to be my sister requesting the dj to play Tiffany, I think we're alone now. I think we pretty much cleared the dancefloor with our dance routine!

Anyway, I wish the day had gone on for another 12 hours as it was thes best day of my life (cheesy but hey, who cares)

Here is the photogarphers website if you go to client area then click on gemma and rob and let me know what you think!


  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    Wow! They are gorgeous! You look beautiful. Specially love the ones of you sat on the red carpet (outside?) Really like your bm's dresses. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing them with us. xx
  • rmacukrmacuk Posts: 663
    congratulations!!! what a beautiful wedding and I loved your photos!

    Enjoy being a newly wed image
  • Yeh the red carpet was outside. I felt so important! It was overcast all day but the sun came out when it came to the photos!
  • lilaclucelilacluce Posts: 648
    Congratulations! The photos are beautiful, and I love the colour scheme, its stunning, and your hair is gorgeous - might have to show your pic to my hairdresser as I'd like mine something like that!

  • Thanks! Yeh I loved my hair, it was highly amusing trying to find all of the hair grips out of it before going to bed! I think I'm still washing hairspray out a week later
  • joannabooth84joannabooth84 Posts: 1,119
    Congratulations! They are beautiful pictures (particularly like the racy numberimage ) - you look so happy!! x
  • congratulations on your beautiful wedding day - you look absolutely stunning and it is clear that you had a truly fantastic day.

    i really love your dress, so simple and yet so striking - do you mind me asking which dress it is? (i am currently looking at dresses!)

    all the best to you as a blissfully happy married couple!

  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Aah lovely pics you look gorgeous! Bridesmaid dresses are lovely too. Enjoy married life xxx
  • Hi katieC2b.

    My dress is Carlotta from Caroline Castigliano. It's supposed to have a flower corsage type thing in ivory at the hip but it wasn't me so I had swarovski crystals put around it instead.
  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    Hi Gem

    many many congratulations, you look absolutely radiant in yor photos. They really are some of the lovliest I have seen.

    You look gorgeous in your gown. And I LOVE the bridesmaids dresses. Would it be cheeky to ask where they are from? Such a fab idea for adult bridesmaids, and mine are all worrying about lookng silly, i might persuade them with somehing like yours.

    Wishing you both much happiness and congrats again

  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    What fabulous photgraphs you have image

    I love our bm dresses, dya mind me asking where you got them from?

    Congratualtions ;\)

  • Hayleyr76Hayleyr76 Posts: 660
    Congratulations Gemma, you really look beautiful and as if you had a fantastic day! The photos are fab, I bet you're so pleased with them, shame your photographer isn't in the herts area!

    Wishing you and your husband the best of luck for your lives together xxx

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  • Hiya. The bridesmaids dresses are great aren't there (besides the fact one of the bridesmaids had to be taped in hers as it was too big!). They were from Debut at Debenhams! Brilliant hey.
  • hey gem im trying to look at your photos but noit sure where to go, as clicked on your link and just get a blac screen with writing about photgrapher on ? please help lol x
  • Hee hee! If you click where her name is on that black screen it'll take you into the main site then click on client area and you should see it from there!
  • Gemma, your day looked out of this world!!! i was nearly crying, your day looked great! i must say i have just had a look through the photographers albums and i think she is one of the best i have seen in the year i have been on this site, congratulations and all credit to your photographer. Good luck in married life!!! Clair x x

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  • nataliedcrnataliedcr Posts: 1,759
    what brilliant pics! i too love the one outside where u are sat on the step - beautiful! x
  • stargirl1ukstargirl1uk Posts: 144
    Your photos are stunning !!!! lokes like you had a fantastic day
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    absolutely fantastic photos

    you look amazing and the whole thing looks stunning
  • Aww thanks for all your comments. I've never enjoyed having my picture taken before but i loved every minute!
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    congratulations your pictures are lovely xxx
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