My wedding story Pt 1 - with pics.

So where to start? At the beginning I suppose. I'm sorry if this turns out to be a bit long, I shallhave to post it in instalments. But I shall be self indulgent here - it is the story of The Biggest Day Of My Life To Date after all.

The week before the wedding was incredibly busy, even though I had the entire week off work. I ended up cleaning the house, doing all my honeymoon washing and packing, running around to appointment after appointment (picking up essentials such as my wedding dress - doh - can't believe I left that to the last minute), having waxes, manicures etc. I still managed to fit in a boozy lunch with my work colleagues though.

The Day Before various parents and relatives began arriving. By this stage every thing was done and I felt totally prepared and relaxed (well, as relaxed and prepared as you can be the day before your wedding day). I dropped off the table settings and other bits and bobs with the venue before going to Waterloo Train Station to meet Mum and Aunty, and took them back to their hotel to make sure they were settled before nipping off home to have a couple of hours to chill and rest.

I ended up getting so many phone calls there wasn't much opportunity to chill or rest. My bridesmaids, squealing with excitement and checking I was ok. The make up lady, wanting to check my address. The florist, double checking arrangements. More girlfriends ringing to wish me luck. Then the Best Man turned up with his girlfriend for a cup of tea and a chat. This turned out to be very handy as it transpired that my boyfriend hadn't told him anything about the order of the day. (He was planning to do it in the pub that night in typical male last minute style). So I took the opportunity to give him my version of the running order.

Before I knew it, I was running late. I'd organised a Night Before The Wedding dinner for the Mums, Aunties and Bridesmaids at a nice local Italian. I made it by the skin of my teeth. As we all sat down to dinner, I realised that This Was It. The Wedding Weekend was beginning. I'd felt nervous beforehand, as it was the first time that our mum's had really spent proper time together, and my Aunty can be somewhat difficult at times. But we all had a lovely meal, everyone got along very well, and my bridesmaids were their usual beautiful, friendly and effervescent selves. I was given little gifts and cards which made me feel really special.

Once the mums had been despatched back to their hotel my bmaids and I repaired to a local pub for one final drink. As we raised our glasses, a fellow customer accidentally trod on my foot and hastily apologised. As I muttered a quick -don't worry about it', I did a double take. It was the Registrar! The lady who would be marrying us in the morning! I reminded her of this fact (she hadn't recognised me) and we shrieked and laughed, exchanged kisses, and reassured each other we wouldn't be too hungover the following day. (She was celebrating the forthcoming St Patrick's Day with her friends).

Shortly afterwards I was dropped off home. I was staying the night at home, alone, because I knew I would need space and time to be by myself. I drank a glass of wine, smoked a contemplative cigarette, then went to bed and miraculously had an excellent night's sleep.

Part two will come when I have finished writing it.

You can see pictures of the actual day here:

This is the slideshow, or clicking the line that says 'stressqueen's wedding photo's' will take you to thumbnails. there are only 45 or so so you don't have to wade through too many.

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  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Aaah they're gorgeous pictures, you look lovely - congratulations! Your dress is gorgeous too and I love the lace bolero. How cute is that flower girl!Glad you had a great day, looking forward to hearing more! Claire xxx
  • rllowrllow Posts: 336
    Wow - you look so beautiful! I absolutely LOVE your dress.

    So funny about meeting your registrar in the pub!!!

    Congratulations - you both look so incredibly happy - hope you ahd a wonderful honeymonn image
  • joannabooth84joannabooth84 Posts: 1,119
    Congratulation! You look stunning, and i love your hair!!

    The full length black and white picture of you and your HUSBAND is gorgeous. x
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Wow! You look so fantastic! I love your dress and your hair and well EVERYTHING! Congratulations, it really looks marvellous and I can't wait to read Part 2! X

  • Congratulations! You look amazing and really stylish :\)

    Don't keep us waiting for part two for too long!

  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    Oh Wow! you look beautiful, your dress is gorgoeus.

    CONGRATULATIONS Mrs, cant wait forpart two.
  • brentuk1brentuk1 Posts: 3,071
    congratulations on your wedding - the photo's are lovely.

    where did you get your confetti basket from?? It is just what we are looking for......


    Samantha xx
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    Congratulations - you both looked so happy and you looked fab!

    Look forward to the next instalment and more pics!
  • melanierice1melanierice1 Posts: 1,966
    You're pictures are fab - I love your hair and your dress - and I really enjoyed reading your first installment. Hope the next one is coming soon!!
  • shunafroodshunafrood Posts: 252
    Thanks so much to everyone that has left such lovley comments. I always love looking at everyone else's wedding photos and it is a real thrill being able to post mine at last. xx
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848

    The photos are lovely - you look so radiant and happy.

    So thrilled for you,

    Mrs P

  • wow! love your dress and the story about the reg treading on your foot is brill! congratulations! xx
  • nataliedcrnataliedcr Posts: 1,759
    wow your pics are brilliant, you look stunning!!

    can't wait to read part 2! (hurry up ha ha)

  • belindaxxxbelindaxxx Posts: 2,277
    Congrats it looks fab.

    Love the picture of your room all set up from above and the black and white ones of you dancing!

  • sarah2007uksarah2007uk Posts: 374
    Hi Classy bird - congrats on your wedding! Wow that Lusan mandongus dress looke really beautiful - well worth all the effort hey? Did you get lots of compliments for it? OOH and were those your divine Emmys I see peeking out from the hem!?
  • congratulations... you looked lovely, i loved your dress and your hair looked fab!! part two please.... x

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