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Help my mum find the perfect outfit!

Hi guys,

My poor mum is deperately seeking the perfect outfit.

She is quite petite, roughly a size 14-16 and is really struggling to find something that's stylish, classy, not to revealing and that doesn't cost the earth! We're from Gloucestershire and and tried all the really nice shops in Cheltenham's Promenade, all department stores.

I think a trip to the cities may be the answer, she's just feeling really down as the wedding is rapidly approaching, it's May 26th.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  • RachmcfRachmcf Posts: 22
    Know how you feel, my ma cant find anything either. She has been to some bridal shops but didnt feel comfortable in their stuff and as you said found them a bit low cut and clutched in all the wrong places.

    I think she is going to go to some of her favourite high street places and look at the their more dressy stuff, She will prob go to Bath or Bristol. Sorry cant help but if she finds something soon I will let you know the shop! Good luck!
  • My mum couldn't find anything she liked and was getting worried after going round all the department stores in manchester. In the end she went to one of those individual boutique-y shops. it did cost her a fortune but she is over the moon with it. Maybe the one off shops are worth a try?

    Good Luck

    p.s my mums is by 'presen' (no 't' on the end) if thats any help and is similar size to your mum but a bit taller
  • Hey Lily- I'm from Cheltenham too!

    Mother of the Bride outfits are awful aren't they-- they're so dated looking and 'classic'- my mum is a part time artist and has spikey orange hair (not as bad as it sounds)- there's no way she'ld wear the classic two piece outfit! Can't really be of any hel[p though! Sorry!
  • molonsmolons Posts: 315
    Coast Coast Coast!!!!!!!!!! - Not too price and fantastic service!!!!!

    Hi Lily - we went into town the other week with my Mum (me and my sis) I thought it was going to be a nightmare to find her something to wear she felt comfortable in. Well the first shop we went into was Coast - what perfect service you get from them, my Mumis a size 14 - 16, she's not s skirty person either, she tried a few suits on that looked awful (didn;t suit her figure with the wide leg trouser), the assistant bought a beautiful flowy skirt and jacket to match in for her to try on and bob's your uncle she loved it - I would never have thought about going into Coast with my Mum for an outfit but was very pleasently surprised - very classy and trendy, not too young either - Give it a try if you have one close to you, another one was House of Fraser - we checked it out and there was quite a few good choices in there too - not too pricey either. :\) :\) :\) :\)

    Good luck - it can be as stressful as buying the wedding dress sometimes!!!!! ;\) ;\)
  • lozhootslozhoots Posts: 16
    hi everyone!!

    this is my first ever forum- so here goes!!

    this site is the best. its so great to know that others are the the same pickles as me! my mum has got so fed up that she seems to be taking it out on herself and has joined a slimming club! I have to say i feel more than a litlle guilty about that one. All we seem to have done together is try on hats (having said that, it was fab)!!! Will suggest coast. Thanks everyone! xxx
  • melissaflowermelissaflower Posts: 101
    Coast is definately the place to go.

    Also Laura Ashley has some lovely outfits - give it a whirl!

  • NearlyMrsMikeNearlyMrsMike Posts: 1,764
    Hiya, I'm a Gloucester girl (don't hate me for it hee hee) and yesterday I got my dress and my mum got her gorgeous outfit from Juliet & Desdemona in Westgate Street. My mum's outfir was £99 which now I've seen some of the prices mentioned on here (for MOB outfits) is an absolute bargain!!!

    Good luck!

    Liz x
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