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it looks like it's all over - it is now! (with photos)

I'm married! Had a wonderful day, just wanted to share it with everyone. I could go on for hours about all the details, but you'd probably get bored, so I'll limit myself to describing my highlight in detail.

For our first dance, we picked out sugababes' Breathe Easy; it was the song that was playing when I first realized I loved my husband(!), and it was playing again when I told him how I felt. it's always been our song, so there was no choice involved really, but dancing to that on our wedding day was probably the most emotional moment for me from the entire day- it was amazing to think how far we'd come.

Making the moment even more dramatic, we had what's called an exploder balloon detonated (a huge balloon that contains loads of little balloons, and loads of confetti which it showers you with upon detonation) and a bubble machine. One of our least emotional friends had to run out of the hall in floods of tears; we asked her why, and she said that it had looked so beautiful, and we looked so happy, it was just an amazing moment, and she was so chuffed to share it with us. (how sweet)

our personal photos can be seen if you put in

our professional shots can be viewed at

click on 'online sales', then 'anna and ashley'


  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Aaah congratulations Anna you look lovely! The venue and location are gorgeous too! Enjoy married life xxx
  • congratulations, your pics are great, you lokked lovely! are they your two boys? i have two boys 3 and 5 and a girl 20 months, i am really looking forward to seeing them dressed up more than anytghing else!
  • awebsterukawebsteruk Posts: 368
    lovely pictures congratulations they are lovely.

    Couldn't get into your own shots so I viewed the professional ones instead!!!
  • moomywillmoomywill Posts: 16
    The password for is 'stardust' The two littlest munchkins are mine. They're twins, two and a half. They're mine from my first marriage. We're planning on more, but not this year.They looked so cute on the day, but I was not impressed at my parents not doing their jacket buttons up - I think it looks so much smarter.

    The four year old is my friend Beckie's - the blonde lady. Isn't he a little stunner?

    If you have one that's five, could you give me any tips on choosing schools (I'm aware that this is off-topic, but I could do with any advice people could give me?
  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    Congratulations image

    Your hair looked lovely and I loved your tiara.

    Good luck for the future ;\)

  • vickyspriggvickysprigg Posts: 1,009

    You looked beautiful, and your 2 boys looked lovely!!!!!

    That will be me this time next year, going to the registar tomorrow to book thing all up, scary as this time next year i will be getting married tommorow!!

    All the best for married life and many congratulations!!!!

  • congratulations you all looked wonderful.loved the car , how sweet! xx
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    Congratulations! You all looked fab and very happy.

    I wish you a long and happy marriage x
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