Just received this email from Web ed:

Hi Jo-Jo-Jo

We have seen your post in web site suggestions about a Scottish wedding forum and we always like to hear your suggestions to develop the site and chatroom. When thinking about new forums, we have to balance out to the demand to see how popular they will be. You have had a lot of support, so we are happy to put one up for you...





  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    Well done u missus - been campaigning for this for about 2 years!!!!!
  • jodaho88jodaho88 Posts: 2,356
    Finally, it's paid off. It will be great to use instead of the 102 page long Scottish thread on GC.

  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    hehe defo.

    This might make it easier to find a hairdresser because my posts always get buried before any Scottish brides see them

  • jodaho88jodaho88 Posts: 2,356
    Yeah, that's always been the problem. Now if you put a thread in Scottish Brides named "hairdresser" you will actually get relevant results.

    By the way, i'm using Stardusts image

  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I emailed them about 4 times but they never got back to me image

    Maybe it was an old link or something. They looked really good.

  • hello

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