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what to do about tables?

My reception is quite late inthe evening, so we're not having a sit down meal, just a buffet. The only problem is that i'm not sure what to do regarding tables.

Do I still have table names and placecards, etc. or should it be left for everyone to sit where they want, other than the top table, which would be decorated slightly different so people know which is ours.

I'm making all the stationery myself, so if anyone has an idea what I should do, please help, as i'll need time to design and make all the items required.


  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    I went to a wedding with that set-up once and they still had a table plan, but not individual seats with placecards. It was just a case of 'these 10 people on this table' and then you could sit where you liked.

    I would still have a plan, otherwise you may end up with 2 people on one table and then 20 people gathering all their chairs round another table to all sit together! People can be very childish when it comes to sitting with people they don't know.
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    Although not essential, I would still have them seated as if you have a largeish number some folk can take ages to get themselves seated....i was at a wedding and it took 3/4 hour for everyone to get seated it was frustrating to watch and then some couples ended up being seperated and seated with folk they didn't know or have anything in common.

    You know your guests ie personalities, interests etc and would probably make a better job of seating them.

  • lettypoplettypop Posts: 712
    I'm having a proper sit down meal but I like your idea emsyj. it'll make life alot easier
  • kethryukkethryuk Posts: 106
    thanks for the responses girl, I was worried it might be a bit too formal for a buffet, but your right about the way people tend to cluster together, this way, hopefully, no one will be left sitting by themselves.
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