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URGENT HELP (please) Plus Size Samples Edinburgh

Hi Girls,

where can my friend try on some plus size dress samples in Edinburgh?


  • oldblondieoldblondie Posts: 194
    there is a website based in Scotland called blushnbloom. Not sure thats any good???
  • MrsRWMrsRW Posts: 162
    Hi AlmostMrsS,

    I'm having the same problem. Edinburgh is not so good with plus size shops. Emma Roy claim to have a large selection in all sizes. If you go further afield then bathgate have a great shop called The Marriage Room

    Hope this helps

  • B2BMrsLB2BMrsL Posts: 63
    Pretty Woman at meadow back stock a decent range of sizes.

    Also if your friend was happy travel out of Edinburgh Aliya Rose in Cupar have an excellent selection of Samples sizes. Cupar is about 60 min on the train from Edin.

    I didnt go shopping to Emma Roy but i went with my cousin when i was her BM and they were vile.
  • Hey

    A close friend of the family has a shop in montrose and she's got loads of dresses you'll be able to try on. I was a size 22 when i went up and tried on loads of stuff. Ok some of it didn't quite do up but it went on and she does have a lot of bigger sizes. |she is also fabulous at picking stuff to suit you, reasonably priced, plain spoken without being rude and a lovely lovely lady. I came up from kent to get my dress and my friend from northampton and neither of us had any complaints. She also has a lot of dresses.

    Worth a trip I'd definitely recommend her - her names Maureen btw and the shop is brides unlimited in montrose.

    Good luck with the hunting image
  • juls1888juls1888 Posts: 413
    I got my dress from Gwenne's in Broxburn, she has a massive range of dresses in a huge range of sizes and they are absolutely brilliant people that own and work there. I strongly recommend it to any bride I speak to, plus size or not.

  • gemsypooBgemsypooB Posts: 104
    Every time someone mentions Emma Roy I just think of haemorrhoids lol, sorry immature!

    I went to Aliya Rose in Cupar which is a bit out of the way but fabulous! also there was a place in Perth called La Beck and they had a big stock of plus size dresses.
  • IckleroseIcklerose Posts: 149
    The Marriage Room is where i am getting my dress from. They are a great bunch of people in there. Very helpful and have a WIDE range of gowns. The shop is right next to the train station and it's only a 30 minute trip in the train to bathgate from edinburgh and trains run every half hour image
  • MrsRWMrsRW Posts: 162
    Hi girlies,

    I've just booked an appointment at The Marriage Room. If the customer service over the telephone is anything to go by then I'm going to have a fabby dress sess!!

    I explained on the phone that I'm a plus size and she said 'we've just received 5 or 6 new plus size dresses' so yipee, I can't wait!!

  • truds35truds35 Posts: 1,838
    I went to the marriage room too and they had a great selection-nothing that caught my eye but at least you have some to try on and see what suits you. I ended up at signature brides in glasgow....brilliant choice and service. Edinburghs crap for plus sizes!!!
  • timford81timford81 Posts: 231
    just wanted to pop in and say sorry, but I disagree about Pretty Woman.... the woman in there was really rude to me and I wanted to buy a £1300 benjamin roberts dress.... I was made to feel foolish!
  • B2BMrsLB2BMrsL Posts: 63
    I agree that the Woman in the shop could be a little bit short maybe. She strikes me as quite no nonsence but they did have a large range of size compared to other dress shops in the area.
  • I have to say I had no problem with pretty woman. The lady in the shop you are reffering to , Im assuming its Lynn, couldnt of been lovlier with me. She is very direct and straight to the point but she i excellent at picking out styles that flatter you and will be honest, lets face it who wants to look awful on there wedding day. Im a size 20 and got my benjamin roberts gown from there and loved it, and all the girls were lovely. Sorry some peole had negative experiences but I honestly dont think i could of asked for a better service from pretty woman.
  • linseyroselinseyrose Posts: 114
    I had a great experience at the marriage rooms in Bathgate. People were so nice and I had a great choice of dresses that I could try on. Ended up ordering one that I hadn't been able to try as I was able to try on a range of styles and knew that it would suit me.

    Let us know how you got on!
  • Hey! i went to Aliya Rose in Cupar, the girls are so helpful and don't make you feel any different than a size 10 bride. They had some sale dresses in storage and I emailed them and asked if i could see all of them, so they brought them all to the shop and i fell in love with one particular dress. I took it away home that day and was £1000 reduced to £450 - so i splashed out on one of their tiara's £70 but sooo beautiful. Wedding this sat - will try post pics if i can, but it was a Bonny Bridal dress and is very heavy and feels lush!! Good luck!! xxx
  • MrsRWMrsRW Posts: 162
    Hi girls,

    Went to Marriage Rooms in Bathgate on Friday and had a wonderful time.

    You get the large basement changing room all to yourself. The young girl that helped me was fantastic, really helpful and didn't make me feel self conscious of my size. There was a fairly large selection of dresses to try on but unfortunately I didn't find 'the one'.

    I'd def recommend it though.


  • sebseb Posts: 29

    Hi, I live in edinburgh and didn't even attempt to visit any the shops, one of my friends got married a few years ago and she had a choice of two ill fitting plus size dresses!! I'm getting my dress from beau belles in phillipstoun, near linlithgow, but there is also rubenesque bridals at polkemmet park justb outside whitburn which caters exclusively for the size 16+ bride, as does beau belles and they are happyn to alter dress designs, i am having a layer of organza put in mine where there is a split in the dress to show a extra layer and this is being done at no extra cost. The dresses are all made to measure too.

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