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cheese wedding cake??

I really don't care for traditional wedding cake, my H2B loves fruit cake but it's too Christmassy for me, I would love a wedding cake made of Battenburg but H2B hates sponge cake.......

SOOO, we both LOVE cheese so were gonna go for a cake made from various sizes of assorted cheeses.

Anyone else doing this!!!!? Or am I all alone......


  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196

    I'm organising this as a surprise for my H2B. He LOVES his Cheese so I thought it'd be money well spent. Plus I can't think of a present for him!!!

    Our venue are suprisingly good too, they will store it and let me serve it with the evening 'bacon butties' at no extra cost - I would have thought they would charge me to serve it! They can help me decorate and offered to provide oatcakes & biscuits, but also said I can bring my own if I like!

    We're probably going to use one of the following:

    Fine Cheese co

    Paxton & Whitfield

    Teddington Cheese

    House of Cheese

    Good luck! xxx
  • westergillewestergille Posts: 323
    We are having a cheese cake as well as a cake cake for our post-ceremony drinks reception (i.e. before the sit-down meal). I haven't decided who to use yet (on my to-do list...) but I found it very useful typing 'cheese' into the search box which brought up all sorts of previous chat topics and suggestions of companies.
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    Yep, we've done exactly that. We're having a cheese cake along side our chocolate wedding cake so people can choose - or have both!

    Princess, I highly recommend Teddington Cheese! We spent a very happy hour there trying many cheeses. Tony was really helpful, and the quote he gave us was a pleasant surprise.
  • we are too
  • fireforhairfireforhair Posts: 183
    Yey! Not just me that thinks it's a good idea then. Great to get some info on co's who will do it too. image
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