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NWR: Today I bought....

... a beautiful Vivienne of Holloway dress... after MONTHS of lusting!! i am going to wear it next Satuday, as that is the day that I turn 23!!!... and i am being taken to the Ritz by my h2b.

i'm more excited about getting to wear my new dress than my actual birthday image

had to share this exciting news with girls who will understand... as all of my friends find my VoH obsession a little odd!



  • Oooooh prettyness!

    Which one did you go for? I have the black with red polka dots and I feel like just sitting round the house in mine as we have no pennies to go anywhere lol! Have lots of fun wearin it and happy birthday for saturday! image

  • i went for this one:

    but it's not in the blue fabric, it's in a light green colour. sooo pretty image

  • Oooh very prettyful! You'll look lovely when you go out! :\)

    Funnily enough i wore mine for my birthday earlier this year, and i was 23 too lol! x
  • Oh its beautiful!!! Im not really a dress person but its lovely, you must post a picture of yourself in it. Happy birthday for Sat too!!
  • Wow I have the exact same dress! Got it for a wedding this year and I loved it- unfortunately I did spill red wine all over it and can't quite get it all out! Perfect excuse to buy another VoH dress tho!

    Enjoy wearing it and have a great birthday!
  • Lovely choice. Having read about VOH on this forum I went to explore and that was the dress and material I really really liked but unfortunately the shape of their dresses did nothing for me!

    Enjoy wearing it. r
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