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going to be a fat x

Found out this week that I am very early P, been trying for well over a year and last 2 months been thinking about wedding and fallen. Bit of dilema about my dress , had not make a firm decision and had a short list of 2/3 plus ordered a china one as a gamble , supposed to have ordered by now - from the shop ( get wed in feb) now trying to justify spending money on dress when it could come in handy, my bridesmaid said should feel special, woman in shop said important to choose dress i like as a dress incase anything happens as early, and of the dresses i like there are 2 that can be adjusted. the fav one so far is really dear and i am feeling guilty about having something expensive but dont want they typical chiffon bump dress.......any ideas cant chat to anyone as too early to ask mates as dont want to tell them just yet, girls any ideas.... x


  • Hi MrsVedo2be

    Congratulations! Hope ur feeling ok. I'm going to be a fat bride too so i do sympathise with you! My advice would be to get the dress you always wanted to wear, I got mine in a bigger size and i'm currently getting the zip taken out at the back to make room for a lace up panel to extend the back slightly. I wish i hadn't chose a dress with bones down the front though as i think they're going to make it uncomfortable.

    I could have got a maternity dress but i fell in love with a 'normal' wedding dress and i'm determined i'm going to wear it!

    Do you know roughly how many weeks you'll be? I'll be 23 weeks next month when we get married and i'm hardly showing at the moment so i'm hoping it'll hold on a bit longer!

    Another thing to think about is making sure you find a seamstress that can alter your dress quickly about 1-2 weeks before the wedding as it's very hard to judge how you will have grown.

    Good luck and congratulations on becoming a pregnant bride! x
  • Firstly, congratulations with your pregnancy and upcoming wedding.image

    I would get the dress you consider to be your dream dress. My mum always said to me that once you have kids, all your time and money goes towards your children and tho I can see why you would feel guilty in spending money on a dress, its your big day and you should be able to wear the dress you have your heart set on. . Even if it does mean having to make some alterations. Maybe you could get the dress a size or two bigger and then have it adgusted (tho watch out for heavily beaded top hald dresses as they cost a fortune to alter). Maybe you can look at the prices of 'normal' dresses with alterations against the price of maternity ones as you may find the price is not much different. Good luck with it all.x
  • Congratulations - that's fantastic news! I'd recommend you keep your options open and not only see if your dream dress can be altered, but also take a look at Madeline Isaac-James - they have a range of maternity wedding dresses which aren't all chiffon and seem to give you a lot of shape, as well as some fab normal wedding dresses. I'd agree with Ainsley's wife though - be careful with beading on the top half of a dress if you choose a normal dress, as it could cost a lot to alter. Good luck - whatever you choose I'm sure you'll look amazing! x
  • Hi girls, thanks so much. Well today I went back and loked at the dress its sooo lovely, I really like it, and my h2b says I must do whatever best just keep having flashes of baby stuff should buy, PrincessJo Congrats, I am only about 9 weeks so very early but meant that I had to think coz when we get wed i will be about 7 months I think ! its a palmo blanca or something like that in silk and made me feel nice, the lady in the shop said important i like it as it is incase anything hapens, she said she wouyld order a bigger bottom and do all my alterations right to the end with no extra cost just a flat rate x
  • Go for your dream dress hun, i am going to be about 16 weeks when i get married in two months time and it doesnt bother me know whether i put on abit.

    I have my dream dress and everything is already ready so nothig i can do now!

    This is my second baby so weight is apparantly more like to pile on quicker so i have been told hope not
  • Hi mum2summer congrats x

    I feel so bloated i look a few months gone already lol. I ordered 2 dresses from china which should be on route this week - oops was trying to save money. whats your dress like ?
  • How far gone will you be on the day hun? I get married a week on Saturday and will be 35 weeks pregnant!!!! I have had my dress made for me as I didn't like any of the maternity wedding dresses on offer so that's always an option open to you, that way you get what you want and still feel special!!

    Congrats on the bump


    x x x
  • Hi congrats, think will be about 7 months and didnt want an ugly floaty number ! the one i like is a paloma blanca and the woman in the shop is really nice she said can fit in elasticated panel and it will still look nice and she will do loads of fittings ! any tips for the bloating and (wind ... lol) image
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