DRICLOR deodrant, be careful!!!!

emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
following friends advice and as a terrible sweat-er when stressed, i decided to use driclor which you can now buy over the counter at boots etc.

you use for five nights and wash off each morning and then just top up every so often. apprently can literally go a week without havign to put any on.

just some advice and don't leave till last week before wedding if planning on using-

i tried it for several random nights (not consequtive) before my last dress fitting and it always made me incredibly itchy and sore but the the last two nights befor fitting used it both nights and i woke up unable to put my arms down anywhere near my sides. my armpits were so red and sore, i couldn't touch them. luckily i managed to wash it off and next day i was fine.

i just wnated to warn you all if plannign on using, some people swear by it but personally i didn't get on well. now using Mitchem by recommendation of my dress maker and that seems brill.


  • shel_sunshineshel_sunshine Posts: 1,120
    Hi Emily,

    I have tried using Driclor recently and it was very itchy so after the 3rd night I gave up. I will try Mitchum if you say that one seems to be working. Thanks. x
  • gottaget200gottaget200 Posts: 774
    I used Driclor recentlt and actually posted on here that it burnt all the skin under my arms - i have never been in so much pain! Evil stuff!

    I now use Arrid cream (rub on like a moisturiser) and then apply Mitchum on the top when it's dry.

    Juliet x
  • becca_84becca_84 Posts: 501
    i tried driclor too and it burnt all the skin too. Also using Mitchum too but make sure you use the fragrance free one other wise it itches too!
  • angie72ukangie72uk Posts: 231
    I'm a fan of it myself, I sweat something awful; but no more!!

    I didn't do what the pack said.....I used it 1 night and when I put it on I count to five as I roll it over my armpit, more than that and it burns, it itches a little for about five mins and then nothing, I then used it a couple of days later or so, I done this for about a week or so every couple of days and now I can go a good couple of weeks or more without any need then I do the odd night when I feel it getting wet!!

    It is fab!!

    Love Angie xx
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    I think it's great, works really well.

    It only stung me if I put it on just after I had shaved, then believe you me I had to do the 'running to wash it off with cold water thing!!!'
  • markyboy789markyboy789 Posts: 947
    I too tried it and cried many nights!!! However i was so determined to use a super strong one so that i could go days without using i've ended up using CERTAIN DRI - it works the same way put on at night - i leave it four hours after showering and don't shave 2 days before and it only burns a tiny bit... i have been using it for a year now and can go for up to three weeks without using it!!! and believe you me i had an issue with wet pits before (sorry!!)

    God knows what it contains and what deposits it leaves on your skin... but was at my wits end!
  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
    as i said some swear by it and that great, and why i tried it. i just wanted to warn people that for some it doesn't work and had worries about people waiting till week before wedding and being in terrible pain. mitchem does seem to work.

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