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Ronald Joyce 59049 cassia any dress twins?

Just wondering if anyone else is wearing the same dress as me? It should arrive end of sept im so excited! Only 275 days to go to the big day!!! xx:\)

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  • Just wondering if anyone else is wearing the same dress as me? It should arrive end of sept im so excited! Only 275 days to go to the big day!!! xx:\)

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  • Bump is there anyone out there?? image x
  • i'm a dress twin image i cant wait till i get mine but will be ages cos my big day not till Nov 2010 image

  • It will go so quick hun have you got any pics of you in the dress? i cant stop looking at it! When does urs arrive? Mines actually coming at end of november now im so excited!!! x
  • JEN7674JEN7674 Posts: 31
    I'm wearing this dress too but keep thinking I've made the wrong decision. I loved it when I tried it on but keep thinking I should've went for the other dress.
  • Hi Jen, if you loved it when u tried it on I'm sure u will love it just as much when ur very own dress comes. I sometimes worry that it's not me but I only plan to get married once so I want the big wedding with the big princess dress, & when I try my dress on I feel like a princess so then I know I have made the right choice, maybe u should go & try on again if ur worried u could always sell it?? What was the other dress u liked? X

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  • JEN7674JEN7674 Posts: 31
    The other dress I love was Justin Alexander 8158 but decided to go for the Ronald Joyce one because I love the train. Don't know what it is that's putting me off just keep thinking that I picked the wrong dress.
  • They are both quite similar so I think u will love the dress when it comes, when is ur delivery date Hun? When's ur big day? X
  • JEN7674JEN7674 Posts: 31
    Getting married on the 29th of May but sure when my dress will be delivered to the shop, I ordered it on 20th sep. I wish it was here just now so that I could try on my own dress and know for sure that it's the one I want. I loved it so much when I tried it on but think that everyone is expecting me to wear a totally different style of dress.

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  • aww that'sa gorgeous dress!! my friend got married in aug and wore this dress! she looked beautiful!x
  • Hi jen don't worry about what other people think as long as u feel amazing that's all that matters it is a gorgeous dress & u will look beautiful image I tried it on at the national wedding show so I could show my friend & got so many nice comments fro

    everyone there, so all my little doubts have gone away... I ordered mine in July & delivery date is end of November I cannot wait!! I'm getting married in may too!! Hope ur dress worries go away Hun x

    WeddingBee- thankyou so much i'm very excited!! Xx
  • JEN7674JEN7674 Posts: 31
    Thanks weddingbee image

    MrsLongtobe What jewellery/accessories are you wearing with your dress? Also, I'm gonna have the flower removed and not sure what to put in its place, any ideas?


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  • Don't think I'm gonna wear a necklace just pearl/diamond earings and a braclet. Then a elbow length veil & a small tiara it's more like a head band!! Having my hair & makeup trail in jan so I will make final decisions then. How about u? R u having bmaids? What's ur colour scheme? Xx
  • JEN7674JEN7674 Posts: 31
    My colour scheme is baby pink and silver, having 2 bridesmaids and 4 flower girls. Think am gonna keep the jewellery quite simple. Am having the flower removed and was thinking of having a sparkly brooch in its place.

    What's your colour scheme?

  • I'm possibly gonna have mine removed too as mil2b doesn't like it, we were thinking a diamonte broach or something like that x
  • Lol we both typed that at same time! Yes I'm removing mine too!! Colour scheme is rose pink, ivory & silver details. We have similar taste!! R u still having doubts? Xx
  • JEN7674JEN7674 Posts: 31
    I think it's just the flower that's putting me off because I did love the dress, think am having a 4 hoop underskirt too.

    What colour are you going for, have you already got your bridesmaid dresses?
  • JEN7674JEN7674 Posts: 31
    Ha ha very similar. I actually think that it's the flower that's putting me off more than anything cos when I tried it on I felt fabulous. Gonna have a 4 hoop underskirt too.

    Do you already have your bridesmaid dresses? Have you got much still left to organise?

  • Yes I ordered them 3 weeks ago so hopefully they will arrive the same time as my dress. The things I have left to do are invitations, DJ, favours, shoes, wedding rings, honeymoon,and all the small details of the day! Feel like I've missed something!! How about u? Xx
  • JEN7674JEN7674 Posts: 31
    I'm pretty much organised which is unusual for me, not got much left to do image
  • I am wearing this dress and so excited. I ordered it in November and trying to sit patiently to wait for it to arrive.
  • I'm wearing this dress too! I love it! Ordered it January and have to wait until October to wear it down the aisle!x
  • I'm wearing this dress too! I love it! Ordered it January and have to wait until October to wear it down the aisle!x
  • Yay live it I've just got mine in getting married in September can't believe it is anyone else having a dress to get changed into in the evening I'm worried I won't be able to dance in it!
  • lucyloo28lucyloo28 Posts: 126
    im not getting married until the 23rd of july 2011, but when i saw this dress back in september 2009 i knew that was my dream dress and we bought it. lol i love it so much, and no other dress will beat it. just wish 2011 will hurry up! lol you look lovely in it. What jewellery are you wearing? x

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  • Hi Lucy-loo! It's gorgeous isn't it! My dress got delivered at Xmas & I love it! For jewelery I'm keeping it simple as the dress is quite detailed. Just some pearl earings, & a pearl bracelet. Got a side headband tiara thing! I will post pics after my 1st fitting in 3 weeks eeekkk only 8 weeks to go!! Xx
  • Anyone else got any pics of the dress? Not seen anyone else in it apart from me. Xx
  • lucyloo28lucyloo28 Posts: 126
    I did have a picture of me in it, but i deleted it as i was worried that my fiance might find it. lol. but my mums friend has a picture on her phone so i will ask her to send it to me and i will put it up if i can. I love the detail in the dress, you have to see it in real life to appreciate it because you cant see all of the detail in pictures. wow, you must be so excited. have you got everything ready now? when did you begin most of your wedding planning? ive been looking at bridesmaid dresses but i was worried that it may be to early to start. (coming from the girl who bought her dress last year. lol) you'll have to put the pictures of your wedding on here afterwards image x
  • Lisa1512Lisa1512 Posts: 87
    Hey, sorry never replied last year - lost the page and googled there so i could see pic of dress and this webpage came up lol. My dress is in too but have to wait till November to wear it!! I'm also having a pink and silver theme lol. I have pic of me in my dress i will post it when i find my camera image MayDayMrs2b not long now!!!

    x x
  • I know! So excited! Im off to gran canaria in 2 weeks for my hen weekend cannot wait!! Whens ur date hun? x
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