My Autumn RAF Wedding 17/10/2009


Two days to go until my wedding and I was up at 6am to drive from London to Sheffield to pick up my dress and the chief bridesmaid. After a 3 hour drive my chief bridesmaid decided to drop the bombshell that she hadn't actually bought any shoes for the wedding yet. A last minute search of the highstreet and a pair of gold pumps later it was time to collect the dress.

The dress had been steamed and my accesories were all packaged to be perfect on the day. I got my dress from The Bridal Rooms within a department store in my home town and as we left the store we got lots of lovely comments from people wishing me well,

At last with everything packed safely in the car we were back on the motorway on our way to Northamptonshire.

After another 2 hour drive we arrived and unpacked. We were staying with Peters Uncle that night before moving to the hotel the next day. I was desperate to have a nap but no such luck! We still had to visit the photographers and drop the Orders of Service at the church.

Finally at 8pm we sat down with a bottle of wine.


The day before the wedding. No rest for the wicked we had to collect the wedding cake, We picked up Peters dad to help carry the cake and off we went to M&S.

I was worried that the cake wouldnt be very good quality or that it might have been damaged whilst it was being delivered to the store. I was being silly.

The cake was brilliant and well worth the £200 we paid.

After driving home ridiculously slowly the cake we dropped off the cake at the hotel and i could breathe a sigh of relief.

We checked ourselves into the hotel and hung the dresses so that any creases would drop. The other bridesmaid arrived and then it was time for me to do the flowergirls hair. I had been roped into doing this as I was the only person who knew how to do rag curls. My fiances mum assured me it would save time on the day. IF ONLY SHE KNEW THE TRUTH!

At last the rags were in and the bridesmaids and I finally made it the pub for a meal and a couple of bottles of wine.

Saturday - The wedding day

After much giggling the previous night, none of us had slept very well. At 7.15 I gave up the ghost and made everyone a cup of tea. After a scramble for the shower (three girls + one bathroom = trouble) we set off for Peters mum's where the hairdresser was putting in my rollers. Peter had already gone for breakfast so we managed to avoid seeing each other.

Then with a full head of rollers and bridesmaids with full wedding hairdo's we went to Weathersoons for a big cooked breakfast.

At 11.30 we made our way back to the hotel to start getting ready. The flowers arrived and were so beautiful that we couldnt stop looking at them.

The bridal suite was so beautiful, all wood panneling, antique furniture and soft lighting. As the hairdresser began to do my hair I felt like a superstar.

It didnt last long, I was brought back down to earth by the arrival of the flowergirl. Her rag curls were so tight that she looked like a poodle! Disaster and we only had 2 hours to go to the wedding.

The Bridezilla in me kicked in and the chief bridesmaid was sent to condition the flowergirls hair and remove all traces of the offending curls.

My hair was finnished and my make up complete, just as the photographer arrived. After the bridesmaids had helped me into my dress and the photographs began. We were miraculously running to time. and when the flowergirl returned sporting a lovely french plat I was finally ready to get married.

The car arrived to take the bridesmaids and everyone remarked on how calm I was! That calm didnt last very long when they left. As I waited with my brother for the car to return it suddenly hit me that I was getting married in a matter of minutes.

We left the bridal suite and watched from the landing window for the car returning. A door banged shut behind us and as I turned around I came face to face with Peters friend. They should be at the church by now!! Thankfully our wonderfull photographer rounded up the rest of his friends and got them out of the hotel and on their way to the church. As they left the car park, my car arrived.

On the journey to the church I gripped my brothers hand so tight. At 15 he was probably as nervous as me but he did a great job. We arrived outside the church just as the last of Peters guests slipped inside.

A crowd of passers by had gathered outside to catch a glimpse of the bride but their compliments only had the effect of making me even more emotional. At the church door one look at the chaplain and the tears began to well in my eyes. Desperate not to cry and ruin my make up we set off down the aisle. There were so many emotions running through my head and I struggled to hold back the tears and smile.

Looking back I must have looked as though I was going to my death instead of to the altar!

As I reached the altar I took hold of Peters hand and from then on, I knew that everything would be fine.


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