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Week 38

Well new start for me so here I go. I did lose 1/2 a stone but have put some back on again due to eating again x Thanks for all your support last week meant alot x x x x

Off for a run today and have this week off so will be putting in the effort as well as Christmas shopping. Off to parents this afternoon to tell them the changes to the wedding again. I know it is going to be a nightmare but we will see I might be surprised.

Come in and joins us ladies x I would like to say to anyone coming in and having a peek feel free to join us just add a post and I will add you. We are a group of ladies that get behind each other and give each other that extra support. We weigh in every Monday x So come and join us x I have taken a few names off the list that have not been on in a while if you come back in let me know and I will pop your name back on the list x

LETS PUT IN THE WORK LADIES!!!! You only get to wear your dress once you can eat all the chocolate afterwards lol x


Wedding Date......MARRIED 12st 7lbs/





Wedding Date.............27th Feb 2010 10st 5lbs


Wedding Date...... 28th March 2010


Wedding Date......29th May 2010


Wedding Date...... 5th June 2010 12st 9.5lbs


Wedding Date......5th June 2010 10st 6lbs MAINTAINED:\)


Wedding Date........June 2010 10st 3lbs / +2lbs


Wedding Date...... 10th June 2010 8st 11lbs /


Wedding date....31st July 2010 10st 4st / -5lbs


Wedding Date......7th August 2010 9st 4lbs /


Wedding Date......24th September 2010 -


Wedding Date.....16th Oct 2010 9st 5lbs


Wedding date....... 6th Nov 2010 12 st 6.5 lbs /


Wedding Date.......21st September 2010


Wedding Date...... May 2011


Wedding Date........September 2012 10st 9lbs / -1lb:\)


Wedding Date.......2012 -1.5lb:\)

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  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    Hi RL, I'm sure your parents will understand the changes in the plans.

    I'll do my weigh in tonight or tomorrow and post the results, hopefully good ones this time!!

    Good luck with today x
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    Hi RL hope the talk with the parents went ok - well done on your run and hope you enjoy your week off.

    I've had a really bad weekend food wise but excellent one exercise wise - went for a run on Thursday and did the best I've ever done and since then been doing my new pilates DVD every day. Anyone tried pilates before? I love it! Joining a class on Tuesday and ordered myself a mat from Amazon so I can do it at home without sliding all over the place.

    Will weigh in tomorrow but I already know I've gained - extra effort this week as I have my first dress measurements on Friday - eek!
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Ok I need a fresh start too..... Wedding date 16th Oct 2010.... weight to follow after weigh-in at gym tonight....

    9 stone 5. Aiming for 8 stone.

    (updated after grim weigh-in)

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  • hiya, completely forgot to weigh myself this morning so not entirely sure what i am but i have only just come off the time of the month so am heavier.. Last time i weighed in i was 10.6 so no change x
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    Hi ladies - well it's bad news for me, I gained 2lbs image So I'm 10 stone 3lb - bah! But not surprising considering all the pizza, curly fries and chocolate I ate...

    I've drawn a line and had words with myself and hoping for a good result next week.

    Excise wise I can't fault myself - running and pilates going really well and next Monday I start dance classes with a friend.

    Have a good week everyone xx
  • Can i join please???

    Wedding date 27th Feb 2010

    I am currently 10.5lb - doing rosemary conely - have lost 1st13lb - one more pound for two stone! Whoo hoo! However, this last half stone has taken a LONG time! I want to ideally be 9.7 for the wedding - first dress fitting Jan 8th! Argh!!! With Christmas and my bday in the middle its gonna be HARD! nearly a stone to lose! it's not ridiculous and know i need to start up the exercise properley again! Next weigh in will be a week wed - am aiming for -1lb - wish me luck! x
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    Hello and welcome can'tbloodywait!

    You and I are in the same boat - I too have lost 1 stone 13lbs and I've been hovering around this for what feels like weeks, maybe months. Each week it seems to be one step forward, one step back and I do really well and then blow it at the weekend so I end up maintaining. This is all well and good but I want to lose another stone!!

    I too am hoping to reach 9 stone 7lbs at Christmas (was hoping to get to 9 stone 3 but I'm being more realistic). Perhaps we can motivate each other?

    Good luck!!!
  • Oooooh - we definately can!

    Ive just done a bit of a plan - and its a tall order! Ive worked out i need to lose 1lb next week (got a bit of a mad week involving going out and food and drink etc) then 2lb a week until the 16th Dec (my birthday is the 15th so planning on losing as much as a i can by then and before the christmas parties etc - planning on maintaining the weight from then on!)

    It's not that unrealistic - as long as i exercise and diet really rigidly - it's only for 7 weeks - its nothing really! I just keep telling myself - 7 weeks of being strict is nothing!

    so - 1lb by next week - wish me luck!

    What's your target?!?!?

  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    Hi girls, welcome can'tbloodywait! That's fantastic, well done on the weight loss so far!

    well I'm 10st 9, feeling so cross with myself, I should be doing better but seem to be yo-yo'in every week!
  • Hi R-L

    Hope everything is OK.

    I stayed the same last week, but this week I lost a pound and a half! Go me! I am hoping to get down to 16 stone by Christmas, which should be do-able. I was quite surprised at the weight loss this week as my kitchen has been upside down getting itself decorated. I always eat more if I'm thrown out of my routine. I did keep up with my exercise though, and even went to the gym yesterday with H2B.

  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    I'm playing my final target by ear because I want to wait and see how I look/feel but I'm going with around the 9stone mark, or 8 stone 13lb because I like the sound of itimage I'm short so this isn't as scary as it might sound.

    I have a bad weekend coming up where there will be a trip to pizza express followed by a halloween party which will involve lots of cakes and drinks. So I'm going to do my very best until then, have that time off and then I can be strict like you until Christmas. Keep telling yourself 'it's only 7 weeks' - I'll be doing the same. No matter how much fun I had at Christmas I'd be gutted if I ended up gaining a load of weight back after all the hard work.

    I've been exercising everyday but I've just reached that stage where that alone is not good enough.

    My Christmas target is now 9 stone 7lbs (or as near to it as possible). I'll join you with the 1lb loss by next Monday if that's ok?

  • Right - 1lb next week - lets go for it - i echo the thought - no matter how much fun i have i'd be gutted to have my current bingo wings on show on my wedding day! My initial target was 8.07 - but have had to modify this over the last year! ill be a comfortable size 12 at 9.07 - think thats the most realistic goal for me!


  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    Sounds like you are being very sensible and if you lose more then it's a big bonus!

    Just did a 30 mins pilates workout but still a bit sore from yesterday.

    Tiggys, well done on your loss that's fantastic!
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    guys I have not had time to read through but I will do later x Got lots of things to sort out but I promise I will update later on tonight x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Munchkin I do pilates on a Monday it is great. I really feel it a couple of days after it is fab!! Well done on your run I too did my best run on Sunday x Good luck for Friday how exciting x x x

    Welcome Wine woman will stick you on our list nice to have you onboard x

    Bell of da ball do you want me to put you down as maintained?

    Well Munchkin you will be on the same routine as me Pilates, dance and running! What dance class you doing? New week this week lets see some effort and NO chocolate lol x

    Welcome can'tbloodywait Loving the name by the way will pop you on the list x Well done for your loss so far that is fab x I am sure you can do it if you put in the effort and eat well x

    I would love to be 9st 7lbs that is my goal at the mo x Come on ladies we can do it x x x

    You can do it can'tbloodywait it is a tall order losing 2lbs a week but I am sure with alot of effort you can do it YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    Well done on your loss tiggsy x Well done for going to the gym that is a good effort x x x

    Let's all try for that 1lb loss ladies x x x Lets do it!!!!

    Sorry I have not been on that much this week have had loads to do and when I have not been doing anything have been quite low. I will get there though x

    Welcome to our new ladies x
  • Oooh - thanks RachelLiza and Munchkin and everyone! -I really need the motivation - i'm off work this week and so is H2B - so naturally were both finding loads of excuses to treat ourselves! I need to push myself to exercise everyday - what gets me is it's not exactly complicated - eat less calories than you burn - so why can't i do it - if i push it for 7 weeks - just 7 weeks - i can lose what i wanna lose and i know i'll be soooo much happier! Let's all SAY NO TO BINGO WINGS!!!!!!!

  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
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