Want to do report properly but can't upload pics....

...so please could someone tell me how to do it?

Thanks xxx


  • Hi,

    right click on the image you want to upload click on properties, highlight the url address and right click again and click on copy. Go back to your post and type
    http:// then right click and paste the url address. Then at the end of the address you have pasted type

    . Make sure that both the img at the beginning and the end are in lower case and don't forget the / before the 2nd img. You can upload 2 pictures per post. Hope that helps and look forward to seeing your report.


    I have typed the in capitals as it won't show if I type it in lower case but it must be in lower case for your picture to upload.

    Good luck!!


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  • PikelettePikelette Posts: 1,096
    You can't upload pictures directly from your computer's hard drive. They must be hosted somewhere on the internet and linked from there.
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