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I really want to put pics on

Hey girls I had the most fantastic wedding on 19/9 , I would really like to put pics on here, I'm a bit useless, and cant work out how to do it, anyone have any tips?


  • hey i will try and help.....

    they need to be on flickr or another online photo account or facebook.

    1. hover over the pic and click the right hand button.

    2. a menu will pop up click "copy image url"

    3. come back to yayw and "paste" it in reply

    4. highlight the link u have posted and click the "img" button.

    5. submit and u pic will appear in ur thread.

    hope i helped!

  • Hi have a look at my other topics
  • sorry i was testinga nd it didn't work for me image

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  • If you upload your pics into photobucket. Then when you've got the pic you want up on the screen (in big), right click on it, go to properties, copy the http address. Then in your post click the img button once, then paste the http address and click the img button again.

    This worked for me! x
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    hun did you get on photobicket
  • chelb13chelb13 Posts: 458
    1. Right click on your pic properties

    3. when the box appears click quickly 3 times on the link until it is highlighted

    4. right click again

    5. select copy

    6. go to the thread on YAYW click on post reply

    7. click on img, right click and paste your pic, click on img again and submit.

    Hope this works, it did for me.

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