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Any Australian Brides?

Hi to all Aus brides! Im getting married in fiji sep 07! Cant wait but unsure how to contact resort over there to organise things. Any ideas?


  • Hiya,

    I too am an Aussie bride. We are getting married in Thailand April next year.

    I did go to a friends wedding in Fiji last year and it was just lovely. I know she organised it all through e-mail with a resort (that I can't think of the name of it). You could contact a few resorts directly. I didn't want a package wedding, so I called a few resorts and eventually found a small one, which we completly booked out and have started to organise the wedding with the manager.

    Hope that's some help!
  • afrenchumafrenchum Posts: 124

    I'm not a Aussie bride but am getting married in Oz does that count??

    We're getting married in Kings Park, Perth and having the reception in Fraser's Restaurant also in Kings Park.
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