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I did notice a topic on here not so long ago about mobile beauticians covering the Northampton area...but notice it has disappeared. Would anyone know of anyone that would cover this area at all? I am getting married June next year and would really like to sort this out.


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  • Hi Sue,

    My beautician, Karen, is based in Kettering and is also a freelance professional make-up artist. She is absolutely amazing! I can't recommend her enough.

    This is her make-up site

    and this is her beauty site

    Give her a call, I promise you won't be disappointed.

    Hannah x

  • hannah

    Thank you so much was begining to give up...I have been given the number of a couple now one being Lainey D whom also comes highly recommended but she may be a little too far and I dont really want her to travel a long way.

    Didnt realise it would be so hard...just need to find a hairdresser. My hairdresser is great but as I have short hair its pretty simple she isnt keen on doing wedding I need someone to do my bridesmaids.

  • Hi Sue,

    my hairdresser would be great for you, I have been seeing her in the run up to my wedding but can't have her on the day as we are getting married an hour away and I couldn't afford all the travel expenses. I have short hair (a bob that is only 1cm longer than the nap of my neck at the back) and she recommended a few great options for me. I would totally recommend her.

    Her name is Jacqui and she is assistant creative director at Richardsons hair in town (by Auntie Ruths and the Black Bottom Club).

    Good luck!

  • oooh MrsSkinner.. I know Richardsons. Very nice. My hairdresser is in Finn..she is excellent and Toni and Guy trained hence me using her. She is fantastic. I moved up from Ruislip (middx) and found it so hard trying to find a good hairdresser. But unfortuantely she has admitted she isnt keen on doing wedding hair which is fair enough. Havent been cheeky enough to ask if she knows anyone else because I dont want to offend her.

    Will also need someone that can do my hair...does she do mobile hairdressing at all MrsSkinner as i would need her to come out on the day
  • I am sure she implied to me that she would be be happy to come out and do my hair, but would charge for the travel costs...

    She is sooo good image She is doing all of my cuts in the run up to the wedding and I totally trust her.


    PS - just to let you know, I found my wedding day hairdresser by googling and searching for mobile hairdressers.

    Let me know how you get on, I thought I was the only Northamponian!
  • Thanks MrsSkinner...but it would mean me actually using Jacqui before I could actually ask her to come's a bit of a cheek just phoning and asking if she would come out and do our hair hahaha.

    MrsBevan2b - have emailed karen and she has responded already. She seems very reasonable. Having a look thru her website and will get back to her have also asked if she is aware of any hairdressers that may be able to help.

    MrsSkinner..when do you get married?? are you getting married in Northampton?
  • No, we are getting married just outside of Stratford on Avon on March the 5th next year image

    Can't blooming wait!


  • oh how lovely lucky thing.

    We get married on June 26th at Little Brington just by Althorpe. Am very excited. Just hope the weather is nice.

  • Hi suedavidson,

    I'm actually having a trial with Karen on Saturday - I could email you some pics if you like?


  • MrsBevan...that would be great.. I am going to see her soon I think for a facial. She seems very reasonable as far as prices so Im pretty happy x
  • Karen's facials are amazing! I can also highly recommend the hot stone massage - perfect for stress relief. Will email you pics next week.

  • MrsBevan ...thank you so much that would be great. Must email her back as I want to go see her next week for my facial xx
  • hiya..was wondering if MrsBevan2b had her trial with Karen and how she got on...can you email me some pics.

    Thanks x
  • Hi Suedavidson,

    I've sent you an email re make-up. I got married on Sat and my make up was fab!


  • Hey, Just seen this, im having Jemma s

    A make up artist who covers all of the midlands area . i know shes up in coventry and northampton quite often as there arent many make up artists there she said.

    she did my best friends wedding, last year .

    this year its my turn - i had my trial 2 months ago with her and was really happy with her work. i know she does get booked up fast as she is very good and is Mac trained and uses alot of mac products and brushes and she is reasonable.

    Anyway thought id share as my best mate had a few trials with diff people and ended up spending lots of money before settling for jemmas make up artistry. xxx
  • Hi Carlyz..thanks very much for this but I have now found a bridal make up artist from kettering which isnt far from me.

    Thanks anyway
  • I've only just seen this and I know you've found someone now, but for anyone else I can definitely recommend a lovely lady called Emma Shipley .

    She did my Northamptonshire wedding last month and was completely amazing, especially as I wanted her recreate a very specific vintage Hollywood style look. x
  • ThisWeddingBelle...thanks for this. But yeah I have found someone now..

    Mind you she looks expensive
  • hi brides image oooh i feel amazing sayin tht still image

    Just thought id let you know, me and my best friend are using a make up artist called jemma who covers all of the midlands

    shes brill, uses mac products and brushes and is really friendly and most importantly i was very happy with her make up work . x
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