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Week 41

Welcome to the new ladies that have joined x I have taken a few of the ladies off that have not been in a while. So if you pop in and your name is not there just let me know and I will pop you back up x

So am thinking that this thread needs to be kind of like a blog where people come and write what exercise and maybe what food they are having etc to help inspire the others what do you think?

I had a crazy weekend electricity stayed off all Sat so slept most of the day after tidying the house with things non electrical. Then Sunday went out to Lunch for my Mum's birthday and was naughty and had pudding so def need a run this week.

Come in and joins us ladies x I would like to say to anyone coming in and having a peek feel free to join us just add a post and I will add you. We are a group of ladies that get behind each other and give each other that extra support. We weigh in every Monday x So come and join us x I have taken a few names off the list that have not been on in a while if you come back in let me know and I will pop your name back on the list x

LETS PUT IN THE WORK LADIES!!!! You only get to wear your dress once you can eat all the chocolate afterwards lol x


Wedding Date......MARRIED 12st 7lbs/




daisyloz is getting giddy!.....

Wedding Date....2nd Jan 2010 12st 10lbs


Wedding Date......Jan 16th 2010


Wedding Date.............27th Feb 2010 10st 5lbs


Wedding Date..... March 26th 2010 10st 5lbs MAINTAINED:\)


Wedding Date...... 28th March 2010


Wedding Date......29th May 2010

Here comes the bride!

Wedding Date......29th May 2010 14st 1lb


Wedding Date........29th May 2010 12st 4lbs


Wedding date.......31st May 2010 10st


Wedding Date...... 5th June 2010 12st 7.5lbs


Wedding Date......5th June 2010 10st 6lbs


Wedding Date........June 2010 10st 1lbs / -2lbs:\)


Wedding Date...... 10th June 2010 8st 11lbs /


Wedding date....31st July 2010 10st 4.5st / + 0.5


Wedding Date......7th August 2010 9st 4lbs /


Wedding Date......4th September 14st 11lbs


Wedding Date......24th September 2010 -


Wedding Date..... 10th October 2010 18st 6.5lbs/ -0.5:\)


Wedding Date.....16th Oct 2010 9st 8.9lbs / - 1.5lbs:\)


Wedding date....... 6th Nov 2010 12 st 6.5 lbs /


Wedding Date...... May 2011


Wedding Date......28th May 2011


Wedding date.......28th May 2011


Wedding Date......30th July 2011 !3st 13.5lbs


Wedding Date........September 2012 10st 9lbs /


Wedding Date.......2012 MAINTANIED:\)

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  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    I am plus 0.5lbs this week must of been that big lunch def going running this week!!!

    Babycakes swimming is a good exercise if you can't do running. Well done for the exercise you are doing. I think that you just need to do as much as you can fit in. I don't think there is a set amount. You basically need to try and burn off the calories you eat so anything towards that is a good thing x

    Well done wine woman and wedding monster on your losses!!! Fab and winewoman don't worry to much you are doing great what I would give to be 9st 8lbs x That is 1lb off my target x

    Right I must get to work will check in later x Good luck ladies and have a good Monday x
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Morning all

    Thanks RachelLiza! I am hoping to have shifted another pound this week, I've been good with food but not with exercise as I have horrible cough (I sound like a Walrus!) Fingers crossed I can go to the gym tomorrow for a weigh-in.....
  • Hi RachelLiza,

    No change for me this week, unfortunately, although I'm not surprised, given how much I've eaten. :\( Of course it could be worse, and I think I can live with losing every other week. ;\)
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    well done wine woman and well done tiggsy for maintaining better then gaining x
  • I too have just remained at the same weight. Although to be honest i'm not suprised as i only weighed myself at the middle of last week! I'm happy with the fact i havent put any on though.

    Did 30 mins step last night. Didnt have any snacks. Just breakfast, lunch & tea. Aiming for the same today with an hours exercise this evening. Prob a combination of swimming and step. Depeding on how my knee's hold up.

    Would like to have lost a pound or two next week though. I shall try :0)
  • RachelLiza suggested we use this thread to blog about how we are getting on, so here are some of my thoughts about exercise.

    I think the trick to exercise, and I'm sure that I have said this before, is finding something that you enjoy doing. It doesn't matter what it is, if you find it a chore, the chances are you will give up doing it, especially if it means going out on a cold, dark November night, when you really can't be bothered. I've been going to an exercise class once a week for the last ten years, and I know I must love it because if I didn't I wouldn't have kept going for so long. I also think you don't really know how you feel until the novelty has worn off - you've been doing it for say four or five weeks, and you are faced with having to go out in the cold and wet to get there. I was surprised at myself the other week, because I walked through torrential rain to get to the gym. However, it was only my third week so it was still quite novel. Let's see how I get on after 3 months!

    I've developed strategies for getting round some of my excuses- I hate going out in the evening once I've settled in, so I go to a twilight class, or do something on my way home from work, or better still do something at home. I have a pile of dvds that I do regularly, and that I swear by.

    At the moment I've started a pilates class that is on at 8.15. This is not a good time for me, but it's a six week beginners' block, so hopefully I will make it to the end before the novelty wears off, and I can find another improvers' class at a more congenial time for me. image

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  • Tiggsy i completely agree with you. Once i'm home and sat on the sofa and all settled, there is no hope of me getting up and going out to exercise. Thats why i go home via the pool and swim then. Or do some Wii fit or something else as soon as I get in from work. Then its done, and i can relax.
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    Hi ladies - sorry I've not been around much but we are having internet problems.

    I weighed in at 10 stone 1lb this week - so frustrating to be so close to the 9s!

    Will have a proper read of all your updates tomorrow - take care x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    well done baby cakes x and the exercise is going well too x

    Thanks for you imput Tiggsy that is great x I agree about finding something you love. I love my dancing and have been going for ages. Need something else thoug unfortunatly I think running is the only exercise I have tried that works but it is hard to get into. Good luck with your exercise plan sounds really good.

    HELLO MUNCHKIN x so glad to hear from you was wondering where you had been x So exciting though Munchkin nearly there unfortunatly I seem to be going the other way.

    Today I have eaten well but no exercise I am really struggling at the moment am really tired and constantly worn out but am trying to eat well and do my best there. Really need to crack on but finding it soooo hard.

  • Lolly84ukLolly84uk Posts: 2,219
    Hi RachelLiza, pls could I join? I need some inspiration...I am already married (25th April 09) but Hubby and I have decided to TTC so I feel I need to lose weight to do that. I currently weigh 16 stone. I do a 1/2 hour curves in my lunchbreak. I now have a wii fit so will add that into the routine next week. Am trying to eat more healthily too but haven't really thought too much about a diet plan or anything?
  • Morning Ladies,

    I went swimming last night and was proud that I managed 60 lengths. Just wanted to share that! My left calf and my right thigh ache this morning though!

    Lolly - Is it the Wii fit or the Wii fit plus you have? I have the Wii fit and love it. I dont do the body tests everyday though. I limit that to once a week. If your after good Wii exercise games you should try the EA Sports Personal Trainer. I found that better than the Wii fit but only because the workouts are continious. With the Wii fit, you do one exercise then get feedback, then select another. So a 30 min workout takes longer than 30 mins, if you follow what i mean.
  • kk87ukkk87uk Posts: 492
    Hi girls! I am not sure what weight I am the now but I know I was around 10 st 7.

    Looking to get back down to my pre baby weight of

    8 st 7.

    Will weigh myself on Mon and start from there.

    I started a new running programme. I was going to the gym and finding that when I was done I was so tired and out of breath.Only done one day of this running thing but felt great afterwards.So back out tonight to continue with it.

    Will post the link to the website if anyone is interested in it.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all.

    Kirsty xxx
  • Hi All

    I have just joined, my h2b and I have a five year old daughter and we are getting married on 19th September 2010. It has only taken 12 years to get him to agree.image

    I broke my leg at the start of the year which has some amazing metal work in and with one thing and another have balooned to an amazing weight.

    I have managed to lose 2 stone since we booked the date (September), but I am slowing unravelling and just reverting back to my old eating ways, comfort eating has nothing on this; which has made me feel pants.image No matter how much I look at my dress on the internet it isnt motivating me.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to buck myself up (tried slapping a few times). I know I am not going to be a tiny petite bride but I want my day as a princess and it is looking further away.

    Any ideas

  • kk87ukkk87uk Posts: 492

    Hey forgot to add the link *doh*

    let me now what you think about it and if anyone wants to start it with me.

  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Hello all

    Still haven't been back to the gym because of my cold, but feeling a lot better last night and today. I'm feeling very pleased with myself though because yesterday I went out with the girls for dinner (at one of the new Jamie Oliver Italians- very nice!) and.....

    ordered a starter size pasta with green salad & no dressing!!!!!

    And what's more, I did feel full after eating it! imageI love Paul McKenna....

    OK, I did have 3 small glasses of wine rather than the 2 I had planned... didn't pick my username for nothing!- but even so I'm feeling proud that I stuck to my planned food intake, which meant yesterday came in under the calorie budget despite going out! It can be done.

    Hope everyone is having a good week, hopefully I will be back for next week's weigh in with good news!
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    guys wow to all your posts keep it up x Had a busy day yesterday and just didi not stop to get on here in time. Off to work now but will check in later and catch up.

    Welcome to the new ladies will pop you on later too x

  • Evening lovely ladies,

    I went swimming again this evening. Did another 60 lengths. My legs feel ok now. But after 2 lots of swimming this week, i reckon they will ache tomorrow!

    Prob gonna ruin all my good work though as my H2b is home from france tonight as has picked up pizza for tea!

  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Hiya guys WOW everyone is being brill and coming on here it is fab. So sorry I have not been on here much this week I am running myself down at the moment so much is going on and I don't seem to stop EVER at the moment. I just want to go to bed x Although I am going to work in my PJ's today don't kno whether that is a good thing though I might fall asleep x I am sure the children at school would have a big laugh at that lol x image

    I promise I will sort the list out very soon x Well done for being there for each other ladies x image
  • kk87ukkk87uk Posts: 492
    ok well tonight will be my third time out on the running challenge thing. So pleased to have kept it up for the first week. ( I usually give up in the first week)

    Not been good with diet this week as we are pretty skint so living out of the freezer the now, but still having a big load of frozen veg with every dinner.

    Not looking forward to weighing myself on Mon as I dont want to know how big I have gotten image

  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Seriously, I think Paul McKenna is my new diet guru. Just back from Christmas shopping with my little sister, had Nando's for lunch. I had green salad, grilled chicken & a corn on the cob (320kcals) and I AM STILL FULL 5hours later!

    On the other hand H2B and I are going for a few drinks with friends tonight so the day may be about to go downhill (or uphill, depending on your perspective!)

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I'll be back at the gym next week, fingers crossed for a good weigh-in on Monday! x
  • Well done on keepign up with the running Duck bay bride 2b. Are you feeling better for it? We're skint and eating out of the freezer too so i know that feeling. My H2b is not watching his food intake tho which makes it hard sometimes. Tonight we had pie & potato croquets for tea. I had 2 potato croquests and half a plate of veg. I know thats not great but i cant be doing wiht cooking 2 meals. I'm just trying to not have much potato and have veg instead. Is that ok? I never know whats good or not when it comes to food.

    Wine Woman - i wish Paul McKenna could hypnotise me to not eat!!

    Hoping to go swimming tomorrow but it depends on the H2b and what he feels like. We're planning on the cinema too. So hopefully we can swim them cinema as a treat afterwards.

    Hows everyone else doing food & exercise wise this weekend? xx
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    It seems Paul McKenna has not successfully hypnotised me not to drink, however.....

    Sore head this morning ;(
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