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Hi Ladies

I would really appreciate some advice. I worked really hard to get just over 2 stone off for my wedding on 25 July 2009. I have managed to maintain my new lower weight through healthy diet and exercise. I haven't done much exercise in the last two weeks as felt so tired and also had a neck injury.

I am very keen to keep fit and active and not stack it on. I have an exercise bike, free weights and a stepper at home. I am only 4 weeks and would hate to do anything that would risk my pregancy - do you think light arm weights and a 30 minute cycle on an exercise bike 2 - 3 times a week would be ok? I think I will feel much more confident when I am out of the danger zone (god willing x) but need your advice for now.

Please heimagelp xxxxx


  • I think light excercise will be fine- I'm 8 weeks now and from weeks 4-6 did walking on treadmill light arm weights and exercise bike- unfortunately I now have no energy whatsoever and feel too sick to excercise : ( just do what you can but dont push yourself too hard x
  • Nancy1Nancy1 Posts: 241 New bride
    thank you. Yes, it's hard isn't it, when you are so tired. Today has been my worst day so far for tiredness and feeling sick.

  • hopefully it'll get better for you- have you tried sea bands? have really helped me! x
  • Nancy1Nancy1 Posts: 241 New bride
    no - but great tip going forward. As I am only 4 weeks, I doubt I will be psycially sick for a while but feeling it today. Are you starting to show yet? xxxx
  • well my trousers dont do up comfortably anymore : ( I lost 3 stone with healthy diet and excercise and now I'm too shattered to excercise and all I can manage to eat is junk- oh joy lol- some people sale through though and to be honest I've not been sick at all - roll on second trimester lol x
  • First of all congrats!

    And yes - you should be ok with arm weights and cycles as long as it was part of your routine before. Exercise is actually good in the first trimester for helping tiredness and sickness.

    I'm 26&3 and I've lightly exercised throughout my pregnancy - however I'm now having to take it slightly more easy as I'm getting back ache regularly.

  • P.s. it's actually (in my opinion) really hard to put weight on during pregnancy. I'm sure everyone is different - but I actually lost over a stone in my first trimester due to sickness and not wanting to eat.

    Now I'm finding I want to eat, but just don't have the stomach capacity to fit it all in!

  • I am only 5 weeks but I asked the doctor the exact same question last week - she said I should defintely keep exercising (I already did quite a bit of running beforehand) - she said as long as you listen to your body (ie. take it easy if you are finding it too hard) you'll be fine.

    Good luck

  • Hello all, ok my input, exercise of course is such a good idea to keep you healthy and fit whether pregnant or not. They do recommend you don't over exert yourself during pregnancy but they say if you where doing such and such before PG you should be able to continue the problem is us women do get paranoid about all this stuff, me included BUT (sorry Miche going to repeat myself) I have had one little munchkin, had planned to be healthy and exercise throughout (those who exercise throughout you are goddesses in my opinion) BUT the dreaded sickness and tiredness kicked in for the 1st trimester and I struggled to get my butt out of bed let alone brush my hair have a shower so healthy eating and exercise went completely out the window. Then in the 2nd and 3rd I couldn't really be bothered, did a bit of pregnancy yoga with a home DVD but if I wanted chocolate I was having it. After I had JJ I spent so much time busy and doing things, breastfeeding helps burn things off and tone up tum, went walking with bubs all the time which I thoroughly enjoyed within 6 to 9 months afterwards I weighed less than I did before falling pregnant and looked and felt fabulous. My point is it won't damage your baby if you don't and I don't agree to mums2b putting themselves under that much pressure, if you want to then great but if you don't then don't.

    Yes 3 years down the line and sitting on my butt all day in an office has taken its toll and yes I have now gained weight, lost 10lbs before I feel PG for the 2nd time and yet again with the best intentions I find it totally impossible to do anything fit and healthy.

    I just wish you all the best and just do what you feel right for you.

    NJ x
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