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simple clean line flowers??? if that makes sense??

right the flowers are the only thing that has me confused.

you know how you have an idea of how you want everything to look but are not sure how to create it ??? thats the problem i have.

my colours are Ivory , Navyblue(satin) and silver (for accessories, grooms crevat etc)

for the flowers i want something with really clean lines, very simple but that have a big impact. but have no clue

i thought orchids but they will be out of budget and im not overly kean on the plain white ones ( i like the pink ones)

then i thought Cala lillys ... as these are nice and tall, simple with clean lines. but they wouldnt go with the detailing on the dress in the bouquet ( i only really like calla lillys carried over the arm) and i want a tear drop bouquet to fit with the dress but havent seen any plain white/ ivory pics that i like in that style.

soooo im now with roses and fresias for me and just plain roses for the bridesmaids and tables... but again ive not seen any tall table designs that i like with roses

im a nightmare, i really am.

has anyone got any ideas that may fit with my stupidly specific idea of what i want my wedding day to look like



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