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OMG so much to do and wedding in April!! where do I start

Hi I am getting married in April 2010 and starting to panick. I have rennovated my house recently so my concentration has been on that. So far I have organised:-








Still to do:-

Find Bridesmaids dresses(having black, yellow and white theme so hoping black evening dresses will be ok?)


Grooms and ushers outfits

Invitations not sent save the dates so need to get up to speed with this!

Hair and make up


music for church and dj

(Have I missed anything else? )

Not quite sure what order to do this all in any help would be appreciated, and can I get this all done by April 10th!!!!


  • There is an April 2010 forum on here that might be able to help you. x
  • TulipBrideTulipBride Posts: 3,966
    Don't panic! Of course you can do it. You have loads of time. I got engaged last June and married in March of this year - 8???? months start to finish. This time last year we had only just finalised our photographer and musicians so you're ahead of the game. You've done all the major things.

    Priority is the bm dresses as they can take a while to order.

    Unless you're having bespoke rings, you can leave them till 2 months before the wedding.

    Grooms and ushers outfits - get your h2b on the case on this one. We sorted our men out in January so 2???? months before the wedding.

    Invitations - either send them out with your Christmas cards to save on postage or in January (hopefully people will already know the date?) We sent ours out first week of Jan once all the Christmas was out the way (I remember writing out our invites on boxing day!) so depending on when your venue needs final numbers, 2???? months in advance should be fine.

    Hair and make up - start researching now as people do get booked up.

    entertainment - same with entertainment.

    music for church and dj - we started to put this together over the Christmas break. Not urgent.

    Are you having table stationery and orders of day/service?

    Readings for your ceremony?

    Gifts for wedding party? - Xmas sales are brilliant for getting bargains!

    Presumably honeymoon is sorted?

    We managed ours by just prioritising and doing a couple of jobs each week and a few on the weekend. I became very adept at using my lunch hours for wedding stuff!
  • hey i get married 10th april too. over the weekend i thought id be organised a write myself a little to do list. i nearly cried when i saw it!! i havent sent my invites either, should probably get on with this.
  • I'm getting married april 9th 2010!! I'm at pretty much same stage as you by the sound of it! Although I have got my bridesmaid dresses. It'll be fine, don;t worry! I'm going to order my invites this week hopefully, then I'm not sure what next! x
  • JAX1145JAX1145 Posts: 1,742
    You are well on track,..

    i married in April this year and by jan you will need to of got the rest of your list sorted..

    I wouldn't worry about 'save the date cards now' we sent our day invites out at end dec to be back with rsvp by 30th jan the went out with the eve invites to be rsvp'ed by end feb that gives you enough time to re arrange guests if need be and to let your venue know final numbers....

    i think that you should also get your entertainment sorted out fairly pronto as these things get booked up very fast....

    Along with your b/maids dresses in case you need to order them.....

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