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Symptoms at 6 weeks....

Hi ladies,

I'm 6 weeks today and just wondered what kind of symptoms other people have had/are having at this stage? I've felt completely rubbish all weekend - sore boobs, so tired and just generally quite crap. Oh ye, and rather emotional.

I've heard that symptoms mostly come around 7 weeks so I'm beginning to worry that I'm just gonna get worse.

I've had a long weekend this weekend so it's not been too bad but I'm just dreading going back into work tomorrow - no one at work knows.

Also, my tummy is defo bigger than before - I'm quite skinny so it's really quite noticeable. I really didnt

think anything like this happened for ages??!!!

Sorry, I know there was a due in July thread but I can't find it now




  • Hi, I'm 7 weeks tomorrow and my symptoms are not bad at all, although this could change. I have had sore boobs for the last few weeks but they are not as bad as in the beginning.

    I'm a little tired but i put that down to not sleeping properly as i have been going to the toilet a few times in the night and then not falling back to sleep straight away.

    I can be quite emotional and my eyes can fill up at the drop of a hat which can be a little embarrassing, but other thatn that i've been lucky unlike my Mum who when carrying me she was sick morning, noon and night x
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