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traditional vintage wedding Theme!

Hi everyone.

I am begining to think about the theme of the wedding and love the idea of a traditional/vintage rose/english garden theme. With colours like dusky pink, pale green, cream, dusky purples and whites.

Please can anyone give any past experience or anyone having this theme can we share some ideas!

Im looking at the moment for bridemaid dresses- can you help?

love louise :\)


  • Hi Louise!

    I'm having that exact theme! Bridesmaids are going to be in a shimmery sage / pale green colour with ivory & dusky pink flowers. We're having afternoon tea outside (weather permitting) at an old manor house we've hired with lots of pimms etc, followed by a hog roast for the evening do. I've started collecting vintage bone china tea sets for the wedding breakfast as well as tiered cake stands & vintage bird cages. Have got tonnes of bunting to go outside to decorate & my wedding cake is my avatar.

    With regards to BM dresses they have been a nightmare - dessy do them in pastel / pale colours but they're quite expensive. I chose the colour before anything else so have had to get them made instead!!

    What sorts of things have you sorted / ideas do you have?

  • wow they sound lovely, i was thinking of a 'simple beauty' theme, white calla lillies mostly and then got stuck, then i thought of having a 'sweet theme' and the ideas havent stopped coming,all i need to do now is convince h2b, but i usually get my own way as long as i make him think it was his idea in the beginning image
  • well im def going for a lace classic wedding dress - i have seen one with a lace top but really flow at the bottom with a dusky pink ribbon/flower. I was thinking of teh bridesmaid being in the shades of the flowers but that may get tricky and won't really feel like a the unit of bridemaids.

    i love the tea idea! was thinking of having a marquee (wedding v.small- evening big) having scones and jams/clotted cream and tea or coffee for the starter then we have decided to have a hog roast as i love the idea of throwing everyone together image I am all for buffet style in the eve.

    i will try and put some photo ideas on here ... stuck on table design thou- dont want it to be really busy but still pretty and ujique

    Any help ??

    love louise x x x x

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  • tabbytapstabbytaps Posts: 1,175

    I had a vintage themed wedding, although I had blush pink for my bridesmaids. We had afternoon tea and got married in a barn!

    Here's a link to my report if you want to have a look....

  • excitedbride2b - Wow, your plans for the wedding sound exactly the same as mine.

    I have managed to convince h2b that afternoon tea instead of a 3 course meal is a good idea with a hog roast in the evening. We are getting married in April in a barn and are planning on having giant garden games such as jenga, chess to keep the guests entertained. We are also planning to have dusky pink, sage green as the theme.
  • i love the idea of big garden games! we wanted to keep the church part quite and small and then turn the eve into a big party - H2B input lol

    We have thought about having some extra entertainment besides the DJ.. like an acoustic singer - we have two friends who sing and play which we would love to perform (adds personal touch)

    Have you thought about music/acts etc?
  • Hi lula22

    I havent thought about music yet. Havent even booked a venue. The wedding isnt until 2012 so got a long wait yet. When is your wedding? I love the dress in your profile pic, is so out of my price range though!

    I made this inspiration board, thought it might help you with ideas, its the theme i am going with image

  • i love the inspiration board! also the dress is beautiful ...i do love the profil pic but am torn between a few dresses.. i will add links soon and get all responses image
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  • drea1508drea1508 Posts: 354
    I had a dusky pink/pearl/vintage brooch themed wedding.

    here are some piccies

    This is my website btw. my wedding report is on there along with some other stuff for brides. feel free to join in there too!

    thanks lovely ladies

  • hey this is my theme too!!!

    i'm struggling with bm dresses though! its hard to find a dusky or blush pink as most things are too bright or baby pink!! at the moment im thinking of long floaty white dresses for bms with pink accessories and flowers. iv seen some for £40 so might go with that! dont mind light grey or light green either though!

    let me know if you have any luck with the pink as this would be number one choice,
  • emoriaemoria Posts: 344
    Hi I have found a pink/coral flower girl dress for £20 its stunning and looks loads more than £20's worth.

    If someone can explain how i add images i'll add my mood board. I can't work out how to add photos!?
  • hello, we are having a traditional vintage wedding theme too. We still have to find bridesmaids dresses although I have seen some in monsoon which look fabulous and floaty in in rose pink. We are having roses in birdcages on our tables and have had all our stationery designed by a fantastic company called ditsy chic, who I can't recomend enough.

    We have a vintage rose design on their website and it ties in the look perfectly. We have got the table plan and menus and place cards too.

    What do people think about the vintage china? We were thinking of hiring some but are not really sure how it would work? Is anyone else having it?

    Thanks for all the mood board suggestions too girl. I love these and some great ideas....I love the roses!

    Lucy. x x x
  • wow, some lovely things on here, Im having a vintage theme for my wedding, and have been struggling about what to have for my boquet, I LOVE that one that the top of the thread!

    lula 22 posted.

    I run a business renting vintage china, glassware and other bits for occasions, and I have tied it all together for a afternoon tea party complete with strawberries and crea, scones and homemade jam etc... all i need is a string quartet and I can just see the scene!

    my site is here if anyone fancies a lookie

    My MIL is making my bridesmais dresses for me, im very lucky in that she is very tallented, we managed to pick up some gorgeous ivory silk with a rose pattern in it. sound awful, but I cant wait until after christmas when she is going to make a mock up for me!!!!
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