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Anyone else want to do it all again!?

I got married a few weeks ago on the 21st november and already I want to do it all over again! I want to wear the beautiful dress again and have all the attention and the arty and just really enjoy it rather then trying to play host the way i did.

I miss the excitement and planning for the day, and most of all I just wish I could go back and tell myself to blooming relax and enjoy it! It all goes so fast and before you know it it's over.

The one thing i am most annoyed about and it still makes me angry is that i didn't eat enough food!! There was so much delicious food wasted at the evening buffet and i couldn't manage one morsel!! GRRRR!! It didn't help that the venue insisted we couldn't save it for later in the night or for the next day due to 'health and saftey' (they ca't leave the food out for more than a few hours).....we could have fed another 20 people with the buffet that didn't get eaten...

Hopefully i'll get over it one day!! Do you all wish you could do it all over again and what would you also do differently?



  • verlieukverlieuk Posts: 1,328
    Hi, i got married in October, we was lucky or unlucky depending on how you look at it to do it twice! Once abroad and again when we got home. So i was very lucky to get to wear my dress twice, my shoes, the party etc.

    I too hardly ate any of the food on my wedding day which i am gutted about as everyone was raving about it after.

    Although, i am glad that life has returned to normal for Hubster and me, i enjoyed the planning and loved the excitment but we have so much to look forward to i don't want to look back! image
  • JAX1145JAX1145 Posts: 1,742
    We married back in April and was so gutted and lost after the day....

    so much planning stress worries and lack of spare money,. but on saying that i wouldnt change a thing but would just love to actually relax and eat drink and not worry about everyone else,...and yes i would love to do it all again.

    i have only just recently eased off of coming on here so much and focused on other things so i have 'moved on now'.....

    just lovely to watch the dvd and relive it again.....and again!!!!!

    jax x
  • cazanncazann Posts: 832
    We had a very simple but very nice registry office wedding. I was pregnant with our daughter so we had other things to spend on and I wore a maternity dress instead of a wedding gown. image On our 20th Anniversary, we were talking about our wedding and I said I'd missed getting married in church. So we agreed we'd renew our vows in church and have all the trimmings for our silver anniversary - which is in the new year.

    Then a couple of years ago our daughter got engaged and said they wanted to get married in 2010. So we changed our plans to spend the money and the effort on giving her the wedding of her dreams and I wouldn't want it any other way. I don't want her to feel she's missed out in later years and I'm in my element helping her to plan her wedding. Maybe we'll renew our vows in five years time for our 30th anniversary. image

    Enjoy your day ladies! It takes a lot of organising and it's over in a blink. Relax and savour it!!
  • I think that it is only natural to feel this way.

    I was lucky that we got married in Barbados on the 3rd Nov and a party when we got home on the 28th Nov. I felt a bit sad following the party but am looking forward to the rest of my life with my husband and we are planning a holiday for January.

    I am in the prcess of writing thank you letters which is keeping the memories fresh. I also took great delight in buying my husband's (yes we love that word) Christmas card last week, there were so many to choose from that I wanted to but them all , but realised that there are plenty more years to buy them.

    Enjoy the memory and watch the DVD but also think about your future together.

  • dmwilsdmwils Posts: 1,265
    can i just say (having worked in catering, events co-ordinating and now health and safety) your venue were absolutly right not to put the food out again - if they had you could have some very ill guests. I'm sure some wasted food is better that food poisoning

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  • PikelettePikelette Posts: 1,096
    Can I second dmw14's comments? I'm really reluctant to eat at home-catered buffets where I know the food went our hours beforehand! In fact I don't eat at them! Food poisoning can kill the sufferer as well as the reputation of whoever did the poisoning!
  • Yes def....I got married halloween and the day went so quicky, I didn't get to speak to everyone, I would love to see all the kids in their fancy dress again and speak to thoes I missed....def renew my vows maybe in a couple of year....
  • MrsT04MrsT04 Posts: 214
    We had the most perfect day and I would love to wear my dress and do it all over again - happy memories!

    H x
  • Would like to wear my dress again but that is about it. Looking forward to 2010 and being able to enjoy it without running about daft stressing over a day that went in a blink.
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    oh definately, and ive been married for 2 years
  • katy_ckaty_c Posts: 432
    I'm hoping all my friends will start getting hitched instead and i can just splash money on fabulous outfits without all the stress! I've only been to 2 weddings and one of them was my own. Maid of honor in june though....a bride before a bridesmaid!
  • ladyebladyeb Posts: 110
    We got married on 4th September and wish all the time that we could do it all again.

    I wear my dress around the house and am so reluctant to get it cleaned cos I won't be able to wear it again!

    The day was perfect with only a couple of things I'd change if I had the chance.

    One thing I don't miss is the stress and list making. I wonder how I found the time.

  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    I got married 28th November and I would love to do it all again!

    Not that I'd change anything as the day was perfect, but I just enjoyed every minute of it so would love to do it again!

    Loving married life (although it isnt really much different than before as we have 4 children and have lived together for years!) xxx
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