HELP - hair colour disaster!!!

Hi everyone,

I am so upset today and angry with myself. I thought my natural hair colour was boring and "plain Jane" but now I wish I still had it!!

Had my hair cut and coloured yesterday and I really dont like it!!! It is really dark and has a hint of red in it which is too red in my opinion.

Before my hair was a light brown and had honey tones running through it and I had my hair done to start getting it right for my wedding - which is July 2010. Now I wish I hadnt bothered going so extreme and just enhanched my own colour slightly.

How long do you think it will take to come out? It is only a semi permanent but I am so worried it wont get back to how it was in time for the wedding as it took me ages to grow out all the permanent colour i had put on it previously.

Will it ever go back to how it was and how long do you reckon???

Please help, any advice will be welcome. Please someone put my mind at ease!!!


Nat xxxx:\(


  • Polaruk1Polaruk1 Posts: 722
    Sorry to hear you are feeling upset! I am sure it doesn't look so bad as you think it does it is probably just a shock to you because it is such a change! You still have PLENTY of time to grow it out, so I wouldn't worry about that. Especially with it being only semi-permanent it should definitely grow out before the wedding. My only advice is make sure when you have it done again you go to a salon again, it is always harder to lighten hair than it is to darken it! It may have to be done in stages as you can't just get it back to normal in one go if you have gone very dark comapred to what it was. Don't worry, enjoy your shiny brunette hair whilst you have it and good luck getting it back lighter before July! It is definitely achievable!

    Polar xx
  • mico62mico62 Posts: 241
    Hi Nat

    Don't worry its always darker when you first have your hair coloured and red fades really quickly. I had the same disaster before my xmas night out last week because I felt like a change and let my colourist do what she wanted. It does suit me and everyone liked it but its not me and I felt so self conscious so I know how you're feeling.

    Here's a suggestion - next time you have your hair coloured, make a note of how often you wash it until it gets to the shade you like, in fact the colours you had done yesterday may look great after a couple of washes, then ask your hairdresser to put a clear gloss on which gives a great shine and see how you like it. You can work out when to book your pre-wedding colour or they should know what shade to use to get the colour you want.

    But you've got over 6 months so don't worry it will be ok, promise x

  • Jenda1Jenda1 Posts: 1,350

    dont worry, im sure its lovely. If you want rid of it though...semi permanents can be lightened. Go buy cheap shampoo - head and shoulders strips colour out, as do VO5 and Vosene. washing your hair with these will lighten them up. if that doesnt work much, try washing it with fairy liquid (harsh on the hair so make sure you do a treatment or at least leave in conditioner with a hot towel wrapped around it to condition the hair and nourish it better) or....soap powder also works!

    as for the next time you go to get it done, find a photograph you like with the colour on it, and take it with you. otherwise, they should have colour samples you can chose from to get your desired shade! god im working and im not meant to be until tonight lol :L
  • i was going to suggest vosene to... it completely stripped the colour out of my hair. Semi-permenant wont do any damage to your hair and will fade quickly, especially red.
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    OOhhhh i had this wobble last year and had masses cut off at the same time : -( I had a semi permenant dark brown end of Nov and looking back at photos it had all gone by March, that was washing every other day. So yours should be gone by April? Plenty of time hon.
  • n8tybn8tyb Posts: 84
    Thanks so much girls - you have all really helped and put my mind at ease. I am going to be washing my hair every day untill it fades.

    Mico62 - thanks for the top tip, its a really good idea and one i will def be doing to make sure i get it right for the big day.

    Like you all say - it is ages away but it still really freaked me out!! That will teach me to mess about with things. Like the old saying goes "if its not broke dont fix it"!!!! ha ha.

    Thanks again and merry xmas to you all!!!

  • Hi Cheshire Bride!

    I did something similar only a few weeks ago and my H2B said I looked like a witch! Jenda is right- Vosene really does work! Go and buy a couple of bottles and after I would say 10-15 washes you will really notice a difference. Hope it works out for you, and don't panic as you have ages. My hair is pretty much normal again now! x
  • hewsy11hewsy11 Posts: 246
    Jenda that is exactly what I was going to say, Hairstylists work is never done.x
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